Research aircraft of winter sports who study what the new world will open

Original title: Research aircraft who studies snow and ice Games open what the New World? On an open field near the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics space, laboratory personnel embarked on a scooter, looking straight ahead, upper body nearly parallel to the ground.

His back has a length of about 15 cm, a diameter of about 7 cm silver barrel apparatus. Tail starts rotating apparatus blades, scooters speed gradually, towards the front. "We’re simulate ice sports scene, fine-tuning of the boosters." Airworthiness Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics aircraft Associate Professor Ke Peng introduced, the experimenters back equipment commonly used in the transformation of the aviation model aircraft ducted fan made, It has been used in training the national team preparing for the Winter Olympics ice speed class project.

"Booster focused on helping athletes to carry out speeding train.

In speed skating class daily training, higher speed athletes feel, often subconsciously slow down. Coaches put forward demands, hoping to boost research and development equipment, use force to help athletes overcome the psychological barriers, so as not to slow down high-speed taxiing way to complete the process of movement, to achieve a higher level of competition. "Ke Peng said.

Since 2019, under the State Sports General Administration, led the national team Ke Peng led the team to the Winter Olympics docking technology training needs, undertake technology development and related services security work.

Aerospace people’s eyes, snow sports is not just sports. On their retinas, as if embedded with "augmented reality" – ski, ice skate court glide, endurance, every moment of touchdown, have been deconstructed and reconstructed in real-time aerospace mathematical model.

Training ground, clinics Ke Peng and head of the team, are "snow fly" and "ice fly."

For alpine skiing, when the team by means of a mathematical model of the aircraft airdrop equipment, optimization of technical and tactical assistance athlete.

"Alpine skiing and the mechanics of the aircraft when flying or very similar to airdrop equipment, such as skis similar to the process of sliding snow sliding surface processes and equipment in the cabin outside, athletes gliding part of the process fit airborne equipment. "School of Aeronautics Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics postdoctoral Yang Han said. Ke Peng said that based on similarity, applied mathematical model can calculate the aviation field athletes Ideally glide trajectory simulation and theoretical prediction of taxi time, after training, mutatis mutandis, the measured data and track the process, the results analysis report for the athletes, provide coaches with optimized speed, attitude adjustment proposals. Start, acceleration, sprint car …… in Beijing Erqi Branch National Snow and Ice sports training base, equipped with all kinds of small parts measuring ice car while gliding through a series of actions, while "glance" at the ice data. In addition to the athletes, "enabling", the focus of the team synchronized training ground ice. "Ice temperature, thickness, hardness, stadium ambient temperature and humidity will affect the players play. Normally, players would say intuitive feel their ice surface hardness, and this statement can only be qualitative, not quantitative so we developed a high-precision equipment to measure the hardness of the ice. "Assistant Professor School of transportation Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Du Feng said, with the number of correct definition of the ice, the ice helps to control the precise construction team , ice state consistent training to ensure that each time.

Participate in the training field measurements of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics students Zhang Yi-ming said, adding that the ice when the car in accordance with the pace of the athletes before high-speed taxiing line, real-time measurement device to collect data in ice car scratch depth and surface temperature, ice can be calculated the values ??of the parameters of the ice. "As aerospace people can borrow inspiration from the aviation training for the Winter Olympics to contribute to the national team, prepare a sense of honor and pride." Ke Peng said, the future, they also plan to make these Winter Games technology "the circle", into face Volkswagen everyday equipment, boost the popularity of winter sports. (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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