Shanxi unemployment insurance stabilization returns to achieve "exemption from exclusive"

  Original title: The province’s unemployment insurance stabilization will return to achieve "exemption from the application" as of September 6, the accumulated subsidy billion, Huihe 3806 businesses, 10,000 employees recently, the Provincial Social Security Bureau in accordance with the "People’s Office" , Accurately implement the unemployment insurance payment and return to the policy, no need to provide application materials, the background data is compared with the unemployment insurance that meets the qualified unemployment insurance, and the amount should be returned, the publicity period is full, and after the publication is full, directly to the corporate bank account Distribution of unemployment insurance, return subsidies, the province’s unemployment insurance insured enterprises to achieve "exemption". In order to do a good job in "six steady" work, fully implement the "Six Bao" mission, the Provincial Social Security Bureau focuses on providing high-quality and convenient business services for unemployment insurance companies and participation inneaded personnel, and returning to the enterprise to receive unemployment insurance Strictly review.

As of September 6, the province has issued a total of 3806 businesses to benefit from 3806 households. In order to better serve the unemployment insurance, the provincial and social security bureau is identified by the incompetent state of the unemployed personnel, and the internal information system compare and information sharing, there is no need to participate in the unemployed personnel to issue or demonstrate the labor relationship certificate, unemployment Registration certificate and other certification materials. The Provincial Social Security Bureau continued to promote unemployment insurance treatment, "smooth collar, security office", supervised inspections in the province, and refilled the problems of the discovery. Implement the unemployment insurance operation week schedule system, in accordance with the "no-face approval" requirements to ensure the completion of the unemployment insurance, unemployment subsidies, and skill promotion subsidies, etc. within 5 working days. At present, the province’s unemployment insurance online application overdue audit rate is 0%, realizing the basic business "to apply", in the country’s first square. (Gu Liang Li Mingjun).

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