Charming Red Temple Beautiful Immigration Area

Charming Red Temple Beautiful Immigration Area

Classic story Haina Baichuan, has a big. As the largest ecological immigrants in the country, it is a wide vast immigrants in Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, which has accepted the 3,230,000 immigrants in the Wudang District and Ba County of Ningnan.

Open an inclusive, let the Red Temple District gathered the essence of the northwestern culture and building a colorful immigration culture.

Here, you can hear the melodious West Sea mud wow, you can also watch the unrestrained northern Shaanxi Yangge, festive Ningnan fire and the symposiliar crockery, everything is so original.

A tour of the red temple area, can make you across the millennium, gods in the gods, and fully appreciate the beauty of the grassland civilization and the collision of farming civilization. New day, new day, new day.

In more than 20 years of immigration development, the Red Temple District created the miracle of deserted oasis, and currently created "National Easy to relocate immigrants to improve the demonstration zone" and develop into the fast lane. This ancient land, glow vigorously.

Here, you can enjoy the National Aerospace Model Championship, you can and "ride", you can come down a mountain bike race in Luoshan, you can also drink a snowflake lamb, drink a grape wine, let the original ecological specialty specialty of the Red Tonburg area , 犒犒 胃胃. The Red Tonburg District is once a nomadic gallop, has always had a hospitality of hospitality.

Entering the new era, she once again opened a wide arm, sent a warm invitation to the distance: Come to the Red Temple area, marry your poem and distant.

"Reading" Immigration Cultural Red Temple District, built by water, due to water.

Although it is less than 50 kilometers from the line of the Yellow River, how is it high at sea? It can’t attract the Yellow River water to irrigate, so that the Red Temple of the central arid belt is a desert. At the end of the last century, Hongji Fort Water Engineering has started construction, 499 meters in the four levels, flows from high levels, and the development of water is nearly 800,000 mu, accumulating 230,000 immigrants in the five provinces and Ningnan Province, and built the country. Easy Ecological Immigration Relocation Concentrated Resettlement Area.

have gratitude. The Hongski people built Ningxia Immigration Museum in the city, with a total construction area of ??nearly 10,000 square meters, showing the world’s intention of the immigration history and immigration culture in Ningxia, which focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of helping the poor and riva.

Here, you can also see the real four-level Yangshui model, an eye on "New Times Red Flag Canal", while wealthy graphic, video and physical, so that the passion burning years is flying in front of it.

If you still don’t have time, you can visit the history and reality here, "Read" Red Tonburg.

In the immigrant site protected from the foot of Luoshan, one side of the male kiln reserved intact, the kiln is not a knee, the kiln is still a broken cone, and the wall is confused with a row of flood newspapers. See the date. A long time.

Turn a circle to find that the hospital wall, sheep and other buildings are complete, but only faded dust, people go to the house for a long time.

In fact, the Aboriginal people have not moved, and recent immigrant new villages from a few kilometers. Hongde Village, Hongsibao Town is a "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Ecological Immigration Village.

In the small courtyard of the villager Liu Ke, driving a wooden teahouse, business operations have been booming, and the tea will end. They all said that the teahouse is spacious and clean, and the eight treasures is sweet and delicious. It is a good place to drink tea chat. Local specialties such as 枸杞, beef, yellow-floral vegetables are also displayed on the shelves of the teahouse. Recently, Liu Kerui has also completed the transformation of water rush toilets and prepared for the next operation of the farmhouse project. Before the immigration relocation, it is like a freshman, and the change is great. All of this is from the Red Hosbao District that attracted the source of life.

If you want to chase the source, you can go back to the Hongji District Immigration Development Road, go to the Huanghe Pump Station, Red One Pump Station, Red Three Pump Station, "1236" Project Command, and witness the Huang River water along the way. How to introduce how to introduce The farmland of the farmland of Baili. All the way, from history to reality, witnessing an immigration area.

The development of the northwestern red temple area on the tip of the tongue is only more than 20 years. The cultivation time is very short, the land is very clean, plus the sunshine, the temperature difference is large, far from the industry, is a "national food safety base". The farm products produced here are the essence of nature, green and pollution, don’t have a taste. As the "China Wine First Town", the Huangsibao area was pouring 10,000 mu of vineyards under the Yellow River Water, next to Tens of winery, Luoshan Winery, etc., the products won the world in Brussels The Wine Competition is a big gold medal, the award has the reputation of the "Oscar", and the industry recognition is extremely high. A bottle of hundreds of milliliter bottled wine, sealed the magnificent and Roshan of the Yellow River.

Open a cup of age, taste is not only a beautiful wine, but there is more ambiguity here.

Enter the summer, the Big River Township Bairuiyuan is "shaped green": red is fruit, green is branches.

Standing around the hill view, 2800 acres of roots have a green.

Walking into the fruit, red agate is very good looking at the green leaves.

Pick a fresh chewf food, sweet and juicy, full of whole mouth. Dry fruit is a good job of brewing, cooking, has a health efficacy of peace of mind, kidney, kidney, and promoting blood circulation.

In addition, a series of concentrated deep processing products such as mask, concentrated juice, also enriched the product form of 枸杞. In this hot season, the field of the sun mountain town is golden, that is a ripe color of the flower. As the "China’s Selenium-enriched Huanghua Star Production Area", the yellow-flower colorful color, meat is thick, protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium content is higher than other production areas, eat delicious and nutritious, is mixed, soup Optimal dishes. Purple wine, red scorpion fruit, golden yellow-flower, so like a gorgeous food, how can you not be coveted? The Red Tonburg area is also the only place of "marble lamb": lack-cut face, lean fat, like a marble pattern.

A few seconds in the hot pot, eat and tender, and then leave the fragrance after swallowing.

Production of this high-quality meat product, for the national labor model, Kaifang took a decade of work, and now she cooperates with the central enterprises to build millions of beaches sheep smart ecological park projects, driving local beaches sheep farmers, families Farming, farmers cooperatives combined with farming, serving more "marble lamb lamb" on the table. Excellent ingredients, food is more like cloud.

As the immigration development zone, the Red Temple area brings together the large northwest of the featured food: Huang Mi’s stick, hot oil, leeks box … via a pair of cardiac women, cooking color fragrance is full.

Enjoy a gourmet food in the Red Hostel area of ??Haina, you taste the big northwest of the tip of the tongue. Sports Motto is the resort of the National Aerospace Model Competition, and six games have been held.

Luo Mountain Cui Wei, the red temple flight model in the west, the terrain is broad, the terrain is gentle, the vision, the abruptness, the low air flow is stable, becoming a beautiful stage of various spacecrafts such as drone, Triangle, hot air balloon. . Look! Maximum hot air balloons slowly moved in the air, smashed in the day and beautiful airspace, more likebusted, in the east side of the east side, more and more people.

Turning and far, a single-placed immigrant village and traffic network have a good look, it is another firefight. Aerial parade looks, open your heart to the ultimate, and the feelings of the people will feel alive. On August 1 this year, the Hongshuibao District will once again organize Air Culture Tourism Festival, the National Youth Aerospace Model Championships, at that time, the top players in the country are gathered, and a flight feast is held on the Tsi on the West side of Roshan.

Foreign models players to the Red Temple area, the most likely to stay in the local farmhouse, the open courtyard is convenient for disassembly of assembled aircraft, don’t have a style of farm life to attract them.

In Yongxin Village, Liuquan Township, a total of 61 villagers run a leisure travel home.

Into Li Xuelan’s small courtyard, the face is a pavilion, the pavilion is put under the wooden table, and it is a small chair that is transformed into a tire. It is chic.

The owner left the best house to the tourists, the facilities such as neat, sofa, TV, etc. There is a good place outside the small courtyard.

In the first summer, Yongxin Village’s rose garden flowers group, you can enjoy a flower sea, if you are interested, you can make rose tea personally. There are also 10,000 acres of vineyards outside the village. It is far away, the Green Sea is in the heart, and it is refreshing. In the evening, and relatives and friends came to the small courtyard to get down, catering the cold breeze, eating a farmhouse, drinking "Red Indifference" wine, telling each other, I wishing to worry about the trouble.

In the Red Temple District, there are many leisure tourism in this area. Xichuan Village, Xinzhuang Jixiang is a village from the entire village of Longde County. There is a village history museum in the village. It is displayed in the old items such as stone mill and soil, reminding people to do not forget.

On the dinner table, you can eat authentic Longde warm pot: under a piece of meat, embellished with ribs, potato chips, etc. Experience.

… How can the area of ??the tourism in Hongsibao District? What’s more, in the eyes of a thousand tourists, there is a thousand red temple area. So, in this wonderful season, I will meet your red temple area.

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@ 2022 high-candidate! College entrance examination guidelines. Please keep warm

@ 2022 high-candidate! College entrance examination guidelines. Please keep warm

· Hunan Huasheng Daily Online News December 14 (Reporter Zhou Ti) to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, complete physical examination …… until March 28 next year to do a good job in our province in 2022 college entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as the college entrance examination) work according to the Ministry of Education, the national health committee, the province and the relevant documents relating to the current epidemic prevention and control regulations in our province, Hunan Provincial Education examination Yuan has issued a notice to make arrangements for the deployment of related work.

Ensure the safety of fairness and strengthen epidemic prevention and control circular pointed out that the college entrance examination work of the municipal (state) entrance examination agencies, together with the local disease control departments to organize and manage, all counties (cities, districts) entrance examination agencies, together with the local health department is responsible for disease control Organization and implementation. Entrance examination institutions at all levels should attach great importance to the initiative to coordinate the local disease control department, jointly organize this year’s college entrance examination work.

To work around the college entrance examination in ensuring security on the basis of equity, focus on strengthening epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure that the candidates, staff safety and health.

All localities should according to local epidemic prevention and control requirements, the establishment of medical work leading group dedicated to the development of medical work program and related contingency plans in the epidemic situation, a clear entrance examination institutions, medical hospitals, schools and departments specific duties and all aspects of work discipline, work work and other requirements and procedures; report to take the initiative to communicate with the local joint prevention and control mechanism or disease control department, under the guidance of the health department of disease control, scientific and reasonable arrangement and placement examination venues, increase the epidemic prevention and control and material support and strengthen physical examination when you want to be picked specifically for candidates under the epidemic situation and the relative concentration of the characteristics of the staff to guide candidates enter the examination venue before measuring body temperature, wear masks throughout the examination process (authentication and examination of individual projects; ventilation and disinfection of workplace health and safety management masks), and ordered to carry out a medical examination, to avoid excessive crowds gather, to reduce the risk as much as possible; to pay special attention to non-local candidates, non-health testing work in school candidates, ahead of joint prevention and control mechanism in accordance with local disease control or health department requirements epidemic prevention and control to do the work.

To ensure the selection of standing around quality university personnel, maintenance of fair justice and social harmony and stability perspective to fully understand the importance of doing physical work.

To select a good political thinking, responsible, upright style, familiar with the business and no immediate family members attended this year’s college entrance examination work as the primary physician should check with a physician, deputy director of the above titles, strong sense of responsibility as a doctor; To organize all staff to seriously study the relevant admissions policies, medical standards and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, ensure that all staff are familiar with operating procedures and work requirements; should work together with the local disease control departments agreed qualified medical units (the principle of two-level (including ) above the corresponding hospital or medical units) implementation of examination candidates. Site Requirements rational layout, good ventilation, good lighting, quiet environment and meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control; to strengthen the discipline to participate in the examination the doctor and staff, and discipline to prevent fraud. To previous years, there is favoritism behavior during a physical examination or medical ethics questionable personnel to implement a veto. Of falsifications in medical work, according to the "National Education Examination irregularities approach" "admissions colleges and universities deal with violations Interim Measures" and the relevant administrative regulations dealt with severely. The circular emphasizes that medical institutions should strictly implement the standards and procedures to eliminate all irregularities. For major hospital or appropriate medical unit responsible for the authenticity of the candidate physical examination findings.

Non-designated medical institutions are invalid for medical examinations for candidates. If the legal responsibility of the implementation of work is not strong, the responsibility of the regular universities will be held accountable, the main examination hospital or the corresponding medical unit should be responsible for comprehensive examination results, conduct a comprehensive review, and ensure that the medical examination and summary of the projects For the problem of difficult problems, experts should be organized; each check doctor should carefully and accurately collect physical examination information, avoid errors, and responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the project inspect; in the physical examination, experts must organize patrols and Life check, find problems in timely correction, timely handling; to implement special personnel cooperate with the medical unit to strictly test the identity of the candidates to prevent inspection. Municipal (state) enrollment examination agencies should formulate the way to inform candidates.

After the medical examination work, the staff should check if all items in the physical examination have the corresponding conclusions, confirm that there is no misproval, missing items, the physical examination list is confirmed by the candidates and sign confirmation. Candidates have no legitimate reasons to refuse signing or do not sign confirm within the specified time. It is considered to give up the right, and the legacy issues are borne by candidates.

All candidates must be inspected, and the accurate implementation of the reference standard is clear. According to the relevant provisions of the state and the province, all registrations participate in the 2022 college enrollment exam (including the entrance examination students, single candidates, strong base programs, guaranteed, high-level art " Group, high-level sports team, recommended free trial, all kinds of single tricks, provincial publicity targeted to enrollment admissions teacher, secondary vocational skill competition winning free trial, retired military, migrant workers, laid-off unemployment All candidates with five types of social staff such as personnel, new professional farmers, and enterprises in the post must participate in physical examination, and must participate in all project inspections requested by the requirements, and fill in the past history. It is necessary to especially strengthen publicity of special types of candidates such as various single tricks, art, to avoid leaks and wrong inspection. Do not participate in the medical examination or medical examination items are incomplete, affecting the follow-up admission of candidates, and the candidates bear the consequences. Each middle school (registration point) should conscientiously organize candidates to participate in physical examination, to arrange the physical examination time, the event, improve the efficiency of medical examination work, and give more care and help for disabled candidates who participate in medical examination.

It is necessary to guide candidates to fill in (coating) past history (including whether it has been cured, corresponding indicators, etc.) and disability conditions, if there is no previous medical history or disability, the candidates must be filled with "Nothing"; Responsible, after admission to the school, it was found that the intentional concealed situation, and universities have the right to process according to the enrollment. In addition, 2022 high school examination standards According to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, China’s Disabled Persons’ Association "Ordinary Higher Education Accommodation Quality Inspection Work Guidance Opinions", the General Office of the Ministry of Education, the General Office of the Ministry of Health Inspection and cancellation of hepatitis B project testing issues "and" College Student Division "of the Ministry of Education on the specific judgment standards for clear chronic hepatitis patients and abnormal liver function" and other documents must be strictly referred to and accurately. After the medical examination was completed on March 28 next year, the non-acceptance of data modification was clear after April 15th. This year, the province’s college entrance examination considerations were completed before March 28 next year, and the specific time was arranged by the city (state) admissions examination institution. Candidates who have objection to physical examination results may propose a re-inspection application.

The re-examination work is organized by the city (state) admissions examination institutions, and the re-examination work must be completed before April 8. Candidates who still have objection to the results of the retrieval can present an arbitration application, and the candidates shall put forward the arbitration applications for the results of the retrieval results before April 15th, and the provincial education examination institute is responsible for coordinating the hospital. The medical examination conclusion of the objection makes final rulings.

On April 15th, the city (state) enrollment examination institutions should summarize the medical examination information of all candidates of the county (city, district). After reporting the "college entrance examination information management system", the medical examination data is reported, it is no longer subject to the city (state) ) Submit an application for the modification of the medical examination data.

In two ways of medical examination information collection: electronic collection and import mode is entry into the acquisition method.

Electronic collection introduction method is directly passed through electronic equipment in the medical examination process. The medical examination data must be backed up every day. The medical examination completed the completion of the county (city, district) admissions examination institutions to format the medical requirements in accordance with the system requirements Unified import system, and pay the data disc of the daily backed up of our college college admissions office; the paper entry collection method shall be confirmed by the county (city, district) enrollment examination institutions to confirm the physical examination of the physician examination hospital or corresponding medical unit In summary, the arrangement personnel entered the medical examination information of the candidate through the system. Municipal (state) enrollment examination institutions can determine what kind of way they are in the county (city, district). In the county (city, district) enrollment examination institutions that use paper entry collection methods to strengthen information entry and nuclear work, establish a special person to enter, special personnel check mechanism, and ensure that the medical examination information is accurate.

The medical examination of the military college, the direct service inspection, the public security institutional energy test is notified by the relevant functional management unit.

China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch fully guaranteed new core system successfully

China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch fully guaranteed new core system successfully

  Since the new core system is on the line deployment, the China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch (hereinafter referred to as farmed Xingtai Branch) has taken measures, and goes all out to win the new core system to attack the battle.

  First, learning education is in place. The agricultural issue Xingtai Branch established a new core system to go online leading group, and convened a party committee, a special meeting, and a specific research deployment system online preparation, carefully organized a learning program, and interpreted his duties in detail, and went deep into the first line. In order to ensure the unity of online ideas, the step is consistent, the branch organizes the new core system to over-line management training class, once again explained the focus of relevant work; "a hand" in the jurisdiction, "military order", ensuring that the new core system is on the line "Qi stepped ".

  Second, investigate research in place.

The relevant person in charge of the branch divided the county and city branch to conduct on-site supervision, carry out special investigation, real-time information, lock the key node, solve key problems, and promote the establishment of various work to speed up the land; business backward Counseling, meticulous inquiries, detailed inspection, carefully verify the data cleaning, by finding key issues, tap the root cause of the problem, and clear the online barrier. The third is that the question is in place.

Under the strong effort, the power is concentrated, and the key matters such as accounts, subjects, vouchers, and important items are carried out multiple verified, organize all the rows to completely remove problem data, and ensure that they do not leave the dead corner; set up a city branch to help the preparatory team, do Good preparation, ensure emergency response, effective should be, direct help; start from reverse thinking, research may have problems, list key lists, formulate a detailed plan, involving 16 emergencies, more than 20 emergency measures, practical Guaranteed the success of the new system. (Liang Nan Nan Zhao Jinliang).

Beijing’s joint cadres, six counties, joint, poverty alleviation, homes, homes

Beijing’s joint cadres, six counties, joint, poverty alleviation, homes, homes

Before the start of the start, the Shiyan City Development and Reform Commission, the Communist Youth League Shiyan Municipal Party Committee, Zhangwan District Government, Jingneng Power (Shiyan) Company, etc., surrounded by consumer poverty alleviation, a license ceremony.

Under the active planning and promotion of Beijing, the Municipal Party Committee and Zhangwan District Government signed Shiyan Youth Consumer Poverty Alleviation Practice Base Construction Agreement, and explored the existing physical space and sales platform of the Double Creative Center in Shiyan City Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industry. Relying, in the amateur period, the city’s volunteers are organized to organize the practice activities of consumer poverty alleviation, fully launching the social forces of young people to care for the support of poverty alleviation, and explore the normalization of local poverty alleviation agricultural and sideline products, low cost live broadcast sales.

Next weekend, youth normalized poverty alleviation will appear in Shiyan.

At the establishment ceremony of the construction of the first district of Shiyan County, the Shiyan City Development and Reform Commission is a branch center for the Shuangjian Center, the Shuangwan City, the first district of Shiyan City, the first district and county consumption poverty alleviation center. After the establishment of the center, it will specify the consumer poverty alleviation industry in Zhangwan District.

The Double Creation Center of Shiyan City Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industry As a planning, poverty alleviation enterprises that Beijing went to Shiyan, the poverty reduction company, built a trial operation in June 2019, has built a consumer poverty alleviation display center and incubation and cultivation center.

As of May this year, there have been more than 60 poverty alleviation products of 10,000 poverty alleviation companies in the local area, and the central line platform has introduced more than 10 million yuan to Beijing consumer poverty alleviation, and directly or indirectly drive Zhangwan District. Nearly 10,000 poor people in the county of Shiyan District.

At the end of April, the center was selected for the Shiyan City employee love consumption platform, and sold more than 20 million yuan in local poverty alleviation products, which strongly supported the completion of the local small and medium-sized poverty alleviation enterprises. Beijing state-owned enterprises actively purchase Shiyan poverty alleviation products.

A total of 765,742 grassroots party organizations in Hangzhou 43831

A total of 765,742 grassroots party organizations in Hangzhou 43831

Original title: Hangzhou, a total of 76,574 group of 43831 Central Organizations, the latest party statistics show that the total number of party members of the Communist Party of China is 10, as of June 5, 2021, the total number of party grassroots organizations. After a hundred years of wind and rain, the Communist Party of China from small to large, from weak to strong, from the establishment of more than 50 party members, developed into more than 95 million party members today, the big ruling party in the big country of more than 1.4 billion people. What is the number of party members in Hangzhou? The answer is coming – As of June 5, 2021, there were 76,5742 party members in the city (including a total of 28,5200 female party members), and 43,831 grassroots party organizations.

  From the age structure of the party members, 233,810 in 35 years old, account for 152,318, accounting for 1,72,318, accounting for%; 46 to 60 years old, accounting for%; 61 years old and above 208743, accounting %.

  In the grassroots party organization, the parties of the organs, accounting for%; the party organization of the institutions, accounting for%; the corporate party organization is 15755, accounting for%; the social organization party organization 1777, accounting for all Party organizations such as village, community 15411, accounting for%.

  Centennial Party, Fenghua Zhengmao! From the establishment of the CPC Hangzhou Group in 1922, it was more than 760,000 this year. When the party members of Hangzhou did not stay, only to come to the eve of the eve, and they will vent it. Standing on the historical node of the "two hundred years" contest, the city’s grassroots party organizations and the majority of party members and cadres are learning the spiritual nutrients of party history education, consciously, began to work, began to do, in practice, walk in the forefront, Coupled with the posture of the tide, a new step, set the new journey, to create a "数 州 居 天 天", strive to be the urban example contribution for Zhejiang high-quality development construction.

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Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a high-quality development mobilization meeting for promoting urban center

Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a high-quality development mobilization meeting for promoting urban center

  Original title: Cai Qi’s high-quality development mobilization will, in the promotion meeting of Beijing City, high-quality development mobilization will, emphasize the establishment of innovation and leading to create "two demonstration zones" continuously creating a city deputy center high-quality development new situation Chen Jining hosted Wei Xiaodong Zhang Yancun attended yesterday afternoon, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held Promoting the mobilization meeting of high quality development in Beijing urban center.

Cai Qi, secretary of the municipal party committee, planned construction of urban center, is a major decision-making deployment made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. To deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping to Beijing’s important speech and build a series of important instructions for the construction of urban center, continue to deepen the understanding of urban center, further improve the station, enhance the sense of responsibility, and insist on innovation lead, " Wuzi "linkage, create" two demonstration zones ", build a green city, forest city, tough city, sponge city, smart city, humanities city, livable city, strive to create" urban center quality ", and continue to create high city Quality development new situation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor Chen Jining, Municipal Party Secretary Wei Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the deputy director of the Beijing-Tianjin Joint Association Development Leading Group Office attended.

  Cai Qi’s representative of the Municipal Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to participate in the central ministries and ministries of the development of the city’s deputy center of the city, express condolences in the Beijing-Beijing unit and the city and Tongzhou District of Tongzhou District and respect. He pointed out that more than five years, the city has deepened the central deployment requirements, burying her head, struggling, urban center bearing capacity, attractiveness and influence continued to increase, and laid a solid foundation for future development. In the new stage of development, we must understand the city center from a bigger perspective, and implement the new development of the New Development Strategy, Service and Integration into the New Development Strategy, Service and Integration of the New Development of the Capital Development. The connotation and extension of high quality development in the center.

Be deeply recognized that the important positioning of the urban center is to undertake Beijing’s non-Capital functional discovery, improve the service security capacity of the capital function, and realize the deputy auxiliary, the main deputy resolution; we must deeply recognize the construction of the city It is not quickly formed a new city, simply a new city movement, but to create a different harmonious and livable city, giving a form rate in the development of high quality construction in urban high quality; we must deeply recognize that the city’s deputy center has both new city The construction task, there is also the requirements of the old city double repair, and the people’s livelihood is the responsibility of it. It must give the people to bring the real feeling; we must deeply recognize that the range of urban center is 155 square kilometers, plus expansion The area is 906 square kilometers, with the city to bring the country, promote urban and rural integration development is an important task; we must deeply recognize that the city center is the bridgehead of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, which will drive the integrated development of Hebei Province. The important strategic fulcrum of development; we must deeply recognize that the deputy center of the construction of the city is more than just about Tongzhou District, but the historical responsibility of the city, the city’s grade should be a major event, various resources, elements, prefer to give the city Departure in the center. The various work of the urban center must implement the fundamental requirements of high quality development, walk in the forefront of the city, and strive to become a new highland of the capital. Cai Qi emphasized that we must always adhere to the core status of innovation, focus on the development of the dominant function, promote the high-quality development of urban center in the "five son" linkage.

It is necessary to focus on new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, etc., implement a group of national major scientific and technological projects and application demonstration projects. The initiative to carry out the supply and demand docking of scientific and technological achievements in the "Sancheng One Area", and promote more scientific and technological achievements to translate in the urban center.

Close to the international advanced rules, promote high-level trade, convenient investment, etc. Empress digital industrialization and industry digital trends, focus on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, big data, etc. Construction.

Adhere to a node in one year, keep the investment intensity of more than 100 billion months, fully kick off the sub-city framework. Implement a rural revitalization strategy, high-level construction of beautiful villages.

Grab the world theme park and the Grand Canal culture with two major resources, create a cultural tourism business integration development demonstration zone, and vigorously develop a new model of consumption.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that it is necessary to firmly grasp the green development of this city’s deputy center, accelerate the construction of national green development demonstration zones.

Created in national forest cities, national ecological garden cities as a starting point, continuously improve the city green space pattern of "one heart, one ring, two zones, two districts", continuous improvement of air quality, expand green ecological space. Implementing carbon-backed carbon and special actions, constructing a green low-carbon integrated energy system, vigorously promoting green buildings, build a green low-carbon transport system, advocating green low-carbon lifestyle, and promoting the "double carbon" work in the city’s deputy center. . Focus on cultivating green development new movement, first try first in the green financial system construction, standard development, policy service, etc., encourage green technological innovation, support enterprise green transformation, and build nearly zero carbon emission demonstration area. Cai Qi emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the "Niu Nose" of the Non-Capital Function, and focus on building high quality development demonstration zones and the North Third County

Undertake the functional discovery of the central urban area, and promote the landing of quality resources in accordance with the development of the city center.

It is realized with the integrated development work coordination mechanism of the North Third County, continuously promoting regional transportation integration, strengthening regional environmental pollution linkage, controlling the project promotion and negotiation, and coordinating resource sharing of pension, medical, education and other resources. The urban center must play a leading and important support in the construction of the modern capital city circle, and the realization is achieved with point belt circles and coordinates.

  Cai Qi demanded that the city firmly established "a plate of chess" ideas, each responsible, synergistic, and condensed the powerful synerg of high quality development of urban center.

The city deputy center construction leading group strengthened the overall situation, the city deputy center party work committee management committee fulfilled, and the municipal departments greeted the mission floor. Further expand the municipal empowerment scope to the sub-center of the city, clearly clear the list of new rounds.

Party members and cadres of the city’s secondary center should continue to improve political capacity, learning ability, implementation capacity and service capabilities, and adapt to high quality development requirements of urban center.

  Cong Liang speaking, the high-quality development of Beijing urban center is important for the orderly discovery of Beijing’s non-Capital function, improve the comprehensive strength of urban center, and in depth, the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation is of great significance. Beijing City Deputy Center should give full play to the proposal, continuously inspire the reform and innovation, and take the green and low-carbon development path, and work hard with high quality development in the surrounding area, and continue to achieve new and greater construction results.

  The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the executive deputy mayor Cui Yan strongly promoted the implementation plan of high quality development in Beijing City. The leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government attended that the members of the city’s deputy center construction leading group, the relevant departments of the city, the secretary of the district committees, the district committee, and the district leader, etc. participated in the main venue. The conference opened to the video form to the city deputy center party work committee management committee’s negotiable management unit, Tongzhou District related units and street township departmental cadres. (Reporter Liu Feifei Wu Di).

Bank of Communications Qinghai Province Branch smells "epidemic" to help win epidemic prevention and control

Bank of Communications Qinghai Province Branch smells "epidemic" to help win epidemic prevention and control

The first time is scientifically launched a nucleic acid detection.

Branch Emergency Disposal Team in time on the 28th, the third-party testing agency shall conduct accounting inspection on the first floor of the office building. In order to improve the collection efficiency, some of the staff wear protective clothing, wear protective items such as masks, masks, gloves, and obligated to act as a "association person" of medical personnel, lathe for three hours, and the entire employee nuclear inspection rate is 100%. Active "epidemic" go to the social responsibility branch, all units actively respond to branches and government sector epidemic prevention work arrangements, build outstanding control of the epidemic situation, and the strong line of defense. Each business network actively carried out the sales of outlets, all kinds of temperature test code, employee health day reporting system, and timely providing customers with masks, washing overs., and strive to build a safe and secure business environment. The Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Communications, Xining City, East Branch, took part of branch linkage, online audit, etc. The Bank of Communications Xining City West Dark, actively assisted that the disease-controlled staff set up a temporary test point at the entrance of the outlet, providing a lounge, toilet, and sending hot water, lunch, heating equipment, and the epidemic prevention staff, and the epidemic prevention staff completed nucleic acid detection. Task.

China @ 四 川 | A postman is separated from this kind of heart

China @ 四 川 | A postman is separated from this kind of heart

  Xinhua News Agency, June 1, June 1: A postman is so moving the world, the Xinhua News Agency, Wu Guang is on June 1st, China Post "Marbang Post" loyal letter makes Wang Shunyou to the dust, buried in the hillside of hometown. superior.

In the past few days, his death has triggered a wide concern, and people have left a message on the Internet and express the feelings of remembering. A postman is separated, why do you touch this? He is not asked, not good words, and even some wooden. He didn’t have a great achievement of the history of the history, and he can’t talk about the words of tongue lotus. Because of ordinary, people can see their shadow in him – a passerby in the sea, a dripping a small water droplet in the sea. And he is not ordinary – a person, a horse, and stick to 32 years. He has lost 5,000 meters in his life. Half time, half of the year is overwhelming, and there are no number of 1000 meters above sea level, and the hottest temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius.

He encountered the mudslide and has also experienced the danger of sudden break. In order to pick up the postal bag in the river in cautious, he can jump into the river water in desperate.

I was kicked by the horse, but also biting his teeth and sent the email to the folks. … Wang Shunyou uses his short life to explain how people should live – the belief, never give up.

He once said that every time you come, you can make your folks in remote mountains for a long time.

He is not only the postman of "Marbang Post", but also the messengers of the party and the country.

  He has a 20,000-kilometer postal route from his feet, which is a journey of a farmer’s teenage to the civilian hero sublimation. The footprints all the way is a party member who is not counting, willing to be lonely, be brave and dedication, and do everything.不 不, gold stone can be. People miss Wang Shunyou, because he will make ordinary little things to the extreme, 32 years of hard-sweat, and there is a gorgeous Soma flower in the depths of the soul. Everyone has a "Marbang Post", and the process of struggle is destined to not be smooth. Looking back at the History of the 100th Years, the Communists have been hard, ride the wind and waves, lead the people from the country to stand up, and stronger.

Today, we don’t have to throw your head, sprinkle blood, but you can take root in the ordinary position like Wang Shunyou, stick to the initial heart, and work hard. Although "Marbang Post" has become history, Wang Shunyou has left, but the spirit of "Marbang Post" will remain forever. Qingshan testified, more struggle will inherit the spiritual wealth of the mortal hero. (over).

Centennial struggle is clean (thought horror)

Centennial struggle is clean (thought horror)

Centennial Struggle, Ji Jin (Thought) Cao Ping 2021 February 09 08:40 Source: This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. From the establishment of the party’s opening, to the development of the new China, to the earth-shaking place to reform and open, the party and the national undertakings have achieved historical achievements since the 18th National Congress of the party, and historical changes have, and our party has always adheres to the Chinese people. The initiative and mission of the Chinese nation.

Expand a hundred years of magnificent paintings, making unremitting struggles for the people in a bright color; look forward to the hard work, the wind and rain, the thorns, and the junior calendar. From a party that only dozens of people has a world’s largest party with more than 91 million party members, we have come all the way, our party has encountered countless difficulties, the wind and the wind, but can always unite the hundreds of millions of people to live and die, the wind and rain are in the same boat, from the danger Four, advance in frustration. In order to change the situation of the people, the Chinese Communists went to success, and the blood was fighting; Ok, the Chinese Communists open up, and innovate.

Do not make private pools, do not count, I am. The Chinese Communists have the realm of the night in the night, the public, and dare to fight, be good at fighting the courage, defeating all difficulties and risks, because of the deep root of the people, everything for the people.

  With your heart, you will be self-printed.

Jinggangshan’s red rice, nourishes the fire of the revolution; the people’s cart, launched the victory of Huaihai Battle; the handprint of Xiaogang Village, witness the hardships of the party and the people; Shenzhen from small fishing villages became an international metropolis, is the people Dry, the first to control new crown pneumonia epidemic, and take the lead in recovering production, take the lead in achieving economic growth, relying on a strong people’s defense … "The Communist Party did not use what magic, they only know the change of the people, and they Support these changes. " For a long time, many people explore the success of the Communist Party of China, the conclusion of American reporters Bai Xunde and Jia Anna have drawn in 1946, which can still give people a profound revelation today.

  In the past 100 years, our party has never stopped for the footsteps of the people’s better life. From "The people’s growing material culture needs" to "the people grow a better life need", with economic and social development, our party science analyzes people’s appeals, focusing on people’s comprehensive development, social progress, and make a better meeting better The struggle for the need.

Our party is going to work together, strive to transform the development achievement to the people’s acquisition, happiness, safe sense, and translate into the people to see the benefits of the people.

  The initial heart will not naturally prepare, the advanced nature and purity of the Marxist party will not be naturally maintained over time. How to ensure that the initial heart is never fading, is so weak? Our party has introduced and develop Marxist theory, adhere to the ideology, theoretical strong party, and continuously promote the self-revolution, and continuously inject the connotation of the era of the era, we provide rich nutrients. From the revolutionary period, Yan’an, the "unforgettable, retention, remember mission" theme education, the initiality of the majority of party members got a tempering in a secondary education, and incentive in the history. Our party adheres to the comprehensiveness of the party and hinders the party’s roots, hinders the party’s cause, and resolves all the revolutionary spirit, resolutely removes the advancement of all weakened party, and damages the party’s purity factors, resolute Cut all of all the toxicoma in the body of the party. In self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement, our party is more conscious and more firm to the initiative of the mission.

  The mind is a thousand autumn, it is precisely a hundred years.

Entering the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, open a new journey of building socialist modernization, the mission, the task is arduous.

The more it is in a critical period, the more you have to make the party’s leadership more strong and powerful. The more you want to wake yourself with a strong sense of worries, spur yourself, and the more tried the struggle of hardships.

The 100-year-old party that is always the initial heart, united the 14 billion people will will create new glories in the new journey.

China Huadian Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao red education base

China Huadian Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao red education base

Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao, Shandong, birthplace of electricity, from 1903 lamp factory in Qingdao body, in 1935 the first 15MW units put into operation, and now as the heating area exceeded 30 million square meters of large-scale combined heat and power businesses, through war baptism of fire, after the market test of the wave, with hundreds of carrier pioneering innovation, paved the power companies guardian of the bright road of development.

This is a record of the history of the old era of humiliation, undone, scroll shadow of New China and power industry development. In the span of colonial rule, Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war, the new Chinese construction, reform and opening time, the green electricity generation to generation people with loyalty and dedication of the cast and forge ahead the road business. The party’s development and growth, in the era before the line Zhiyuan. Genetic heritage red, green electricity in the way of exploration over the thorns and challenges, always full of strength to forge ahead, nourish the vitality of this piece of land of the red, root, evergreen. Base exhibit is divided into three sections: one eventful years. The main content is in Qingdao has become a German colony, was occupied by Japan after World War I, Unfortunate years by the Northern Government’s management, the management of Qingdao plant a few changes of hands, by understanding the liberation of Qingdao plant can bear in mind the history of the war years the ups and downs. Second, the red gene.

The main content is on the eve of the liberation of the Quartet powerhouse secret underground party development under the direct leadership of the Qingdao Municipal pro-democracy group, to carry out the red welcome the liberation of the story of the victory of "protection of plant movement", is the development and review of Qingdao local party organizations play an important historical role .

Third, boosting era.

After the founding of New China to the 1990s, the Qingdao Power Plant uphold the party’s leadership, establish a new system, repair old, from during the "First Five" to introduce Czech crew join the new Chinese large industrial development, uphold the "people together, remove the mountain." " industry learn from Daqing "and other traditional red, vigorously pursued technological innovation, expanded several times until 1970, became the country’s second biggest business stories of the power plant in Shandong province, is to understand the new China lively classroom power development. Base construction in line with the "seven have" criteria: First, the development process of the Qingdao Power Plant, through the baptism of fire of war, has experienced undone tests, witnessed the new China’s power industry from small to large and from weak to strong development Road, thermal power industry, "Big Brother", is also an important livelihood pillar of Qingdao, in the course of its development to fully review remember history, has a strong sense of patriotism education. The second is the perfect base management, company-owned Huadian Qingdao practices in place by the most senior management certification CEC, red base management systems, safety equipment and base facilities maintenance. Third, Huadian Qingdao is located in Qingdao city, one of the few cities in the domestic power plants, high-speed rail station 15 minutes’ drive away, convenient transportation, accommodation and other conditions base located in the corporate offices, convenient transportation, independent venues open, and with can accommodate nearly 300 people in the conference room, 5-minute drive from the base, Qingdao City History Museum, can be arranged to visit Qingdao, a comprehensive understanding of local history. Fourth, both historical documentary base, but also the story of the projector and screen looping video story red, while a reading exchange area, you can get full three-dimensional red education. Fifth, a comprehensive base for the exhibit pictures, objects, sand table, video and other forms of picture has a very high historical value, multiple images to be adopted in various exhibitions in Qingdao City, "protect the factory movement" red story, touching stories underground party members deep. Sixth, part-time team to explain the depth of the base of the exhibition understanding, can adjust the content according to visitors to explain the actual situation, to ensure that every visitor can access to knowledge and education by visiting.

Seven is the base for many times to undertake public open day, members of the public to visit the community, pupils and students patriotic education and other activities, the annual reception of more than 2,000 people.

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