Shandong Provincial Ocean Cooperative Hospital organized a seminar of the province’s marine ecological early warning monitoring technology in 2021

  In order to further standardize on-site sampling, experimental analysis operation, and improve the level of monitoring skills in technicians. On September 28, Shandong Provincial Ocean Coats held a 2021st province’s marine ecological warning monitoring technology seminar in Weifang City, and more than 50 technical backbone participated in 15 monitoring agencies.

The Provincial Oceanic Ocean Early Warning Monitoring Department and the relevant leaders of Weifang City Ocean Development and Fisheries Bureau attended the meeting. The meeting invited the National Oceanic Administration North Sea Environmental Monitoring Center, the First Ocean Institute of the Natural Resources Department, first-line expert on marine bov biomass investigation and monitoring technology, seawater invasion and soil salinization monitoring technology and marine biological site sampling specifications and requirements for special training And the doubts, the doubt, the doubt, and the doubts, the classroom Q & A and in-depth exchange discussions were conducted to the sampling, monitoring / detection analysis.

  The successful convening of this technical seminar further standardized the marine survey, laboratory analysis operation, and effectively improved the technical level of monitoring personnel, providing technical support for success completing the work of the province’s marine ecological warning monitoring in 2021.

(Shandong Provincial Oceanic Administration).

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