Strengthen talent training promotion team construction

Keywords: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that people are the most critical factors in the development of career.

my country’s cultural undertakings must develop prosperous development, they must cultivate talents, discover talents, cherish talents, and condense talents.

In the past five years, the Chinese People Association and the group members have grasp the cultivation of the cultivation of literary talents as an important job, always adhere to the construction of high-quality writers, and strive to provide strong talent support for the promotion of socialist literary careers.

Strong Kigang, all-round improvement team’s quality level, China Society and group members have actively improved membership development. China is constantly growing, and the quality is continuously improved, and a group of "blank" districts without China is filling.

The China Site has built a new member development expert library, further improving the review procedures, and giving policies to the residential medical staff, grassroots literary workers, and new literary groups.

Continue to "to the people" professional ethics and literary social service practice activities, guide the majority of writers and literary workers to continue to improve, do things, from the character of the character, and promote the taste, speech, responsibility, and responsibilities in the literary community. Creating a good atmosphere that is a positive work. Writers education training is more rich and extensive.

"Learning to implement the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on literary work, firmly establish Marxism" as the theme, in a combination of centralized training and local shard training, and through communication methods to guide other membership, etc. Topic Training of all members of the Chinese Work Association.

Solidly carry out the "four-force" education practice, guide the work of the writers to in depth in the country, community, industrial and mining, campus, military camps, etc. to carry out volunteer services and collecting creations.

Built into the online training platform of China, trained a large number of writers and literary workers in the line, enhanced "four power", and strong bases became more and more writers of thought consensus and joint pursuit. In-depth development of the national literary business backbone training, organized a new literary group, the training course of the Chinese Youth Literary Backbone and Municipal Subgrade Association.

At the same time, various types of training coordinates have taken into account and have achieved fruitful results.

Strengthen the research and guidance of the real-see theme creation, and focus on promoting the work of the writers to constantly improve the understanding of the times and life, giving birth to more realistic subjects, and cooperating with relevant departments of the Central Propaganda, historical subject works creation training class.

Cooperation with the Central Propaganda Department to organize national children’s literature writers and editorial training classes, conduct special training for children’s literature youth writers and children’s publishing youth backbone editing. Strengthen the talent elevator construction of literary editing team, promote editorial business talent training training and literary newspapers, literary internal publication exchange cooperation, hold a national literary internal publication annual meeting and editing business training course.

Hosting the summer literature training courses of Chinese primary and secondary school language teachers in Linhuan County, the training class of the grassroots cultural cadres in Lintan County, and tried to fulfill the responsibility of the Chinese People’s Association to the Hands of China.

Inviting Legal Services Group experts to teach and talk, through a variety of channels, publicity, membership services, and rights protection work will be further strengthened. Strengthen the construction of young cadres, and have strengthened the "80" "90" cadres in the "80" and "90" cadres and practice exercise.

Bacon cast soul, fully played the unique role of the literary school as a special writer training institution, and the literature institute made an important contribution to the cultivation of my country’s socialist literary talents, and became the garden inheriting the spirit of China and nourishing the creation of literature and nourishing literature. In the past five years, Lu Xun ‘s School of Literature and Literature College adheres to the correct direction, pays a good job training, steadily, and reforms and innovates, and continuously raise writers training to new levels. In 2020, Lu Xun, who was known as "the pace of writer", and the palace of literature, ushered in the 70th anniversary of the construction of the hospital.

Lu Xun Wen University launched "Bacon Project" to cultivate excellent young writers, incorporate new teaching philosophy and elements in the times, further enrich training resource, establish a teaching effect assessment system, and the construction of education and training system Complete. At present, the Luyuan has formed a high-level seminar of the young and middle-aged writers, including minority writers, online literature writers, industry writers, grassroots writers, cover academic education, short-term training and international literary exchange, focusing, covered, mature Stable running pattern and training model. A few days ago, the senior seminar of the 40th China Youth Writers in Lu Xun’s school held a ceremony. In the past five years, there have been a large number of middle-aged writers with creation performance and huge potential, have successively study and discuss, exchange practices, and have a widespread writing road. At the same time, a number of theme training courses such as minority literary creation training courses, online literary writers training class continued, and the majority of writers realize the improvement and vision of ideological levels. Since 2017, Lu Xun ‘s School of Science and Beijing Normal University jointly organized graduate students, recruiting graduate students with literary creation profession, and added a bright.

Lu Xun’s School has also increased the intensity of cooperation with various provinces and municipalities and industry work associations, organized multiple targeted places, covering multiple provinces and industry writers.

Realism Theme Creation Training Course, the Successful Seminage Seminar, National Youth Film and Television Screens, Successful Seminar, Seminar Senior Seminar, Disabled Writers, etc., also provides valuable learning opportunities for writers in different fields. Since the fall of 2017, Lu Xun ‘s school has started to hold an international writing plan, actively carry out international literary exchanges, writers from all countries to understand the status quo of Chinese literature, and feel the humanities of the Luyuan.

In addition, all local literary institutions also play its own advantages, combined with the actual organized multi-style training class, seminar, training class, etc., strive to make a characteristics, do effectively, make attention to the reality, write the era, more and more writers Common pursuit. Innovation form, promoting the healthy development of different writers in five years, China Society and group members are constantly innovating, strengthening the discovery and cultivation of young writers, minority writers, online literature writers, etc., has achieved remarkable results.

In terms of young writers, the National Youth Writers Creative Conference made a series of specific measures that support youth writers to create and grow, produce positive response. Established the China Work Committee of China, all newspapers and magic networks vigorously promoted the new power of literary creations, "Youth Poem" 21st Century Literature Star Book "and other projects," Wenyi "" New Forces "," People’s Literature " "New Wave", "Novel Selected Journal" "The Top 20" Top 20 New Top 20 "is the topic for young writers to build a platform and pave the road.

In the cultivation of a minority writer, "China’s Minority Literature Star Book" project, a minority literature key works, minority literature theory critics, etc., the project, etc. Critics are concerned. The unique advantages of "National Literature" magazine and its minority text version, organized a variety of ethnic president translatters training courses, rehabilitates, etc. In terms of online literature writers, China Work Association Network Literature Center and Multiple Provincial Work Association Network Literature Creative Committee, Provincial Network Writers Association established, actively mobilized and absorbed new literary group outstanding talents became the Association of Association.

Jointly implement the "Net Dream" in the Central Committee – National Youth Network Writer Training Service Program, hold the national youth network writer Jinggangshan senior training course. Create a network writer training platform of China, organize the person in charge of the Provincial Network Writing Association, a well-known online writer seminar, organize multi-batch training in network writers, and the environmental conditions of online literature have greatly improved.

In addition, each group member unit also focuses on the construction of writers in various forms, increases professional writers, sign writers, special writers, and implementing youth writers to cultivate plans, let all kinds of literary talents create vitality, smart talents Fully inherited. Looking forward to "14th Five-Year Plan", China Society Association and Group Member Member will have to vigorously discover and cultivate excellent literary talents in a variety of ways, and strive to build a moral collections, complete door class, reasonable structure, large scale High-level creative talent team, building a literary talent highland.

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