The Hohhot Municipal Committee fully deepened the ninth meeting of the Reform Commission to hold Wang Lixia

Original title: The Municipal Party Committee’s comprehensive deepening of the Ninth Session of the Reform Commission held Wang Lixia, presiding Hai Hai Dongbai Yongping, participated in March 23, and the Hohhot Municipal Committee has fully deepened the Ninth Meeting of the Reform Commission. The spirit of the second meeting and the party committee of the autonomous region fully deepened the twelfth and 13th meeting of the Reform Commission; the meeting considered the "Summary of the Municipal Party Committee’s Comprehensive Reform Commission 2020 Work Summary" "The Municipal Party Committee’s Comprehensive Reform Commission 2021 Work" "" Hohhot City Party Leading the rural governance system to create a project propulsion program, studying the deployment of the next reform.

  Wang Lixia, member of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Wang Lixia, secretary of the Hohhot Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

  The meeting emphasized that in 2021, the reform of the reform should adhere to the importance of the important speech at the 13th National People’s Congress of the 13th National People’s Congress in Inner Mongolia delegation, in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Committee of the Reform Commission in the Central Committee of the Reform Commission. "Complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of new development concepts," the key role of comprehensive reform "to construct a new development pattern" is important requirement, adhere to the problem-oriented, resulting orientation, based on the "14th Five-Year Plan" development target task, carefully organize, Careful implementation, vigorously promote the comprehensive development of the reform of the reform in an extension. The meeting emphasized that we must always stand in the "two maintenance" political heights, maintain reform, and enhance the awareness of the attack, adhere to the reform and innovation and practice needs to be unified, adhere to the use of reforms, implement the new development concept, and promote "14th Five" The reform of the opening of the opening has achieved more new breakthroughs, new results. It is necessary to pursue the value of the people-centered development thinking as the value of reform, and launch more reform initiatives to solve the masses, and maximize the needs of the masses.

  The meeting emphasized that all local departments should press the reform responsibility to capture the toughness of the iron, the storm, the storm, and the loss of the key difficulties will be implemented. . The city leaders He Haidong, Bai Yongping and the Municipal Party Committee fully deepened members of the reform committee to participate in the meeting.

(Reporter Feng Yanping) (Editor: Zhao Meng Moon, Zhang Xue Dong).

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