Special action in Subu regional governance super-provincial joint law enforcement

In order to implement the "higher quality integration development plan for the transportation transportation in the Yangtze River Delta", we will promote the combination of the trucks in Suluu Yuxi area, and improve the regional collaboration and joint law enforcement efficiency, further increase the over-limit of the truck "100 tons "Strengthening the intensity, earnestly protect the people’s lives and property and road infrastructure safety, Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhangzhou City Transportation Bureau, Ji Chi Zhuang District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, the traffic police brigade conducts over-limit overload rectification in the Suru period "100 Tons King" special governance action. The special action will focus on the strike highway seriously illegal and over-load freight transport vehicles, especially the carriage of more than 100 tons of highway freight overrun overload vehicles. Increase the supervision of key freight source enterprises such as transportation mines, steel, cement, sandstone "four companies" and port, railway venues, large logistics parks, and large items ". Tongui Super Station and Toll Station, malicious over-limit overload transportation, "Huang Niu" violations of criminal activities and other illegal criminal activities, forming a high pressure situation in strict investment.

Strengthen cooperation, the provincial (district) traffic law enforcement department, the public security traffic police department will strengthen organizational leadership, clarify the responsible division of labor, collaborative matters and workflows, strengthen law enforcement linkage, information interoperability, cooperation, and promote joint rectification actions, and strive to form Close cooperation, high-efficiency disposal of the regional super working pattern.

Strictly regulate law enforcement, serious law enforcement work discipline, strictly implement the "ten inexpensive" work of transportation transportation, the Ministry of Public Security, strictly prohibit the punishment of vehicles outside the highway over-limit inspection station (point), resolutely eliminate Free to increase or reduce the rules of hyperforward enforcement standards and chaotic charges, chaotic fines, only fines and other illegal violations, etc., ensuring solid results of joint treatment.

The traffic police brigade of the Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau will fully rely on the relevant departments to the provincial over-limit inspection station and the provincial and inter-provincial card, implement 24-hour uninterrupted road joint law enforcement, focus on the "100 tons of king" illegal overload overload illegal act, and strive to achieve province In the past, the vehicle illegal overload excellence is significantly reduced, and the "100 Tons of King" in the jurisdiction is basically eliminated, and the highway overrun rate is significantly reduced, and the safety situation of road transportation is significantly improved. Yang Zhongqing Chen Heng related recommendation.

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