Playing Tianshan children’s heart to the party’s colorful movement

Original title: Playing Tianshan children’s heart to the party’s Huacai move on the evening of July 3, Xinjiang People’s Hall lights.

The Autonomous Region celebrates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China "Tianshan Children’s Hearts to the Party". At 21 o’clock, on the stage of the stage, a round of red rose rose, rays, illuminated the entire stage. The orchestra center, the youth commander Liu Jun used a battalion, and the majestic chorus "Oriental Red" opened the concert.

The music is magnificent, and the song is powerful. With the "glorious journey" "Hello, Beijing" and other songs, the Chinese Communist Party of China is like a wave of magnificent picture, and the audience is slowly launched, shocking people’s mind. "Should shoulders, hand, hand, Xinjiang walk around, everywhere is a new change, see everyone is happy …" Let’s take a walk around Xinjiang, " Singing "New Home", Cumzi played "I am a pomegranate seed" and other programs, with affectionate songs and moving melodies, expressing the love of the party for the people of Xinjiang, expressing the unity under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Efforts to enter the new era of determination and confidence.

The spirit of the audience is excited, and the warm applause is constantly sounding.

Listening to the "Happy Pamir" piano and the band ensemble the beautiful tunes, the National Tax Administration of the Excellence, the National Tax Administration of Taxation, Urumqi High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Xin Downtown) Taxation Bureau Minami Mina War Aioer’s emotion: " This song seems to let me see, in the picturesque Pamir Plateau, people dressed in the festival, the song, dance, is a music that is full of joy, happiness and grateful. "The joy of the performance of the tube string" At the time, the 21-year-old Xinjiang Art Theater Xinjiang National Orchestra Lee Irfan bought a piece of wood, and the martial arts (Mr. "(the Uyghur folk striking instrument), the body dances with the music. "This song is beautiful, warm, cheerful, energetic, just like my heart is full of passion.

Think about our lives now, the more cheerful of my hand is. "Irfan said." We strive together, we are glory together, Tianshan children’s hearts come to the party, create a constant belief … "Bright song, singing Tianshan children love the party, support the party’s beautiful voice. 22:55 Depending on the symphony chorus "Tianshan Children’s Hearts to the Party", the party came to an end, and the warm applause has been enduring. The general director of the concert, Wang Xiaoliang, head of the Xinjiang Philharmonic Group, said that the concert passes, solo, chorus, With a variety of artistic performance forms such as drama, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang jointly struggle, common prosperity and development, expressing the people of Tianshan, always feel the party, listen to the party, and walk with the party Stateless belief.

Out of Xinjiang People’s Hall, Xinjiang Literary Reviewer Association member Zhang Yingchun is still immersed in the atmosphere of the performance. She said: "This symphony concert reviews music to review the party’s 100-year glorious history, let me feel the glory and dream of the 100-year-old party, which is a spiritual baptism for me. As a communist party member, I have to keep in mind The party’s initial mission, with a more full enthusiasm, more high-spirited, and write a new chapter in the new era. "(Jia Chunxia Abby) (Editor: Yang Rui, Ma Liang) Sharing more people see .

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