Small mushrooms support the villagers to get rich

According to Bijie City Government Network: The Spring Festival is approaching, every household is busy purchasing new year. In the vegetable greenhouse in the Yutou community in Yauchi Town, the workers are busy supplying "mushroom new year" for the Spring Festival market.

Into the shed, the faint bacteria, the recent sheds just picked up a mushroom, and now many "umbrellas", and a mushroom will reach the standards of picking, which is urgently prepared to supply the Spring Festival market.

Mushroom, first-class mushroom, secondary mushrooms … a mushroom, a mushroom, so that the villagers have got happiness and supported a dream. "It is better to teach people to fish. My purpose is to make the villagers have income, help villagers employment, my technology is never retained, all teach the villagers, only the villagers learn technology, and they can use the pitch I don’t worry. "Looking at the mushrooms in the greenhouse, the leader of the base, Zhao Jia, walked, our plan is to do a good job in the local market and do export. It is reported that the vegetable greenhouse covers an area of ??380 mu, 488 large sheds, and rented 250 greenhouses by Bijie Spring Fresh Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., which plans to plant 150 mushrooms, and now 106 greenhouses. 8, 30 mushroom shed, 48 sheep bacteria, 20 red bamboo sheds.

2020 plans 200,000 yuan, the actual completion of the output value of 140,000 yuan, of which the mushrooms accounted for 82% of total output value, and the mushroom accounted for total output value.

The establishment of the mushroom base allows the villagers to achieve money in the door of the house. "Workers’ salary is 80 yuan a day, some workers are more diligent, sometimes a month’s salary can reach 4,000 yuan. Everyone works with dryness, and the benefits of the base have also increased.

"Zhao Jiaoliang said. According to Zhao Jiaoliang, the development trend of edible fungi is good, the economic efficiency is high, and the output of Yongzhou Province is mainly produced by Fujian and Northeast. The local mushroom only accounts for one-third of the market. Develop mushrooms, have a large market space.

Zhao Jialiang has always had a dream, which is to develop his own mushroom industry, so that the villagers have sustained stable income and increasing together. During planting, Zhao Jia is not reserved for the villagers to provide cultivation, management technical guidance, and teach their own cultivation experience. In terms of market sales, if the villagers will not sell, he will help them find sales channels. "Many farmers are the most fearful issues are sales, so I will not only provide technical guidance, let them plant, manage, management, mushrooms, will also help them sell them." Zhao Jialiang frank. The mushroom industry has developed, and the gains of farmers can be achieved, they can have a happy New Year.

(中) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).

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