The car has a sudden tire pressure.

We all know that tire pressure is the air pressure inside the car tire. In the car maintenance, the engine is the heart of the car. The damage to the engine will lead to the exhaustion of the car life, then the tire tire pressure is the blood pressure of the car, the high and low car Performance and power have a vital role. In winter and summer, our tires are different. Let’s introduce how much the tire tire pressure is hit. First of all, each of our cars has standard air pressure, usually there will be a sticker on the car. Each car brand is different, the position of the sticker is different, and some are on the B column of the main driving door, some in the fuel tank cover, and some on the door frame of the coil. There is a tire tire pressure corresponding to each tire model on the sticker, and a tire model generally corresponds to 3 tire pressure, comfortable tire pressure, semi-carrier pressure, and full load of tire pressure.

Generally, we should first look at the tire model, find the tire pressure corresponding to the tire model, and then find the tire tire pressure of a book sign behind the book, which is a comfortable tire pressure.

However, tire pressure should also take into account environmental factors. For example, the four tire comfort tire pressure is, in the summer, as long as it can be hit, the summer temperature is high, the air pressure inside the tire will be expanded; in winter, it can be appropriate High tire pressure, such as playing, the temperature is low in winter, fast cooling, and the internal pressure of the tire will shrink.

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