The second "pursuit of the martyrs footprint" Short Video Collection Exhibition Actification Report will be held

On October 19th, the 2nd "Pursuit of the Martyr Footprint" Short Video Collection Exhibition Actification Report was held in the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum. Deputy Director of the Central News Network, Deputy Director of the National Net Letter Office, Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs, attended and delivered a speech.

Sheng Ronghua pointed out that the "Pursuit of the Second Field Trail" short video collection and exhibition activities is an important measure to carry out the education of party history, carry forward and inherit the great spirit of heroes.

Central News Series conscientiously implemented the spirit of TCC’s important speech and party central decision-making deployment, putting a good hero story, carrying forward the revolutionary spirit as an important part of online ideology, and the construction of network civilization, will promote the introduction of "Heroes Protection Law" ", Carry out the" online sacrifice "theme event, severely crack down on illegal acts such as heroic martyrs, and promote the formation of Millenniens, advocating the intensity of British.

Sheng Ronghua emphasized that we must carry forward the revolutionary spirit, play a good network advantage, create a new content, form of new online products, use a lofty ideal, firm belief, advanced theory to arverse the netizens, with the ideal belief, stick to the initial mission Great spirit leads network space. To talk about the revolutionary story, grasp the law of network communication, promote the red story, cross-border, color, and cultivate advocating hero, defend the hero, learn hero, and care for the hero. It is necessary to inherit the revolutionary star fire, learn from the perseverance of the revolutionary martyrs, and to deepen network ecological governance, strengthen key tasks such as network civilization, and resolutely maintain network ideology security, and achieve the second hundred years Struggle The new Long March Road is condensed with pounds. Chang Zheng, pointed out that the retired military affairs system vigorously promoted the protection and utilization of martyrs, and promoted the eighth batch of 109, the remains of the Han Zhizhi Military Martyrs, the burial, and the revolutionary martyrs were contended to remember the revolutionary martyrs. mental strength. Looking forward to more and more units, platforms, netizens participate in such activities, actively create excellent red online works, attracting the whole society, especially youth generations, inheriting the spirit of the British spirit, defending the glory, striving to create a non-responsible revolutionary ancestors, worthy of history And the new achievements of the people.

The event was announced, "the online popularity work" and "excellent organizers" and "excellent organizers" have conducted awards for the award-winning representative, and 4 guests have made a speech and give the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum awarded a winning work CD.

The 2nd "Pursuit of the Secretary of the Second" Short Video Collection Exhibition was published by the Central News Network Social Work Bureau, the Decommissioning Military Affairs Department, the National Cultural Relics Bureau, the National Archives Office, and the Communist Youth League Central Propaganda Department jointly guided .

Since the event of April this year, more than 3,500 revolutionary cultural relics exhibition units, archives and martyrs commemorative protection facilities and netizens are actively involved, collecting 10,000 people, and the relevant micro-topic reading volume exceeded 1 billion times, short video playback Break through 5 billion times.

From the Central News Network Office, the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs, the State Cultural Relics Bureau, the National Archives Bureau, the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum and some provincial and municipal party committees, and the award-winning representative, and the media reporter participated in the report.

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