Tight "real" word Qinghai Yushu Party history learning education in the depths

"Party history learning education is focused on the study of the party. We combined with the 70th anniversary of the party’s 100th birthday and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, we create a strong atmosphere in party history education, strengthen organization leadership, and promote various forms, guide party members and cadres.Party history, understanding, doing practical things, open a new bureau, ensuring the ’14th Fiveth’ opening bureau, take a good step. "Yushu State Party Secretary Cai Chengyong said when talking about party history.

Since the study of the study and education of the party history, Yushuzhou, Qinghai Province, in the Qinghai Province, the "learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus", high-ranking plan, high starting point deployment, high quality promotion, enrich learning carrier, innovation Learning method, standardize the learning system, combined with Yushu actually use the hard trick, strive to transform the ability of learning results into practical reconciliation, and condense to establish "three images", promote "six districts" construction, and build health , Modern, happy new jade tree pounds.

Carefully deployed, consolidating the foundation of all levels of the state, as a major event in party history, as a major event in political life, and effectively strengthen organizational leadership, carefully mobilized deployment, and actively organize implementation. The Yushu State Committee established a party history and education leading group, which was headed by the Secretary of the State Committee, and established the Office of the Learning Education Leading Group for Propaganda Ministers and the Organizational Minister of Organization.

In the first time, the party history learning education mobilization will be held, and regularly organize the party history and education work promotion, timely summary, check the shortage, and arrange the next phase of work.

At the same time, the "Implementation Plan on the Learning Education" is formulated, refining "six special actions", clarify the responsible subject, target tasks and time limit requirements.

Formulate "Yushu State Party History Education Work Arrangement", list the "Flow Chart" "Competency" and "Act", so that all thematic practices and organizational activities continue to tend to image, visualize, and standardize. In the development of the party history, the county and above "key minority" leading cadres in Yushu Prefecture have always adhered to the "Morning Reading + Night Read" self-study mode, the center group + party branch "centralized learning model, took the lead in completing the study requirements More than 470 central groups at all levels, more than 470 seminars, more than 10,000 members of the party, the theme party day event, more than 120 times, and convened the party members’ learning conference for more than 1200 times. Innovation form, steadily promote the way of learning on Yushu State Innovation Line and Line, Online, each party member makes full use of platforms such as "learning power" and other places to learn, relying on local official website, Qinghai Network Cadre College, WeChat public number Internet platforms such as shake, guide the majority of party members and cadres to learn by fragmentation time. Underline, actively organize the county department cadres to participate in special training, special counseling, central propaganda group report, and launch 3 red experience lines, more than 270 tens of thousands of party members to carry out immersive, experienced teaching activities, Effectively enhance the attraction and appeal of party history learning education.

In response to the masses of the majority of farmers and herdsmen, the form of living resources, the form of the game, the best use of the horseback, Gesar artist, and the ecological militia, the towel, the headquarters, and the secretary of the 139 villages (community) party branch " Grassroots preliminary, in-depth field, deep into the door of the farming and animal husbandry, and carry out the grassroots preaching more than 1060 scenes, and the "four history" education "came out of the office, into the residential area, into the hearts of the farmers. "At the same time, Yushu State has established a" mobile party member dynamic management account ", organizational flow party members to spontaneously learn, collective organizational, etc., so that mobile party members" do not miss "" do not fall ".

Through WeChat group push party history knowledge, send school, on-site exchange sharing, etc., grab the study and education of retired party members. Through the "Red Scarf Heart", "Red Song, I will sing", "Red Song, I will sing", etc., I am stimulating young students patriotic enthusiasm. Adhere to the orientation, focus on the effect "Our company has always existed a large number of vehicles updated, concentrated on paying the vehicle purchase tax, if it is not in time, delay the money, earning less money, everyone is not easy.

Since there is this administrative service center, our people have a lot of things to do.

"The taxi company is very happy to say. Yushu Prefecture Administrative Service Center mainly has traffic police, human society, medical insurance, employment, taxation, national power grid, postal high-frequency service window. Since the study of party history, Yushu The state government service supervision and management bureau focuses on government affairs services, through the online, offline office channels, so that the people of the farmers and her husks and the "one office" and "the most running once", solve the people "Run Run "This is the vividness of Yushu Prefecture to adhere to the party history education and integration with the problems of the masses. The leading cadres at all levels at all levels at all levels of the Yushu Prefecture are closely related to education, medical, transportation and other people’s livelihood hotspots, through collective. , The grassroots preaching, walking into the house, etc. .

At the same time, revolve around the "14th Five-Year Plan", "I have issued a practical" implementation plan for the masses ", introduced" Yushu Prefecture anti-reflection and insurance implementation plan ", implement 4.54 million yuan of state-level anti-return, complete 7020 households Relocation of the atmosphere certificate.

Select 6 rural resolution demonstration towns, 18 demonstration villages, 4 tourism demonstration villages. Implement 16 county township transformation, bridge construction and security engineering and Yushu Yak Advantage Characteristic Industry Cluster Project, research and development of more than 30 kinds of agricultural livestock products, planting green good materials. Achieving 504 new employment in urban areas, 5,475 labor in the rural pastoral area.

In addition, Yushu State also gives full play to the pioneer model of party members and cadres, completes 1865 volunteer services such as civilization, blood donation, voluntary tree planting, and the "last kilometers" of the service masses.

Up to now, the party organizations at all levels of the state have been a good sense of practical skills in the masses, and the sense of happiness of all ethnic groups in the state is significantly increased.

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