Party construction leads forging Guangxi tax loyalty and cleaner as the iron army

The Autonomous Region Taxation Department adheres to the comprehensive leadership of the party to all aspects and the whole process of tax work, fully relying on vertical management and local management of two advantages, uses two resources in the system and local, and adhere to the construction of cadres as high quality promotion Guangxi tax Organizational guarantee for career development, implement the organizational route of the new era, and strive to build a high-quality tax-based iron army that loyal and clean, and promotes the achievements of various work. The banner strong party construction leaders Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau Party Committee pays attention to the guiding tax system, especially party members, leading cadres, and continuously improve the "political three power", and promote ideological and political education.

In response to the number of tax system points, the line length, the brightest, and the party organization level is constructed.

Combined with the actual tax reality in Guangxi, focus on "four" party building brands, preliminarily form the "one series of unified brand, one characteristics", the Guangxi tax party construction pattern. First, we will focus on content and promote "organized life normalization". In full system, the "1 + 1 + 6 + N" theme party day activity, that is, fixed 1 day, the theme party day event, each event clearly clears 1 theme, completes 6 regulations, and combines the actual Designed N options. The second is to focus on impact mechanisms and promote the "management system standardization".

Implement "five standardized projects", carry out the construction of "nine-national standards", create a "five good grassroots party organization", and comprehensively promote the standardization construction of Guangxi Tax Party Construction.

The standardization construction of the grassroots party building standardization of the city and the county tax bureau is listed as local models. The Hechi City Taxation Bureau is awarded the "First Batch of Socialist Core Values ??Construction Social Values ??in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" and the autonomous regional tax authorities. In December 2020, it was identified as the first batch of "Creating Model Organs of Creating Model" in the District. The third is to force the platform to promote the "Standardization of Position Construction". Comprehensively promote the construction of the "eight" standards in accordance with the "eight" standards, build grassroots party construction activities, build the party members’ activities into the ideological education center, political learning center, public opinion publicity center, and promote the new vitality of party construction work.

Up to now, 45 units have been rated as "party construction work demonstration base" or "National Standardization Standardization Construction Demonstration Site".

The fourth is to focus on innovation vectors and promote "party building intelligence".

Create the "Guangxi Tax Party Building Wisdom Platform", concentrate on displaying the dynamics and advanced experience of the whole system party construction work; relying on the "learning power" "Eight Gui Pioneer" "learning and interest" and other party buildings, realize "fingertips" "palm" Micro Partitioning.

Strictly tuned the two-handed Cohesion People’s Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau always adheres to the organization of the new era of the party’s organizational route, and effectively selects good people, use good people, healthy people, and manage people. – Use people guide the tree. Adhere to the political standards to lead the business guidance in the correct use of people.

Always put politics in the first place, care carefully to make cadres, choose, tubes, and use work.

Clearly selecting the standard, creativity proposes "4 types of priority considerations, 5 types of coordinates, 5 types do not consider" basic principles, change "Pu Hui system" as "choice", do not make people have copied, not simply disguised. Improve the organizational personnel system, formulate more than 10 institutions of cadres appoint and avoid communication, personally transfer borrowing, annual assessment evaluation, wage benefits treatment, etc. – Quality ability. The entrance to talents, promoted the recruitment method by the national examination, and the district test into a unified national examination.

Strengthen talent cultivation, implement the "Thousand People" plans, establish a series of sequence talent libraries, carry out the "Quality Improvement Year" activities, and create a multi-level talent system, and 9 young cadres are recommended for the national tax system youth talents.

Unbelring talent flow, actively establishing a normal talent exchange mechanism at all levels, and the party secretary at all levels actively report to the local party committee to organize a department, and timely divert the needs of local selection people. Recommended cadres to the local job.

According to statistics, since the reform of the management system, a total of 116 cadres have been recommended to hang up.

– Be kind to severely stronger.

Continuously inspire the team’s vitality, double-way off-job position promotion channels, the whole system has a total civil service smooth set, 5694 tax cadres are promoted, and 561 leading cadres have quit the leadership sequence, and the policy dividends are effectively released.

In-depth development of performance management, implement organizational performance "one-course" return, digital personnel "one person" belongs, build a performance, better than contributing platform, and promote leading teams at all levels, leading cadres and tax cadres to perform their duties. Continue from strict disciplined responsibility, lamination of the party responsibility, continuously increase the accountability of supervision and discipline, and survived 145 cases in recent years, giving 170 people in the party discipline draft, and sentenced to case, The case of the police, the education wakes up the majority of cadres, and after the punishment, the effect of treating the disease will be treated. As a promotion of the Sports Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau insisted on guiding and motivating cadres around the center, the overall situation, the construction of the construction, the implementation of a strong organizational system, concentric coherent, and homologous to promote business development.

– as a deepening tax reform.

The Autonomous Region Taxation has insisted on whether the tax reform and development, attacking the first, ensuring that the reform progresses, and the effect is effective.

The tax reform is advanced.

Robust promotion of the county and value-added tax, personal income tax, resource tax reform, smoothly opening environmental protection tax, effectively realizing the Hongze’s macro-tax burden, corporate tax burden, resident tax burns only reducing ", stimulate market subjectivity. The duty stroke is relatively stable.

In order to promote social security and more than 20 non-tax income, it is achieved, which is achieved, and the expected goal is connected, and there is a well-connected expected goal. – Act as a service development overall situation. Actively recommend the statement as a staff. Use tax big data to strengthen the economic analysis of macro, middle and microscopic levels, only 2020, reported 1234 articles, and was approved 369. Actively participate in the poverty alleviation. Strengthening the industry poverty alleviation, in the 2020, the poverty field is implemented in the field. Strengthen the fixed-point poverty alleviation, put into support for 10,000 yuan, share 6923 outstanding party members and cadres participate in the gangster support, 601 people served as the first secretary of the village and poverty alleviation work, helping to achieve 187 rolling villages, depleted 34557 households, poverty poverty 143,264 people.

Tax poverty alleviation work has emerged a large number of advanced personal advanced deeds, and Ling Yun County Taxation Bureau won the honorary title of "National Deep Advance Advanced Collective", which is the only county bureau in the national tax system; Lingshan County Taxation Bureau Care Row Wangbin won the "National Deep Advance" Personal "honorary title. Serving the revitalization of rural resolution, uses the relevant tax policies related to the live agricultural products to help the entire district involved in the agricultural industry, more than 160 species of farming products, and the development of the system. Actively serve major strategic deployment. Focus on the "three major positioning" new mission and "five solid" new mission and "five solid" requirements, and provide special tax services for local major projects and key enterprises.

– As a result of doing a good job of taxes.

The organizational income was successfully completed, and the tax reduction was precisely.

Adhere to the "Enjoyment, Enjoy Enjoy, Enjoy Enjoy", 2019-2020, the new tax reduction and tax reduction and tax reduction and tax reduction, and support the company to develop and support local economic and social development. .

The business environment continues to optimize.

In the refined tax-related report, reduce the number of taxes, compression tax time, simplify preferential policies, free delivery invoices, paperless tax rebates, etc., Guangxi tax-related business environment indicators ranks in the country, continue to deepen "Silver Tax Interaction ", In 2020, credit billions, increased by 52% year-on-year, helping companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of financing difficult financing.

In the country’s first "Spring Running Run" party member contact mechanism, more than 700 party members, members of the business, the "Jian Miao", the DPRC, the DPRC, 120,000 business members, 120,000 enterprises, and 6 Specialty Industry Party Service Liaison Center, in order to promote the strength of the economic and social high quality development in Guangxi.

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