Qinghai Province fully completed the resettlement housing real estate registration

  The reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Natural Resources Department that on May 25th, Qinghai Province 31698 households poverty alleviation relocation and settlement of the card households have been completed, and the registration rate of the certification of the certification shall be 100%. The state requires the completion of the work goal one month in advance.

  Since 2019, Qinghai Provincial Natural Resources Office has conducted a premium in advance for the registration of Easy Poverty Alleviation and Relocation.

I took the initiative to take the initiative to go to the Qinghai Provincial Poverty Alleviation Development Bureau to actively dock, clear the work goal, and to touch the number of poverty alleviation, and timely master the progress of the resettlement, and establish a work desk account, put the task to the mission to each district, monthly, weekly We will report progress and implement sales number mechanisms. "Notice on" Qinghai Provincial Natural Resources Department on Doing a Good Job Society "" Qinghai Province Poverty Alleviation Development Work Leading Group Office Involutionary Poverty Alleviation and Relocation Invosible Property Right Progressive Work Progress " Ensure the implementation of real estate registration. For the pre-approval procedures, the prior approval procedures have been perfect, and the county-level real estate registration departments real-time tracking, on-site office, maximize the compression desk, further streamline the certificate, basically, instant to be completed.

(Editor: Yang Qihong, Liu Peiran).

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