Victoria re-viewed summer。

With her understanding of summer,I will not be interested in this matter and curiosity.。
But his face is now obviously unexpected.。
“There is a person’s voice is Bai Shasha。”
Summer means deep road,“She is quarreling with people,Ah,Thunder’s intelligence network is not good.,There is no news now.,Let it go,We have taken a look。”
“Bai Shasha”Victoria is a glimpse,Follow the eyes,“what do you mean……We are stared at it.?”
Summer sound,“It seems that she still can’t help but……”The two go forward,However, after more than ten steps,Summer light,A brunette of the mouth。
“Bamboo”I have gone more than ten meters.,On the right side, only a bowl of a crude tree,Suddenly there is a person。
Tight, a cold light is like a lightning,Tad towards the summer。
Self-killing people are not good,And cultivate an abilities such as tandem or sneak,Very fast,Time to grasp is also extremely old。
Summer is not turned,Anti-arm goes back。
en route,The snake knife appears in the hands,Knife,Brush a stunning radiator,Just listen to a thorough response。
Snake knife and hit,Burst into a breeze,Power does not reduce,Directly flew out。
Killer is obviously older,Slightest,Unspeakable,Remove。
With a strong shock,As a big bird fly。
At the same time, the body is slow,If you want to disappear。
All this happens to a moment,While a lot of tourists,But all are concerned about the quarrel。
Even people hear the sound,Look,I have not been spotful。
Summer and Victoria are opposite each other,Don’t panic, catch up。
Want to assassinate their power in the secret,It is almost impossible to exist……Then there is no doubt,The other party is a bait。
But the summer and Victoria are not intended.。
They want to see,Who is it jumped out?。
The two are not tight, and after killing,Be much forth。
Not in a moment,They came to the North Shore of West Lake,Gemshan。
Gemshan also is a famous scenic spot in West Lake,The mountain rock here is brownish,There are many shiny red spots in the rock mass,At the time of the sun or sunset,Extravagance,As if there is an unclear red gem pleat。
Gemshan also named。
At night,There is no grateful,Even very few people come here。 Obvious,The killer intends to lead them here,I want to have a laid to them.。
Whether summer or Victoria,Have already guessed,But they are fearless,I believe that even if I can’t,Can also be far away。

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