Original suicide ICU, husband and small three shots wedding photos

Original suicide, ICU, husband and small three shots wedding photos 01 more terrible than meeting the slag men? That is, I love to love the slag man, but also to die for him. Yesterday, I saw a Weibo, I saw a silly woman. Her Weibo, I didn’t dare to take a screenshot so far, I didn’t dare to turn the second time, it is too fierce! The hub is the local people in Zhejiang. In 2013, the mother opposed the parents, married to university students who have no money, no room, and soon with a lovely daughter. Unexpectedly, her daughter was just four years old, her husband was derailed, and she lied to the owner to start a business, let her sell the house to buy the house. Because the husband wants to start a business, the family will pass the Baba, the female owner and the child are saving, relying on the credit card, but the man is outside to raise the small three, live 1000 luxury hotels.

The woman discovered the rape, looking through the husband’s mobile phone, contacting the small three, then there was a magical scene – my husband found that Xiao Sany was "harassment", put the original big big, and call the small three calls appease.

The little three is also very cattle, and the gambling does not answer the phone! The male is so crazy, throwing his wife and children in the rainy playground, and immediately drive to find a small three. At this time, the original is actually worried: "The rain is so big, the husband is rushing, what should I do on the road?" So she contacted Xiao San, and asked Xiao Zi to pick her husband.

Such a plot, even Qiong Yao’s grandmother can’t write it! 02 is the original match of this whisper, and finally can’t stand the entanglement of husband and Xiao San, and decided to burn charcoal.

I don’t know if it is still lucky. She was saved in time, but she fell into the charcoal basin because of the coma, he was severely burned, and she lived in ICU.

And the slag male husband, continued to take the sale of money, happy, and also took a wedding photo on the 5th day of the ICU, and Xiao Sanmei Zoo. After reading the blood and tears of the woman lying on the bed, many people are also happy and hate to the women’s owner while the gods are male and small three.

Even some netizens commented directly under Weibo: "Your daughter is not worthy of a mother?" Yes, silly woman, except for the original match of the slag, or the mother of the daughter, is a mother’s daughter, is a girlfriend My girlfriend is a friend’s friend, why must you die for the slag male? You see, you haven’t died yet, people have been beautiful to take a wedding photo, waiting for you to die, they have to spend your money, open your car, play your baby … Why bother the slag men’s mistake to punish yourself Why is it necessary to use your own death, go into a slag male and a small three? However, such a silly woman is never the first, nor the last one. Previously, a slag man in Nanchang was also a house mortgage loan to take the father-in-law. Finally, the belly of the female staff is big, and the female employee will take home.

Originally helil and humiliation, accompanying husband and Xiao San to the hospital to do a production check, the birth inspection process has a mouth angle, two women call to jump together.

The slag male pulled back the small three of pregnant, the original grief is in the 28th floor. She finally said: "I have become a ghost and bless you!" But it is true that a woman in the stern is, and it will not be sneaked after death.

I saw the slag men and small three in the tragedy, and calmly took the elevator to the first floor hall, just like anything to leave.

03 Why is the man is already unrelenting, and some women continue to be infatuated? When I was young, I walked together with my mother, heard the relatives over the wall, very lively, ran to see it, actually jumped. That is my first time, the only one who sees people to dance, I feel very interesting, and I also took out the basic parents of primary school students. "This is a superstition!" A big doctor told me: "This man Changed, the woman finds someone to fortune, saying that the male is attacked, as long as you drive the hedgehog, you can restore it.

"Hedgehog attached? Such a novel story makes me not say.

Later I only knew that the hostess is not a blind stream, but a middle school teacher. But the husband is derailed, she can’t accept this. Every time I see my husband in front of my eyes, she is unable to accept it. So she would rather believe that the ridiculous story: Her husband is still the old husband, just being inexplicable, lost his heart. She is obliged to save her husband, not let go. But the less she is refused, the more you look down on her, the more I don’t have anything. Finally, her husband had no madness, a good middle school female teacher, but made himself mad and became a joke. 04 condemns the husband, and I have seen a lot of women who can’t let go, I have seen a lot. Their common point is that after blood and tears, they will add a sentence: "He used to be very good for me." Although he violent, it was very good for me. Although he derailed, it was very good for me.

Even the silly woman lying on the ICU, microblogging is still taking the college, my husband is married to myself on the playground. While mourning, I am not fighting, I am trying to understand this mood. Maybe for them, my husband is divided into two halves: half is the one loved before, half is now cool. She hates this half, but she will not be almost half.

So the poor woman will not worry about the husband, I can’t help but worry: "Does he will have a car accident?" She worried, the other half. However, silly woman, a person changed, it is a whole heart, and it is impossible to be half. The person you love begins with the moment of his heart, it has become bubble. Yes, he used to be very good for you, he used to give you an unforgettable happiness.

But you also know that it is just "before"! Let "previous" that yourself, continue to love "before". Do you also need a new one, isn’t it? (The article is from the big wind number: a ferry.

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