Trinity School: Take measures to build a martial arts

Trinity Class Take measures and build a mobilized man’s definition line.The reporting unit for the map of Changsha, November 4th, is the implementation of the "Subject of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Construction of New Times Teachers Team". "Spirit, regulatory teacher’s moral behavior, improve teacher’s moral level, strengthen the quality of teachers, and the three-sided school education in the prominent position of teachers ‘team construction, vigorously strengthen the construction of teachers’ German, and promote the dedication, the teacher,Spirit of selfless dedication.

Pick up the teacher’s style style, the three-school professionalism is highly attached to the construction of the teacher. It uses the staff of the teachers, strengthens the professional image, professional responsibility, professional discipline and legal education, and improve the cultivation of teachers. .

Carry out the counselor series training, guide teachers to work hard in the educated people of love, "I always put the students in my heart, put the responsibility on the shoulder, step on the foot.

"At the same time, in the online college released the teacher’s German style style, you will ask the teacher to learn, and ask the teacher to learn the experience. Through learning, the good teachers who love the post, unite collaborate, obey the law, be happy, and dedication to become a teacher Conscious behavior. At the same time, combined with the actual school, require all the faculty and staff to conduct a comprehensive self-examination and self-examination, draw the daily work and behavior of the teacher, adhere to the bottom line, not more than the red line ", show the teacher’s indifferent fame and fortune, Chongde’s spirit Positive energy in the style of education.

The Mr Teache’s high-voltage line has formulated the "Some Provisions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Morality" on Further Strengthening the Construction of Master ‘s Strong "Teachers’ Daily Teaching (Before Course – Course – after Class ) Workflow and behavioral norms "" Hunan Sany Industrial Vocational and Technical College Teachers Teaching Work Specifications ".

The teacher’s Directone works in the agenda of the school’s work, and many times will hold a special meeting of the teacher’s Workshop, study the tasks of deploying the teacher’s work. As an important part of the annual assessment, the teacher’s head of the teacher is evaluated, and as an important basis for evaluation comments. By adopting a spot check, student assessment, college random inspection, the teacher’s moral behavior performance.

Establish a teacher’s head of the teacher’s complaint phone and report box. The issue of the teacher’s head of real-name reporting is conducted by the relevant departments and is seriously dealt with. Carry out public opinion supervision, expose and criticize the wrong words and deeds from the nurses.

Task the teacher’s facade leads to strengthen the construction of the school teacher’s head, guide the teachers to pay attention to the teacher, the Lord Tree, and launch the essay activity of "Good teachers around me", participate in the "Teacher" Party Flag "Hunan Province Teacher Teacher style speech contest. The school is based on the branch as a position, carry out rich red theme education, organizes party members and teachers to Jinggangshan, Qiong Cloud Red Junlong to adapt to the old site and other red base to promote party history learning activities to promote the patriotism of patriotism, and enhance the patriotism of patriotism.

Learn the party history and focus on.

Since the development of party history education, the Party Committee of the Sany-Class Hospital has successively launched the topic of "School History, Practice, Volunteer Service in Action" in the jurisdiction of the topic education activities: carrying out vaccination, three packs in front of the door , Condolences to volunteer activities such as old party members.

In addition, the school attaches great importance to 6S labor practice, regularly carry out the faculty office, dormitory civilization assessment activities, and continuously enhances teachers’ civilized literacy.

Establishing the teacher’s advanced typical benchmark school through "excellent teachers" and other selection activities, each year selection a group of advanced typical typical, so that each teacher is striving to be the "leader" of the teacher’s head. Through the exemplary example, a large number of teachers stand out.

The Director of the Teaching and Research Office of the Engineering Machinery Institute is to ensure the smooth development of the training course on the excavator, and innovate students use two upright objects instead of the operating rod to train, complete the hoist, the big arm lift, shovel 9 actions such as fighting, and submit a work in a way to shoot video. In addition to half an hour in advance every morning, Li Dequan, head of elite college, often gives students "open small stove": to change the operation, guiding students to modify the thinking guide, design new project tasks.

It is understood that every new freshman, Li Dequan’s primary requirement for himself is to remember the names of nearly 100 students in two classes within one month.

For the sake of teaching, he will also make students’ personal resume in the form of PPT, including character, family situation, hobby, etc. It is reported that since the establishment of the Elite College in 2016, Li Dequan has always assigned all professional curriculum teaching, and continuously improve teaching methods, explores an effective teaching mode, and take the lead in implementing professional teachers to participate in students’ "double-class teacher" model. He also broke it. Inherent course boundaries, with product function principles, skill formation process as teaching criteria, carry out all process teaching methods.

For graduation students, he also pays close attention, often understands, ask students to work, and learn from work feedback.

Timely master project settings, teaching mode, management model for the impact of students’ ability, combine the interviews of returning students, and adjust some project teaching. Under the guidance of this teaching method, the students of elite colleges reach the primary title of the enterprise in the primary student in the internship stage, and they have achieved the cultivation of intermediate titles standards and is favored by the employer.

Nie Feng, the intelligent manufacturing, teacher Xu Jinming, the training department, Xu Jinming, actively responded to the call of the government, on duty station, check the resident health code, measure the body temperature; to buy vegetables to the empty niche, to send warmth to the isolation of the people Need to practice the initial mission with practical actions, stick to the "first defense" of the community.

"Knowing the worship, the bottom line, Ming teacher, the master style", through the various forms of the faculty infiltrated to the construction of the teacher’s head, creating love, unity and cooperation, obeying the law, The good atmosphere that is willing to dedication, and the road to advance the educational travel of the new era and innovative talents will continue to be in front of the road.

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