Siying County, Yingjiang, held a symposium for retired soldiers

People’s Daily News On August 2, on August 1, the total branch of the Zhixi Zizi Zi Zizi Zizi Village Party in Chengde City invited 28 retired soldiers in the village to hold the "eight" symposium and carry out visit Consolation activities. At the symposium, the relevant person in charge of the Wuping County Retired Military Affairs Bureau went to the retired soldiers who participated in the session and blessings, encouraging the retired soldiers in the village without fading.

I don’t forget the initiative, keep in mind the mission, continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication, and develop the strength and contribute to the construction of the construction of Zi Village. Five retired soldiers made a statement.

They said, thank you very much for the attention of the majority of retired soldiers, we must be a new era of the people. It is understood that members of the Children’s Party also visited the other retired soldiers and expressed their holiday greetings. Town and village staff "Zero Distance" and retired soldiers carry out, listen to the voice of the veteran, let the retired soldiers and their families feel the care of the party and the government. (Zuo Song Tao) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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