People’s Network 2021 Country Revitalization Demonstration Case

"2021 Rural Revitalization Demonstration Case" (80) 1, Henan Lankao: Little Honeydeware Industry : Building a industrial base to create a boutique farmer, promote rural e-commerce integration development ecotropic circles 4, Shandong Zibo: digital mounting change to overtake building digital agricultural rural cities 5, Jiangxi Anyuan: "E-commerce + consumption poverty alleviation" to build production and sales docking Poverty Alleviation Model 6, National Food and Materials Reserve: Party Construction Leading Consumption Help Board to take the Quartet Win-Win 7, China Remember to help Wenxian, Gansu Province The e-commerce platform constructs "185" intelligent service ecology 9, Anhui Jinzhai: "Da Water Ranzer" to "accurate drip irrigation" to join hands in the fortune 10, the central government of the Agricultural Workers Party: "Concentricate Medical Doctor Special Gang Talent Program" is Grassroots cultivation of health guards 11, Guizhou Bijie Dafang County: Create "Bank of China" 12, Shaanxi Qingyi: Training "Artificial Intelligent Trainer" to open "Information Highway" 13, Henan Yucheng County Guo Earth Village: Poverty Alleviation First Fuzhi founded the "filial piety" national demonstration base 14, Hebei, Hebei: Give full play to the advantages of specialty industrial innovation experience to help the village revitalization 15, due to local conditions Maki Green Myna Flower Xiangdi Garden Complex Leading County Country Rural Revitalization 17, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications: "Wisdom + Traditional" Industry Revitalization "Cloud + Line" Science Energy 18, Chongqing Rongchang District: "Talent + Resources + N" The pattern is a rural resonance "Pulse the diagnosis" 19, Guizhou Anshun: Constructing a township high-quality development evaluation system running out the village revitalization "acceleration" 20, Xinjiang Bakhun, Zhengmantang Village: Creating a field industry to drive a development "pigeon Exported Phoenix "21, Shandong Shouguang:" Specialized Management "in exchange for" Hebei Card "22, Hebei Zhangbei: The total requirements of the standard rural village will write a new chapter of the country to revitalize the new chapter 23, Anhui Mingguang: Party construction leads the masses of the masses Environmental rectification 24, Shandong Zibo fine-cultivation rural governance model: party construction leads, one network three joints, all members of the country to rule 25, Inner Mongolia Pojiang Haizi Town: Five-catching five-star bright industry features strong 26, Jiangsu Nantong: "Home and culture "Construction is the development of innovative rural governance method 27, China Communication University: Give Full Play to the Media Advantage to help Inner Mongolia Xing’an League Branch, the head flag, combined with the cultural revitalization and the three educated people 28, Fujian Tang, front hometown:" Two don’t worry " Guaranteed to win the poverty battle 29, Sichuan Daxi: Innovation collective economy development "five path" enhances rural governance efficiency 30, Inner Mongolia Altan Morler Town: Explore the implementation of "Seven Village Integration" to promote the development of party building leading to Fufu Road 31 Zhejiang Cangnan Zhongku Village: Practice Green Swai Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan Sample Village 32, Shandong Lanling: Building a high-quality agricultural product base construction vegetable industry Qiang County 33, Sichuan Pengxi: Can return home business, lead the masses to get rich income Picking "Poor Hat" 34, Hebei Tao: Industry Leading Gathering Writing Writing Tao Village Vibration Xingxin chapter 35, Jiangsu Xuzhou Jiawang District: "4th District" and labeled a new chapter of the country to revitalize 36, Gansu Yushen: Create a rural industry to help rural industries 37, Ali: Use design to help agricultural products to establish brand improvement premium 38, Shandong Liaocheng Deng County: Developing the Ganoderma Industry Out of the Country Zhenxing New Road 39, Shandong Zhangqiu Lujia Village: One card two three teams to hold the people "steady happiness" 40, Nanhu Zikxia Qiaotou Village: Decisive local system Farmers get rich 41, Jilin: Taround grassroots service three farmers, create agricultural sales new activities, new platform 42, Henan Pingyi County Old Bay Village: Consolidating the Poverty Poverty "to promote the village to realize the" old bay model "of the village strong people’s Daffe 43, Yihai Jiari helps Hebei Zhangjiakou County: deep tillage industry precisely poverty poor model, promoting rural resolution 44, Sichuan Longanxin Village: Chuangnan Dragona pomelo industrial development continues to promote the revitalization of rural industries 45, Inner Mongolia Erdos Price Liang Village: Heavy Genesis Writing Country Revitalizing Wonderful Chapter 46 Keqiao District: Bite the basic people’s livelihood demand to go out of common prosperity path 49, Jingdong farm "智" "to help Fengxian Apple industry upgrade and brand development 50, Boshan Town Dongwa Village: Take the healthy courtyard construction to stimulate the new vitality 51 , Wahaha: Promoting the revitalization of the country to revitalize 52, family network: brand hatching, new consumption, driving the development of local specialty industries in Inner Mongolia 53, Beijing Sunshine Future Art Education Foundation: Zhenxing Country Children’s Aesthetic Education "Love Enlightenment "in action 54, self-enamel pot brand: stimulate rural economic vitality to create a help farmer 55, China Green Foundation: 10 yuan hope tree 56," because of Nanjing to grow "public welfare research to make students" Flying Dreams "57 Xiamen, Fujian Province Comprehensive body helps build a rural revitalization practice base 60, Jiangxi Ji’an: Take measures to consolidate to improve the status of food from the food, Shanxi: Do the best to make a strong yellow flower industry, let Huanghua become the "rich flower" of the folks 62, Touroy Group : Flowers to open the country, open the rural revitalization of the new journey 63, good doctor group: Chinese herbal medicine full industry chain can sustainable development to help the rural rescue spectrum new article 64, Hebei Zhangjiakou: I don’t have to grasp the real dry edge "65, Yunnan screen: Based on green ecological actual tight industrial development key to promote rural revitalization 66, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: R & D special products, help the Kummy-Industrial Revitalization 67, Shanxi Yangquan Suburb: Take a measures to help the city’s rural people’s environment 68. Li Ji Health Products Group: Actively fulfill social responsibility to help poor youth dreams of dreams, Jiangsu Rugao: "Teruncture Party Building" ignited the revitalization of "strong engine"70, Hubei Daping Township, Hubei Village: Spring Breeze Ancient Village Yao Township Huanxiang 71, Guangxi Guilin Yangshuo County: "Gold Fruit" Characteristic Agriculture Covers 23 Level Village 72, Hunan Yucheng County Shazhou Yao Village: HalfBar "spirit" 热 "One party economy 73, Shaanxi Weinan Shaoguan County:" Ten Village Tongjian "explores the new path of the country to Zhenxing 74, Hebei Zhangjiakou Yangyuan County: Implementing the party members" 1 + 10 "help mechanism to achieve contact serviceNormalization 75, Shanxi Qi County: "沁州 黄 小米" 76, Yin Zhen Town, Fengyang County, Anhui Province: "Sany Flower, Jian Fourth Park" to go out of the village revitalization new path 77, Zhejiang PingyangCounty Shuxin Village: E-commerce liveband goods help "rural resonance" village-level live broadcast to open "True Road" 78, Anhui Suzhou City: Science and Technology Finance Energy E-commerce Promotion Digital Country Butterfly Change 79, Shandong MengYin County: Promote the industrial integration of fruit and prosperity to promote the revitalization of rural villages 80, Sichuan Zhaohua District: Be a strong park to go out of "Mountain Edition" Rural Revitalization Demonstration Road (Editor: Ji Yu Rui, Lu Wei) Sharing More PeopleSee recommendation reading.

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