Tibet Route Workman Zhaxi Terrier: For the "Tianlu"

  On the ridge of the world, the highway is in the mountains and gorges, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, avalanches and other natural disasters. It is engaged in supporting work here, both hard and dangerous.

Tzang Autonomous Region High-grade Highway Administration Rigon Airport Maintenance Center staff Zhaxi turned his work, "" once an emergency rescue, let me have got a full sense of accomplishment, honor, these are unable to use money to measure "In 2013, Zhaxi, who has just joined the ranking of the ranking, has experienced a life and death test.

In the Wave Mode to the Mo-enrichment road construction project, a road just repaired an avalanche.

In order to play the Xuechuan section during the rescue gold, the project department decided to set up a commando team, Zhaxi’s first reported.

  On the side of the mountain, the snow collapsed, and the extent is the cliff that is deep, and the danger can I know.

Zhaxi turned into the partner withdraws to the safe area, but he drives an excavator on the cliff.

When the road is about to rush, the avalanche will happen again, and if he is not injured.

The companions are anxiously viewed, but Zhaxi is thinking that "it is good to have no damage to the excavator." In April 2015, an earthquake caused serious damage to National Highway 318, so that Shigati Nielamu County Zhangmu Town has become an island. The disaster is the order! Zhaxi rushed to the disaster area overnight.

The repair of the repair lasted for a few days, and finally was "stuck the neck" in a collapse, and the excavator could drop the cliff at any time. Welde the danger, Zhaishin put it forward and operates the excavator in the square. After more than 4 hours, the road finally opened, more than 6,300 people succeeded in insurgered, and he didn’t take a rest, followed by the repair of other roads … "The old generation of returns workers use the simplest tool to repair, dig, Now, equipment level and work efficiency have greatly improved. "Zhaishin puts emotionally, working conditions," two "spirit can never be lost," I have to stand in a position, be a glorious ‘paving stone’! " (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

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