The down jacket has risen, and the medium and high-end products are still selling more fire.

  Cold air is coming, and the cold is equipped to become a hot product. Many people start to add down jackets early. What are the trends in this year’s down jacket? Beijing: Down Jacket Sales Quantity Qi Sheng Middle and High-end products become consumer mainstream reporters come to a high-end down jacket store in Beijing Guomao Mall, currently in the store’s classic and joint down jackets basically in the state of broken code. Sales staff: can only be adjusted nationwide, Beijing is selling too fast, there is no stock.

  Subsequently, the reporter came to a downcomer flagship store in Beijing Xidan, the price of the down jacket in the upper and lower layers of the down jacket is basically more than a thousand yuan, the main push windbreaker down, the average price is 4,000 ~ 6000 yuan. At the end of November, the high-end "Dengfeng" series of the down jacket is 14,900 yuan, compared with the last year, the price is nearly 30%.

The store man said that this year consumers have a lot higher than that of the high-end products than in previous years. A down jacket brand store, long: high-end outdoor, sales can account for 25% to twenty-six percent of the overall sales of the store. In addition to the high-end brand, the middle-end brand’s down jacket has also ushered in the sale of small peaks before the cold wave. Huang Wei, deputy manager of a down jacket: the cold wave is coming soon, and our store has a significant improvement than before, and the average monthly sales in December is more than 60,000 sales, in Xidan Mall, one month is basically more than two hundred ten thousand.

  According to the statistics of China National Business Information Center, the sales volume of the down jacket in the down jacket in 2020 increased year-on-year, and the average price of down jackets also increased from 432 yuan in 2015, up to 656 yuan in 2020.

Industry insiders say that with the improvement of the epidemic, and the innovation of the down jacket standard, process, technology, consumers’ demands for the product will no longer stay in the price.

  Yao Xiaohong, Chairman of China Down Industry Association: Some domestic enterprises have formed a relatively stable customer base in the middle and high-end market, and the down jacket industry is gradually going out of the low-end price competition. Costs continue to rise and processing corporate profit pressure △ CCTV Finance "World Finance" column video Although the down jacket market continues to be good, the price of parity brands is also rising, but the down jacket enters the era of more expensive and more selling? What is the factors supported in addition to the pressure rising raw materials? The reporter learned that in the cost of the down jacket, the down jacket accounts for more than 30% of the down jacket cost, and the data shows that the price of the national standard 90 white duck rose from 270,000 / ton to about 390,000 yuan / ton, and 45% increase.

Plus artificial, oil prices, limited restrictions, etc., directly extruded the brand’s profit space.

  Huang Wei, deputy manager of a down jacket brand: A comprehensive production cost of a piece of clothing has increased by 50%, which is the highest in the past ten years. The rise in cost is forcing the company to increase the strength of the product innovation, opening up a new market blue sea.

In this full-class women’s brand, the designer Wei Wei, she designed the down jacket once an explosion of autumn and winter.

She told reporters that in the past, the down jacket was warm and the first is the first, and now you will try to deplete the design.

The down jacket is higher than the design requirements of ordinary garments, from the design of the platelet, to the control of the filling, give the designer a small challenge.

  In addition, people are also improving, such as windproof, rain, positioning navigation, and some enterprises have also applied more quality and technology-based fabrics to down jackets.

  Designers said that now with the high-tide cultural acceptance is getting higher and higher, the products have more brand premium spaces from all aspects of design, science and technology, function, and technology.

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