The cargo truck full of flammable goods in the early hours of the morning, the firefighters and the sanitation workers have been rescued

Original title: The trucks full of flammable goods in the early morning are self-contained and the sanitation workers have been rescued recently. A car car full of electric blankets, rapeseed oil, cotton is waiting for flammable goods, and suddenly fire on the road, and smoke rolling. Sanitation workers and firefighters have been working hard, and the fire has been successfully extinguished.

  At 4:08 in the morning of November 12th, a logistics truck in Wenjiang District, Fengjiang District, Fengjiang District, Chengdu, suddenly fired, fire fiercely burned and full car goods, and the full-time fire brigade of Wenjiang District has quickly dispatched to the scene. According to the truck driver, he plans from Chengdu Gucai to Wenjiang. When driving to Guanghua Avenue three, the same road drove his rush, and he only knew that the car was burning on the car.

  After the parking, the truck driver used the fire extinguisher on the car for extinguishing the fire, but he was not rooted. He called at the time that he was scared and did not expect the first time alarm 119.

  Subsequently, the passing sanitation sprinklers were also enthusiastic to help fire, and helped dialing 119 alarms.

  After the fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene, the fire logistics truck has been fired, and the smoke is rolling, and a sanitation sprinkler is extinguishing.

According to the on-site situation, the commander quickly ordered, and the two water guns were fired from the left and right sides of the truck. At the same time, it ensured that the water supply group was uninterrupted.

  The rescuers dismantled the body baffle under the cover of the water gun, using the fire hook to turn the car on the car, point by point.

Because the car is full of goods, including cotton, thermal underwear, electric blanket, lighter, paper desk calendar, rapeseed oil, etc., more combustion items. After nearly 2 hours of fire rescue personnel, the fire was successfully extinguished.

At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation.

(Cover Journalist Zhong Xiaoyu) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

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