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  Samoa is located in the south of the Pacific Pacific.

Here is the scenery, the culture is splendid, and is the cradle of the Polynesian civilization.

Although China is separated from Samoa, it is long. As early as 150 years ago, the first Chinese people settled in Samoa, pulled up a historical and cultural link across heavy oceans.

  Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, SMS relations have been quickly healthy and healthy.

In November 2018, the Chairman of Xi Jinping Tongji Iriepa and other leaders held a collective meeting in Papua New Guinea, unanimously consent to improve the relationship between the two parties to mutual respect, common development, and create a full range Cooperative new situation.

  2020 is the special year of Sino-Saha and the difficulty of cultivation, and it is destined to leave a strong color in the history of the relationship between the two countries.

In the face of sudden new coronal pneumonia epidemics, Sino Sais is always watching help, the hardships are difficult to practice, practice the concept of human destiny, and play the touching movement of cooperation against disease.

  Round and affection, love.

In the key stage of China’s epidemic prevention and control, the heads of Samoa Mamara Analfano, Prime Minister Iriepa sent a letter to Chinese leaders, and the huge efforts of China for epidemic prevention and control The effective measures taken are appreciated and admired.

Samoa is in China to sing "Let the World Full of Love" to Sai Students in Huayuan Students, using a moving music as China, and send warmth and goodwill for Wuhan.

Samoa National Hospital’s medical staff, the students of the Confucius Institute specially recorded the video support video, using Chinese high-shining "refueling", to ventilate the Chinese anti-vulcination, fully reflect the deep friendship between the two countries. In Samoa, overseas Chinese spontaneously organize donations, and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control.

  Drops, Yongquan.

The Samoa public health system is weak, and the national doctor is not enough, and the epidemic prevention supplies are completely dependent on imports and assistance. In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the Chinese side has the same feelings of the Samoa government and the people, and we will do our best to help Sa Fang should prepare for the help of materials assistance, experience exchange, information sharing. The Chinese government provides aid to the Sahi government under the China-Pacific Island National Immintanction Cooperation, China Central Government, Guangdong Provincial Government, Huizhou Municipal Government, Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation, the first time in Saha Chinese institutions and overseas Chinese Donate cultural medical materials to Sa Foundation. China arranges Samoa health experts to participate in health expert video conferences, China Aida Medical Team tends to China’s prevention and control experience, and assist in the development of epidemic prevention and control guidelines.

In the mid-May, China and Pacific Island countries should respond to the number of special sessions of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, and representatives of Samo Asia thanked the Chinese government and from all walks of life to provide support for the Pizza Federation, appreciating the attitude of China in public, transparent and responsible. , In a timely, effortal epidemic prevention measures, share the experience of anti-

  Sino-Sa-friendly has to test.

Looking forward to the future, we firmly believe that the relationship between Sino-Saass will be more firm and firm, and the friendship of the two people will be more deeply rooted.

  (The author is the Chinese Ambassador to Sama.

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