Charming Red Temple Beautiful Immigration Area

Charming Red Temple Beautiful Immigration Area

Classic story Haina Baichuan, has a big. As the largest ecological immigrants in the country, it is a wide vast immigrants in Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, which has accepted the 3,230,000 immigrants in the Wudang District and Ba County of Ningnan.

Open an inclusive, let the Red Temple District gathered the essence of the northwestern culture and building a colorful immigration culture.

Here, you can hear the melodious West Sea mud wow, you can also watch the unrestrained northern Shaanxi Yangge, festive Ningnan fire and the symposiliar crockery, everything is so original.

A tour of the red temple area, can make you across the millennium, gods in the gods, and fully appreciate the beauty of the grassland civilization and the collision of farming civilization. New day, new day, new day.

In more than 20 years of immigration development, the Red Temple District created the miracle of deserted oasis, and currently created "National Easy to relocate immigrants to improve the demonstration zone" and develop into the fast lane. This ancient land, glow vigorously.

Here, you can enjoy the National Aerospace Model Championship, you can and "ride", you can come down a mountain bike race in Luoshan, you can also drink a snowflake lamb, drink a grape wine, let the original ecological specialty specialty of the Red Tonburg area , 犒犒 胃胃. The Red Tonburg District is once a nomadic gallop, has always had a hospitality of hospitality.

Entering the new era, she once again opened a wide arm, sent a warm invitation to the distance: Come to the Red Temple area, marry your poem and distant.

"Reading" Immigration Cultural Red Temple District, built by water, due to water.

Although it is less than 50 kilometers from the line of the Yellow River, how is it high at sea? It can’t attract the Yellow River water to irrigate, so that the Red Temple of the central arid belt is a desert. At the end of the last century, Hongji Fort Water Engineering has started construction, 499 meters in the four levels, flows from high levels, and the development of water is nearly 800,000 mu, accumulating 230,000 immigrants in the five provinces and Ningnan Province, and built the country. Easy Ecological Immigration Relocation Concentrated Resettlement Area.

have gratitude. The Hongski people built Ningxia Immigration Museum in the city, with a total construction area of ??nearly 10,000 square meters, showing the world’s intention of the immigration history and immigration culture in Ningxia, which focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of helping the poor and riva.

Here, you can also see the real four-level Yangshui model, an eye on "New Times Red Flag Canal", while wealthy graphic, video and physical, so that the passion burning years is flying in front of it.

If you still don’t have time, you can visit the history and reality here, "Read" Red Tonburg.

In the immigrant site protected from the foot of Luoshan, one side of the male kiln reserved intact, the kiln is not a knee, the kiln is still a broken cone, and the wall is confused with a row of flood newspapers. See the date. A long time.

Turn a circle to find that the hospital wall, sheep and other buildings are complete, but only faded dust, people go to the house for a long time.

In fact, the Aboriginal people have not moved, and recent immigrant new villages from a few kilometers. Hongde Village, Hongsibao Town is a "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Ecological Immigration Village.

In the small courtyard of the villager Liu Ke, driving a wooden teahouse, business operations have been booming, and the tea will end. They all said that the teahouse is spacious and clean, and the eight treasures is sweet and delicious. It is a good place to drink tea chat. Local specialties such as 枸杞, beef, yellow-floral vegetables are also displayed on the shelves of the teahouse. Recently, Liu Kerui has also completed the transformation of water rush toilets and prepared for the next operation of the farmhouse project. Before the immigration relocation, it is like a freshman, and the change is great. All of this is from the Red Hosbao District that attracted the source of life.

If you want to chase the source, you can go back to the Hongji District Immigration Development Road, go to the Huanghe Pump Station, Red One Pump Station, Red Three Pump Station, "1236" Project Command, and witness the Huang River water along the way. How to introduce how to introduce The farmland of the farmland of Baili. All the way, from history to reality, witnessing an immigration area.

The development of the northwestern red temple area on the tip of the tongue is only more than 20 years. The cultivation time is very short, the land is very clean, plus the sunshine, the temperature difference is large, far from the industry, is a "national food safety base". The farm products produced here are the essence of nature, green and pollution, don’t have a taste. As the "China Wine First Town", the Huangsibao area was pouring 10,000 mu of vineyards under the Yellow River Water, next to Tens of winery, Luoshan Winery, etc., the products won the world in Brussels The Wine Competition is a big gold medal, the award has the reputation of the "Oscar", and the industry recognition is extremely high. A bottle of hundreds of milliliter bottled wine, sealed the magnificent and Roshan of the Yellow River.

Open a cup of age, taste is not only a beautiful wine, but there is more ambiguity here.

Enter the summer, the Big River Township Bairuiyuan is "shaped green": red is fruit, green is branches.

Standing around the hill view, 2800 acres of roots have a green.

Walking into the fruit, red agate is very good looking at the green leaves.

Pick a fresh chewf food, sweet and juicy, full of whole mouth. Dry fruit is a good job of brewing, cooking, has a health efficacy of peace of mind, kidney, kidney, and promoting blood circulation.

In addition, a series of concentrated deep processing products such as mask, concentrated juice, also enriched the product form of 枸杞. In this hot season, the field of the sun mountain town is golden, that is a ripe color of the flower. As the "China’s Selenium-enriched Huanghua Star Production Area", the yellow-flower colorful color, meat is thick, protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium content is higher than other production areas, eat delicious and nutritious, is mixed, soup Optimal dishes. Purple wine, red scorpion fruit, golden yellow-flower, so like a gorgeous food, how can you not be coveted? The Red Tonburg area is also the only place of "marble lamb": lack-cut face, lean fat, like a marble pattern.

A few seconds in the hot pot, eat and tender, and then leave the fragrance after swallowing.

Production of this high-quality meat product, for the national labor model, Kaifang took a decade of work, and now she cooperates with the central enterprises to build millions of beaches sheep smart ecological park projects, driving local beaches sheep farmers, families Farming, farmers cooperatives combined with farming, serving more "marble lamb lamb" on the table. Excellent ingredients, food is more like cloud.

As the immigration development zone, the Red Temple area brings together the large northwest of the featured food: Huang Mi’s stick, hot oil, leeks box … via a pair of cardiac women, cooking color fragrance is full.

Enjoy a gourmet food in the Red Hostel area of ??Haina, you taste the big northwest of the tip of the tongue. Sports Motto is the resort of the National Aerospace Model Competition, and six games have been held.

Luo Mountain Cui Wei, the red temple flight model in the west, the terrain is broad, the terrain is gentle, the vision, the abruptness, the low air flow is stable, becoming a beautiful stage of various spacecrafts such as drone, Triangle, hot air balloon. . Look! Maximum hot air balloons slowly moved in the air, smashed in the day and beautiful airspace, more likebusted, in the east side of the east side, more and more people.

Turning and far, a single-placed immigrant village and traffic network have a good look, it is another firefight. Aerial parade looks, open your heart to the ultimate, and the feelings of the people will feel alive. On August 1 this year, the Hongshuibao District will once again organize Air Culture Tourism Festival, the National Youth Aerospace Model Championships, at that time, the top players in the country are gathered, and a flight feast is held on the Tsi on the West side of Roshan.

Foreign models players to the Red Temple area, the most likely to stay in the local farmhouse, the open courtyard is convenient for disassembly of assembled aircraft, don’t have a style of farm life to attract them.

In Yongxin Village, Liuquan Township, a total of 61 villagers run a leisure travel home.

Into Li Xuelan’s small courtyard, the face is a pavilion, the pavilion is put under the wooden table, and it is a small chair that is transformed into a tire. It is chic.

The owner left the best house to the tourists, the facilities such as neat, sofa, TV, etc. There is a good place outside the small courtyard.

In the first summer, Yongxin Village’s rose garden flowers group, you can enjoy a flower sea, if you are interested, you can make rose tea personally. There are also 10,000 acres of vineyards outside the village. It is far away, the Green Sea is in the heart, and it is refreshing. In the evening, and relatives and friends came to the small courtyard to get down, catering the cold breeze, eating a farmhouse, drinking "Red Indifference" wine, telling each other, I wishing to worry about the trouble.

In the Red Temple District, there are many leisure tourism in this area. Xichuan Village, Xinzhuang Jixiang is a village from the entire village of Longde County. There is a village history museum in the village. It is displayed in the old items such as stone mill and soil, reminding people to do not forget.

On the dinner table, you can eat authentic Longde warm pot: under a piece of meat, embellished with ribs, potato chips, etc. Experience.

… How can the area of ??the tourism in Hongsibao District? What’s more, in the eyes of a thousand tourists, there is a thousand red temple area. So, in this wonderful season, I will meet your red temple area.

(Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

China Huadian Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao red education base

China Huadian Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao red education base

Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao, Shandong, birthplace of electricity, from 1903 lamp factory in Qingdao body, in 1935 the first 15MW units put into operation, and now as the heating area exceeded 30 million square meters of large-scale combined heat and power businesses, through war baptism of fire, after the market test of the wave, with hundreds of carrier pioneering innovation, paved the power companies guardian of the bright road of development.

This is a record of the history of the old era of humiliation, undone, scroll shadow of New China and power industry development. In the span of colonial rule, Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war, the new Chinese construction, reform and opening time, the green electricity generation to generation people with loyalty and dedication of the cast and forge ahead the road business. The party’s development and growth, in the era before the line Zhiyuan. Genetic heritage red, green electricity in the way of exploration over the thorns and challenges, always full of strength to forge ahead, nourish the vitality of this piece of land of the red, root, evergreen. Base exhibit is divided into three sections: one eventful years. The main content is in Qingdao has become a German colony, was occupied by Japan after World War I, Unfortunate years by the Northern Government’s management, the management of Qingdao plant a few changes of hands, by understanding the liberation of Qingdao plant can bear in mind the history of the war years the ups and downs. Second, the red gene.

The main content is on the eve of the liberation of the Quartet powerhouse secret underground party development under the direct leadership of the Qingdao Municipal pro-democracy group, to carry out the red welcome the liberation of the story of the victory of "protection of plant movement", is the development and review of Qingdao local party organizations play an important historical role .

Third, boosting era.

After the founding of New China to the 1990s, the Qingdao Power Plant uphold the party’s leadership, establish a new system, repair old, from during the "First Five" to introduce Czech crew join the new Chinese large industrial development, uphold the "people together, remove the mountain." " industry learn from Daqing "and other traditional red, vigorously pursued technological innovation, expanded several times until 1970, became the country’s second biggest business stories of the power plant in Shandong province, is to understand the new China lively classroom power development. Base construction in line with the "seven have" criteria: First, the development process of the Qingdao Power Plant, through the baptism of fire of war, has experienced undone tests, witnessed the new China’s power industry from small to large and from weak to strong development Road, thermal power industry, "Big Brother", is also an important livelihood pillar of Qingdao, in the course of its development to fully review remember history, has a strong sense of patriotism education. The second is the perfect base management, company-owned Huadian Qingdao practices in place by the most senior management certification CEC, red base management systems, safety equipment and base facilities maintenance. Third, Huadian Qingdao is located in Qingdao city, one of the few cities in the domestic power plants, high-speed rail station 15 minutes’ drive away, convenient transportation, accommodation and other conditions base located in the corporate offices, convenient transportation, independent venues open, and with can accommodate nearly 300 people in the conference room, 5-minute drive from the base, Qingdao City History Museum, can be arranged to visit Qingdao, a comprehensive understanding of local history. Fourth, both historical documentary base, but also the story of the projector and screen looping video story red, while a reading exchange area, you can get full three-dimensional red education. Fifth, a comprehensive base for the exhibit pictures, objects, sand table, video and other forms of picture has a very high historical value, multiple images to be adopted in various exhibitions in Qingdao City, "protect the factory movement" red story, touching stories underground party members deep. Sixth, part-time team to explain the depth of the base of the exhibition understanding, can adjust the content according to visitors to explain the actual situation, to ensure that every visitor can access to knowledge and education by visiting.

Seven is the base for many times to undertake public open day, members of the public to visit the community, pupils and students patriotic education and other activities, the annual reception of more than 2,000 people.

Chengdu flexible employee can pay the housing provident fund

Chengdu flexible employee can pay the housing provident fund

  On July 16, the Chengdu Provident Fund Center held a press conference to announce the "Measures for the Administration of Flexible Employers in Chengdu" to participate in the pilot management of the housing provident fund system. Flexible employees such as full-time staff, new employment, etc., can participate in the deposit of housing provident fund.

  At present, there are nearly 3 million unique employees in Chengdu, which was batch one of the first 4 pilot cities this year. The reporter learned from the meeting that different from the "mandatory" deposit, flexible employees can choose whether to participate in the deposit according to their own needs, the flexible employees with demand can participate in the deposit of the contribution agreement with the provident fund center; In the unit, "must pay on time on time", flexible employment payment, no time, amount, pen, etc. Extract flexible and convenient, as long as it is stored for 12 months of funds, all extractions are handled by line. In order to encourage flexible employees to participate in the housing provident fund system, "Administrative Measures" proposed to give flexible employees additional subsidies in addition to the housing provident fund storage rate stipulated by the State.

The payment of the funds in the payment account is over 1 year, and the% -1% payment subsidies are given each year.

The amount of each deposited person to enjoy the subsidy is no more than 10,000 yuan.

The specific subsidy standard is announced by the provident fund center. The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Provident Fund Center introduced that the maximum loan quota for flexible payment of the provident fund is the same as the unit deposit, the current single of 400,000 yuan, two people and above 700,000 yuan.

The flexible payment of the spouse in the unit deposit system, the amount of the applying for loans is calculated according to the rules, and the total is not more than 700,000 yuan.

(Wang Yu reporter Ray).

China’s residential embassy illegitaid media training article: It is China’s territory, we will not give up

China’s residential embassy illegitaid media training article: It is China’s territory, we will not give up

The Chinese Embassy in France took note of the "World News" on September 15 "View" section published some of the articles of some Members and scholars "" EU should support Taiwan. " The view is biased, and the facts are serious. First, the article questioned China to destroy the policy of "peaceful unity, one country,".

"Peaceful unity, one country, two systems" is the basic policy of China’s government to solve Taiwan problems. "Peaceful Unity" is the goal, "a country, two systems" is a method and means. In 1979, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress issued the "Taiwan compatriots", announced that Taiwan’s return to the motherland and realizes the national unified policies. The mainland will also introduce "31" "26" Hui Tower measures to fully demonstrate goodwill. For decades, the mainland has become the largest source of Taiwan’s trade surplus, and is also the area in Taiwan’s largest export market and Taiwanese investment.

However, the Ministry of Public Progressive Party refused to recognize the "Nine-two Consensus" that reflects a Chinese principle, unilaterally destroying the political foundation of the relationship between cross-strait relations, trying to turn "peaceful unity" to "peace division".

We are willing to strive to strive for peaceful and unified sincerity, because of peaceful way to achieve unity, the most beneficial for both strands and all nations.

But we have never promised to give up the use of force, this is targeted that external forces interference and very few "Taiwan independence" split molecules and their split activities. In fact, trying to change the status quo is the Democratic Government. Accuse the Chinese government to change the existing policies and facts of seriousness. "One Country, two systems" concept is Deng Xiaoping first proposed, earliest to solve the Taiwan problem, first in Hong Kong.

China’s central government in line with the utmost good faith, requires the HKSAR to implement the "one country two systems" principle in accordance with the Basic Law, the implementation of "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy. But 23 years since reunification, "Hong Kong independence" organizations and local militant separatists in support of foreign anti-China forces, under the banner of democracy and freedom, violence against the Basic Law, undermine national sovereignty and unity, trying to split off Hong Kong, I would like to Hong Kong introduced the "color revolutions" to mainland China as a "bridgehead." This is the essence of Hong Kong-related issues.

Some Westerners accused the Hong Kong national security laws would undermine the "one country two systems" and Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, damage the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents.

Chinese Embassy in France has repeatedly issued a statement to introduce the situation, elaborated the principled position. In fact, the Chinese central government to develop national security laws in Hong Kong Hong Kong national security is to fill loopholes in the law.

Hong Kong’s national security law aimed at secession, subversion of state power, the crime of terrorism, foreign or foreign forces colluded with four categories of harm offenses against national security. These are not part of the scope of the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents.

The world will not allow citizens to have the right and freedom to engage in these four acts.

China, as a sovereign state, the power to enact national security laws to cover its territory. Development and implementation of national security laws in Hong Kong, there is no destruction "one country two systems", but in favor of "one country two systems" line stability Zhiyuan. Some people worry that Hong Kong law would harm national security interests of investors.

This fear unnecessarily. Hong Kong’s national security law does not involve the commercial sector investment, it does not affect Hong Kong’s investment environment and the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong. In contrast, the national security laws in Hong Kong, Hong Kong will have a more complete legal system, a more stable social order, and create a more secure business environment for foreign investors. Article referred to "the people of Taiwan exclusion of ‘one country two systems’ is."

In fact, the Chinese government has always hoped accordance with the "one country two systems" principle to solve the Taiwan issue.

This reflects the maximum goodwill to the people of Taiwan.

Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan authorities to incite people against the "one country two systems", whose real purpose is to engage in "Taiwan independence", was kidnapped by the public for personal political gain, to serve American strategic interests to the detriment of the interests of the Chinese nation, ultimately harm the interests of the Taiwan people. Just think, not to "one country two systems", do not want "one country, one system" it? Second, the article accused, "the Communist Party of China claimed to be the representative of China, to develop their own borders, to decide what areas belong to China."

People’s Republic of China is a country under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

UN Resolution 2758 explicitly states: "The representatives of the Government of People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate representative of China in the United Nations Organization." This is the provisions of international law. The European Parliamentarians, academics openly challenged the United Nations resolutions, which do not meet their identity.

Third, the article claimed that "the PLA escalating military operations in neighboring Taiwan," which is groundless accusations. Taiwan is Chinese territory.

China carried out within its own territory, territorial waters, airspace military exercise, the exercise of the sovereign right of countries, no person shall make irresponsible remarks. In fact, when it comes to military escalation, should be accused of an extraterritorial powers, it is the banner of "freedom of navigation" under the banner frequently send ships and planes to the South China Sea provocative trouble, creating tension, a show of force by the large-scale joint military exercises, even openly broke into his country’s territorial waters.

According to statistics, only the first half of this year, the military aircraft extraterritorial powers into the South China Sea over the activities of nearly 3,000 sorties.

If these MEPs want the auspices of international justice scholars, critics condemn this should go extraterritorial powers.

Fourth, the article that "Europe should not take revisionist strategy, to support the status quo.

But because of China’s recent actions seriously undermined the status quo, Europe should adjust the policy on the Taiwan issue. "

This is a hypocritical approach.

As the beginning of this article says, China’s Taiwan policy has never changed. If Europe wants to change its Taiwan policy, do not take China as an excuse. Change the status quo is not the Chinese government, but the DPP authorities. If European countries listened to the recommendations of these scholars of European Parliamentarians change its Taiwan policy, develop official relations with Taiwan, it will seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and undermine its "one China" commitment, will inevitably lead to serious consequences. Fifth, the paper also touted the achievements of the fight against SARS in Taiwan, calling it "the performance of ‘national’ one of the best in the world."

First of all, Taiwan is not a "state" just one China "province."

Secondly, to say the Chinese provinces in the fight against new crown pneumonia outbreak during the performance of Taiwan can not really be regarded as a top student. Take a Taiwan and Fujian Province across the sea to make a comparison. As of September 13, has a population of 23.78 million Taiwan, confirmed 499 cases, 7 deaths per million people infected persons, deaths per million people; has a population of 38.56 million, Fujian Province, confirmed 390 cases, 1 death cases per million people infected persons, deaths per million people. Sixth, as for last, said, "European countries should clearly tell the Chinese, if the Chinese move in the direction of using force to resolve, will face serious risks, especially the European democracies would not bow to its ‘authoritarian’, with its cut political and economic links. "

Not long ago, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Taiwan condemned the acts of the Czech Senate, the European media and politicians this exclaimed, "Chinese foreign ministers of European countries have been threatened."

Well, the article above statements are not bigger threat? We would like to reiterate that the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and unwavering determination. Is China’s territory, we do not give up an inch; not the Chinese territory, we do not have an inch.

Any threat can stop the pace of the Chinese nation to achieve national unity! (Editor: Xu Xiangli, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Convenience! Xi’an Ninth Hospital added "one-stop" nucleic acid test point Xi’an Ninth Hospital Nucleic Acid Detection – Xi’an Ninth Hospital

Convenience! Xi’an Ninth Hospital added "one-stop" nucleic acid test point Xi’an Ninth Hospital Nucleic Acid Detection – Xi’an Ninth Hospital

[Abstract] On the morning of November 12, the new "one-stop" nucleic acid detection point in Xi’an Ninth Hospital was officially put into use, and further met the nucleic acid detection requirements of the public. Xi’an Ninth Hospital "one-stop" nucleic acid detection point is to further implement the work requirements of Xi’an’s epidemic prevention and control, "inspection and inspection," inspection ", which is convenient for the nucleic acid detection needs of the masses.

On the morning of November 12th, the new "one-stop" nucleic acid detection point in Xi’an Ninth Hospital was officially put into use, further meeting the nuclear acid detection requirements of the public. The staff is introducing the citizens’ nucleic acid testing staff to detect the Nucleic Academy of Xi’an, the medical department of Xi’an City, introduced the new "one-stop" nucleic acid detection point is located in the west side of the hospital South gate, adjacent to the South The second ring people traffic intensive road sections, the surrounding communities, many schools, and the amount of nucleic acid detection is large.

The masses who need nucleic acid detection can directly use mobile phone self-help code payment, online query test results, self-service print test report, "one-stop" completion.

With the inspection, save time, avoid the cross-hospitality of the person who can generate nucleic acid detection within the hospital, and maximize the nucleic acid detection needs of the surrounding population.

The staff explained the operation process for the public. According to the process payment, it is understood that the Ninth Hospital of Xi’an has set up a nucleic acid detection window in the outpatient and emergency department. Each sampling point has an indication guidelines, and arranges a special person to conduct pre-test diagnosis. Guide, provide a list of inspections, payment, barcode printing, nucleic acid sampling, etc. Hou Pengfei reminded the general public that after this new "one-stop" nucleic acid detection point, the two nucleic acid detection points in the hospital will continue to serve you. Among them, the emergency nucleic acid detection point provides a 24-hour nucleic acid testing service to the society.

The inspector needs to cooperate with medical staff to do quality temperature testing, health code to identify the mask, maintain 1 meter or more, and reduce personnel gathering, prevent cross-infection, and jointly create a safe, standard sampling environment.

  Huashang.com reporter Yuan Mao.

Centenary Lighthouse "Hand in Hand" Modern Communication: The first sea high-speed broadband network in the Yellow Sea Sea

Centenary Lighthouse "Hand in Hand" Modern Communication: The first sea high-speed broadband network in the Yellow Sea Sea

People’s Network Qingdao November 15th, in early 2021, in Shandong Qingdao, I saw the Sun’s Qiari Rock Island, China Unicom and the Beihai Navigation Center Qingdao Communication Center, the Qingdao Navigation Department has opened 4G base station, Unicom signal exclusive coverage, let The island standing in the 100-year lighthouse has taken into information network era from the world. This marks that the first sea high-speed broadband grid is completed in the Yellow Sea Sea, combined with LTE, microwave, 5G, MEC edge slices and other technologies, islands, Dafu Island, Chaoilian, and thousands of rock islands and other islands to achieve high-speed network series In the end, the network covered by the 70-nautical selection of Qingdao Port, the network covers the high seas, and opened the "last kilometer" of Ocean and Lu. Under the national strategic guidance of the construction of marine strength, online strong country, China Unicom and North Sea Navigation Center Qingdao Communication Center strongly jointly fulfilled its functions such as maritime traffic safety, communication safety, information construction, etc., launched Qingdao Port main channel The network planning and deployment, and signed a construction agreement in May 2020, on the basis of the 5G base station in the upgrade retrogenic island, Dafu Island, and Chaoi Island, proposed a new 4G communication base station for the Qiari Rock Island.

And before this, Qingdao Port Watership Boat Communications is limited to routine communication such as telephone, fax, email, SMS and low speed data. The main channel can only achieve broadband communication coverage of approximately 10 nautical miles, sea information is isolated, and it is difficult to meet the wisdom maritime. And intelligent aviation insurance construction needs.

"From Qingdao to 2004, the communication on the marine channel has been in the short-wave communication era. It is implemented in GMDSS international general technology, mainly used for sea call, safety information broadcasting, and emergency alarms, and satellite communication because of expensive price Normal ships take into account the cost, and there is not much opportunity to use.

"Dong Yutong, director of Qingdao Communication Center, Beihai Navigation Center.

Therefore, although the communication technology on the land is different from the new moon, but there is no progress in maritime communication. "Coastal is the most frequent area of ??water activities, build a good coastal high-speed communication network, can solve a large part of the needs, this is a public welfare service, Unicom as a responsible central enterprise is not allowed, take the initiative to build this marine information infrastructure Task.

"Dong Yutong expressed its fullness to China Unicom. The difficulty of this construction is that China Unicom has determined the construction plan in the process of survey and construction in half a year, and invests nearly 1 million yuan for project construction.

Since the lighthouse on the island has a hundred years of history, in order to protect the "cultural retrieval" facilities, after two upper island surveys, it finally determined the construction plan of the island’s subsidiary buildings as equipment room.

It is not easy to investigate, and even more difficulties are that all installation materials must be transported over the sea. There is no electricity on the island, you must choose solar power supply equipment, 45 30 kg of solar photovoltaic board, 120 35 kg heavy lead-acid batteries, 360 kg heavy switch power supply, several tons of galvanized plate, battery steel groove Wait, all depends on manual handling. In addition to drinking water on the island, the lack of food, life materials also need to carry out the past.

12 construction workers, a total of 18 days before and after, rented multiple fishing boats, driving 7-8 hours to the Triago Island, and then lifted by artificial shoulders, toughly to the island’s top base station.

The network is built, and the tower of the Taska, the paleo of the milky rock, finally worshiped by the family for the first time. The day of waiting is no longer alone! The 100-year channel lighthouse finally hosted with modern communication technology, and since then, a hundred years is no longer isolated from the world.

Unicom’s test was tested at the Qiari Rock Island. The download rate reached around 170MB / s. The upstream rate reached around 40Mb / s. It not only conveniently ended the information on the island, but also for the route of this island square. The vessel provides a mobile communication signal. After the first high-speed broadband road shop in the Huanghai Sea, it will achieve the focus of the market monitoring, the safeguards of emergency rescue and communication ship navigation, and the demand for maritime data return and employee network needs. The sea new ecology of the integration, build a modern navigation system, and help the "all the way" and the construction of marine powers.

(Wen / Luifeng Video / Shandong Unicom) (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

2021 Beijing Net Red Card Nieuwe lijst aangekondigd

2021 Beijing Net Red Card Nieuwe lijst aangekondigd

Wacht even in de enquête.

Als er al lang geen reactie is, vernieuw deze pagina op 6 december 2021 Beijing Net Red Card aanbevolen lijst officieel vrijgegeven. Deze selectieactiviteit wordt gezamenlijk georganiseerd door de Municipal Culture en Tourism Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Comité, Peking Radio en Television, Peking Tourism Industry Association, Peking Performance Industry Association en Beijing Animation Game Sector Association Gezamenlijk gesponsord. Etenselectie van natuurlijke landschappen, Humaniora Landschappen, Culturele Kunst, Blokparken, Nieuwe Consumentenscenario’s, Nachtseconomie, Technologie Innovatie en Digitale Economie, Leesruimte, Hotel en Boutique Homestay, Catering en Innovation Retail 10 Top 10 Land. Een aantal bekende online platforms biedt ook elektronische kaartbegeleiding, verkeersondersteuning en andere servicepakketten. Beijing Bank biedt ook exclusieve kredietondersteuning voor de kaart. Dit jaar heeft de stad in het kader van de algemene kwaliteit van het Wenbao-consumptie "Beijing om het International Consumer Center City-implementatieplan (2021-2025) (2021-2025) ‘, dat de Pototioning of Wen Travel Consumption Top tien voorstelde Speciale actie, in de komende vijf jaar, om een ??zwaar lobbyverbruikproduct te cre?ren en 300 Beijing Net Red Card te starten.

  Na het eerst in 20020, na het eerst in deze stad, leidde de Beijing-cultuur en het Tourismebureau opnieuw het plan om de selectie van netto rode kaarten uit te voeren, en de toegevoegde nacht economische, technologische innovatie en digitale economie, nieuwe consumptie. Scène 3 grote sector.

De selectieactiviteiten werden genomineerd door het totale aantal kragen in het totale aantal collecties, en de collecties werden genomineerd en de indiening werd gefilterd en eindelijk 300 finalisten. Van 15 tot en met 29 oktober, door het publieke stemming, heeft het totale aantal mensen deelgenomen aan de kiezer meer dan 5,68 miljoen, en hij heeft eindelijk 196 en nominaal aanbevolen bestemmingen in Beijing Net Red Card ingetrokken. Overzicht van de lijst van dit jaar, de Chinese Communistische Partij van China Revolutionaire activiteiten (Noord-Dahong-gebouw), "Nieuwe Jeugd" redactionele afdeling (Chen Duxiu), enz. Het is beroemd. Het is ook geselecteerd van de nieuwe lijst van dit jaar. Het Global Theme-resort van Beijing Dit jaar, het open gunstige drama, en Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Centre, de Triadro Traditional Culture Experience Base, Shi Mahe International Style Night Tour, White Tower Light Hotel (Lotus Coffee ), Tiantan Fu Beverage, Mekong Academy, etc. Hij is bekend met nieuwe consumentenlocaties.

De top 10 onderwerpen van de lijst hebben betrekking op alle activiteiten van de bestaande net rode kaart van Beijing. De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de gemeentelijke reisservice, zei dat de volgende stap wordt bevorderd door de algemene planning, breidt de invloed van Beijing Net Red Card voortdurend uit en blijft u een nieuw merk van mode-consumptie opbouwen. Tegelijkertijd zal het spelen aan de zelfdiscipline van de industrie. Een nieuwe gids voor vrijetijdsverbruik. Deskundige interview Zie mensen, zie het leven, zie het leven, "Net Red" kan "Long Red" veranderen – China People’s University Creatieve Industrial Technology Research Institute, Song Yang Yang, Song Yangyang, "Net Red Card", eerst om "rood" te wissen Niet alleen verwijst naar het marketingconcept "Internet", maar ook de multidimensionale integratie van "Life Network", "Scene Net" en "Menselijk Network", is in staat om persoonlijkheden te benadrukken, de consumptiescenario’s van dezelfde bronemoties op te roepen, met Social Eigenschappen, functie-eigenschappen, culturele eigenschappen en andere meerdere eigenschappen. Omdat de multi-bits attributen van "Net Red Card" ook anders maken dan de consumentencirkellaag om te ervaren.

Voor netwerkrood kaarten met sterke sociale kenmerken zijn hun aandeleneigenschappen groter dan functionele eigenschappen, de consumenten komen naar de kaart, nemen foto’s, ervaren meer hoogtepunt sociale betekenis; voor functionaliteit, sterke netwerk rode kaart, functie match, productkwaliteit en service woord van mond Het is de meest waardevolle consument, zoals de functie van onderzoek, ouder-kind, recreatieve vakantie, wandelen; netwerk rode kaart met sterke culturele attributen, de kernattractie is het gevoel van culturele kernel en identiteit, evenals moderne scènes en de Middelen worden uitgedrukt en zij trekken een aantal culturele achtervolging aan en besteden aandacht aan de menigte van culturele uitdrukking. Hoe "Net Red" te promoten om "rood" te worden, moet de eerste "ervaren" hebben, wat de consument is om een ??duidelijk cultureel toerisme te hebben. Krijg gevoelens uit de inhoud, het product, de ruimte en verschillende dimensies van diensten. In inhoud en product moeten we bijvoorbeeld culturele elementen hebben, een verhaal- en waarde-identiteit hebben; in de ruimte, er moeten ruimte-esthetiek of -sfeer zijn; in gebruik, er moeten gestandaardiseerde of gepersonaliseerde diensten zijn. Kortom, het is om mensen te zien, dingen te zien, het leven te zien, niet alleen een concept of marketing. Ten tweede moet er uniek en origineel zijn.

Uniciteit moet een diepe opgraving en ervaring hebben met culturele hulpbronnen in het temperament van Peking, exclusieve charme; originaliteit moet voldoen aan de nieuwe en zoektisme van de consument, zeer aangepaste, hoog aangepaste consumptievoorkeuren, kan niet monologig zijn. Beijing Net Red Card List is een overheid begeleide, nationale participatie, is geen pure marktori?ntatie, kapitaalgerichtheid of gegevensori?ntatie.

Daarom is de focus van evaluatie en aandacht niet alleen in marktfeedback, maar betaalt ook meer aandacht aan culturele connotatie en expressie, vooral de opgraving en promotie van Beijing in plaatscultuur.

  ■ 2021 Beijing Net Rode Kaart Aanbevolen Lijst (100) Natuurlijke Landschap (11) Beijing Bairui Valley Scenic Area Beijing Wenyu River Park Beijing Yanqi Lake Park Peking Botanical Garden (Cherry Sloot) Baqi Cave Scenic Area Green Wonder Scenery Area Prachtige Toneelgebied Longquan Town Longquan Wan Shadi Huahai Yufu Mountain Scenic Area Mountain Mensity Landschap (19) "Nieuwe jeugd" redactionele Ministerie van Oude Site (Chen Duxiu Old House) Okinnik Family Farm China Communistische Partij Beijing Revolutionaire Activiteiten Memorial Hall (Peking University Red Building) Beijing Guo Shoujing Memorial Hall Beijing Global Resort Beijing Aquarium Beijing Deer World Theme Park Peking Shijingshan Amusement Park (Flying World Flying Yue China Pavilion, Cinderella Castle, Ferris Wheel) Beijing World Park (Hyatt Hotel, Longqingfu, Tangquan Hotel, Wanhua Square, Yongning Pavilion, China Pavilion, Pavilion) Beijing Wildlife Park Wit Water Yunjing Tenjin Uitgebreide Body City Green Heart Forest Park Phoenix Centre Gongshan Village Phoenic Area Huanghua City Water Great Mall Jingshan Park Jingxi Wuli 坨 Folk Exhibition Hall kwam Thismate Rain Xuan Tea Nabo Bay Moon Culture Art (13) Beijing Cuisine Honderd Goud Sieraden Museum Beijing Lake Guanghu Beijing Luohong Photography Art Museum Beijing Cultureel Truck Museum Beijing Shijingshan District Cultureel Centrum Beijing Tianzhu Huanghuo Kunstmuseum en Ping Fruit Gunstige Grand Theatre Voordeur Drie Miles Rivier (Pigment Hall) SHUNYI District Cultureel Centrum Tiantongyuan Cultuur en Kunstcentrum China Film Museum Intermediate Art District Street District Class (7) 798 Art District Beibei Machine AI Industry Culture Technology Industrial Park Peking Cool Town Erqi Factory 1897 Kuangcheng Nanyang Xiangxia Baomen Street (Peking Gift Shop, Forbidden Paleis Houten Houten Store, Front Gate Bronze Pavilion, Hemelse straat Ice Bing) Petrochemical Court Nieuwe consumentenlandschap (4) AI Lehui Art Space · Time and Space Theatre Ruien Town (Rayentown) Eerste Chuang Langyuan Station Station Trant Traditionele culturele ervaring Basis Night Economic (10) Beijing Happy Valley (Dream Light Night " Fantasie Oosterse Wan Duizend Sterren Expo Show) Beijing World Park (Wuzhou World Night – 10 Big Topics Light Yamuo) Beijing World Flower Grand View Garden (Yuan Dream · Night Tour Experience) Dongmong Tongzhou Film Creative Industrial Park Gu Beishui Town (Great Wall Music Water Dance Show, Great Wall Night Tour Sima Tai Great Wall, Drone Kong Kong Ming Down, Cloud Cafe) Liangma River International Style Night Tour Legend Legend Bar Nangong Tourist Touric Area (Nangong Culture City) Yang Son Algemeen Cultureel Centrum + Star Chao Cementing Area Central Television Tower Scenic Area (Opening Sightside, Rotating Restaurant) Technologie Innovatie en Digitale Economische (6) Beidou Satelliet Navigatie App Museum Beijing Archief Beijing Xicheng District Financial Street Shuncheng Park Smart Runway Chaoyang Planning Art Museum Light Science and Technology Museum Digital Manor Lezen Ruimteklasse (7) PEKING HONGLOU PUBLIEF TIBETAAN BOEKSTRA BEIJING BOUWEN · 璟 美 学 学 艺 地 Kaart Thema Bookstore Reading Agency (DA YUNAANUAN) Corner Bibliotheek Bibliotheek Scholar Scholars Capital Library Spring Mingyu Hotel and Bookstore (13) ReadandrestHotel Baihua Mountain, Beijing Jinhao Badaling Crown Holiday Inn Beijing Moshi, Beijing Tianyi Mountain, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, China Dit is een boutique Homestone Forest Township Resort and Innovative Retail Class (10) KBAR (Beijing CBD World City) Malbecbeef Argentini? Steakhouse (China Aviation Technology Store) Beijing Daoxiang Dorp Zero Shop Beijing International Hotel 28th Rotate Restaurant Corner Building Coffee (voor winkel, Shenwumen Shop) Meikao Academy Tiantanfu Drink Wuta KTV (Guodian) Star Meeting KTV Wisdom Changyang Art Museum Train Cultuur Theme Restaurant.

Buy seafood, class channels to see clear

Buy seafood, class channels to see clear

  There are many consumers who have recently reflected that there are many seafood varieties such as fish, shrimp and crabs on the market. However, merchants have different varieties of seafood products, and the storage processing methods are different, and the price is more chaotic, and they purchase themselves. Muster often fog water. Mr. Wang, who lives in Hexi District, Hedong, is reflected by the reporter. In the past few days, he bought the goldfish price in a large supermarket, "2 per box, less than 50 yuan, and similar fish market price More than 30 yuan per catty. " Mr. Wang said that the price is suitable, he bought 3 boxes of a total of 6 fish, but after returning home, she carefully viewed the label to find that the fish he bought is "refrigerated".

That is, the fish is frozen and the shelves are placed after the shelves. Mr. Wang said that the seafood thadied after frozen is not suitable for refrigeration again, and I bought 6 pieces, I can’t finish it once, I have to freeze again. In this way, the fish is not very fresh.

Mr. Wang said that, in general, the price of ice is more expensive, and the frozen will be cheaper. It seems like this is like a fragrant, and it is actually "refrigerated", for consumers. There is misleading.

  Ms. Li, Ms. Li reflected to the reporter. She also encountered her troubles when she bought salmon for some time. "The fresh salmon bought before, the unit price per kilogram is around 90 yuan to 100 yuan, and this time I buy more than 70 yuan per pound in the supermarket.

"Ms. Li found that this salmon meat of the price is not ideal, and the fish is not peeled." At the same time, bought the boxed salmon head is not good, and the box is covered in the fish head is some broken. Meat, fish bones. "Ms. Li said that the merchants sold are called" Ice Salmon Vulnese ", but the actual quality, the level is very different. And the merchant reduces the quality of the quality to the customer, nor the real benefits. In addition to the supermarket, some electricity The quality of seafood sold is not ideal.

Mr. Liu said in an interview that a few days ago, he bought a promotional frozen sea prawn on the Internet. From the picture provided by the merchant, the quality of shrimp should be good, and the head is big and fresh.

As a result, the shrimp was sent to the home, Mr. Liu found that shrimp is not only small, and there are many cases of breaking and break. The merchant argued that frozen products inevitably cause some damage due to transport bumps. As for the picture, the merchant said that it is not a real shot, for reference only. After several negotiations, the merchants gave Mr. Liu with some of the goods.

  Insiders in the aquatic industry suggest that consumers, the market is a wide variety of fresh water in Shanghai, and the commodity channel is more complicated, so there must be more consideration when purchasing. On the one hand, before buying, you must know the market, but also carefully understand the storage and transportation method of seafood.

For example, "Fresh" "Ice" "frozen" products, the price is definitely different.

Some seafood will also form a certain difference due to the different levels of processing.

On the other hand, we must try to choose a large-scale supermarket, standardized vegetable market or e-commerce platform and other regular purchase channels, refuse to lack of safety and regular sellers.


Rongping: Tod Chengdu explores, build a city ideal life

Rongping: Tod Chengdu explores, build a city ideal life

From the intersection of the road to the walk, go to the car age of the road network, from the road network to the car era, to today’s urban track era, the major changes in human history, greatly expand human activities The radius, shorten the geospatial distance, accelerate the resource element aggregation, and has a deep impact on urban space pattern and economic social life.

How to create a beautiful urban form, scientific development model and ideal quality life? On March 20, Chengdu’s first TOD Development Forum opened in the West International Expo, China. Around TOD, experts, big coffee, impress wisdom sparks, collision of new ideas; to develop and develop from the global business partners, sign millions of co-cooperations. TOD "Chengdu Program", as a "park city + TOD" exploration, experience in the global TOD development. The ideal life of the city is related to the ideal of every person. Chengdu launched a comprehensive development of TOD in 2017, and this development model is rarely seen in most people in China.

In the few years, the total investment of 150 billion yuan, the 14 TOD demonstration projects of 7600 mu of total area have been implemented in Chengdu. In the future, more than 700 hierarchical positions will gradually implement TOD development, and Chengdu on the track has opened "racing" Mode ", TOD is extraordinary for Chengdu.

The first layer of significance is rising.

Why will Chengdu choose TOD mode? To a certain extent, TOD can promote the upgrade of the rail transit site and its radiation area.

Since 2017, Chengdu has fully promoted rail transportation construction, and the construction strength has maintained the national first, planning concept, institutional design, operating mechanism, and its capacity construction has jumped in the country’s first square, and the total mileage of rail transit is 558 kilometers. Single day, the highest passenger volume exceeded 6 million passed. In Chengdu, TOD development allows the subway station to interconnect the subway station, millions of passenger flows per day, is commercially attracting popularity near the site, making the public feeling the modern and convenientness of urban life, making the land with commercial value more Value, supporting urban development speed on the track. The second layer is reshaped. TOD integrated development is conducive to promoting the deep remodeling of urban space and urban form.

It can be seen from the development experience of the world city, and TOD is striving to crack the "big city disease" problem and promote urban savvy growth.

Tod is considered to be an important ying experience of "Tokyo to become Tokyo", it is also a "multi-city disease" program for many cities around the world to solve the "big city disease". Today, kilometers, 769 sites, secretway rail transit networks are responsible for TOD development represented by Tokyo every 40 million travel needs, TOD development represented by Tokyo Station and Shibuya Station has become a powerful promotion of urban updates. Chengdu learning Tokyo experience, build a 15-minute life service circle centered on TOD site by creating high-density business space and modern consumption scenarios, will realize business value, public space, human life "three integration", promoting production city Integral, occupational balance, create a new advantage of high quality life. The third layer is the transformation. The urbanization process in my country is moving from the extensive extensive development to intensive connotation development, Chengdu has taken the lead in the development of development as a starting point in TOD. In the past, large construction, a large amount of consumption, a large amount of urban construction, enlarged the size of the city, but with the narrowing of urban and rural construction land, the incremental space resources were limited.

At the same time, there are not a few spatial resources in the "Old Town" to not get efficient use. The times call for centrally efficient development methods, and the public hopes to gradually supplement urban infrastructure and public service facilities, so that urban development green coordination sustainable.

Tod will be a carrier, surrounding the platform, shaping a lifestyle that is full of people.

On the way home, go out of the subway, you will see the kindergarten, vegetable market, cinema, community health service center, city well fireworks, vivid and vivid shadow of the city of Tod, the vivid and vivid shade of the city. Looking at the form of the whole city, a TOD is a blue-green intersection city community, is a commercial, cultural and living center, an integrated transportation hub, accumulating and distinguished by a TOD, and the entire city has a degree of democracy. , The mischief is large and open.

Such a way of development, points to the intensive, pointing to sustainable. For Chengdu, the exploration of "Park City + Tod" may give different experience. At present, Chengdu has a full range of "living cities" to be able to travel in all aspects of "life city", creating a full-time consumption scenario, which is full-time consumption, one-stop-level consumption scenarios, and promotes smoothness of Changda green travel and multi-live scenes. Let the public, visitors in the neon firefly, green poetry, enhance the city’s prosperity, and reward in the park.

In the future, Chengdu may become a global TOD model city that is highly developed in the calibration era and carries a beautiful life yearning. Chengdu has this potential.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

The Sanjin People’s Representative of the Sanjin People’s Representative, representing the "Sitting"! Entering the "All-Clock" Contact Station

The Sanjin People’s Representative of the Sanjin People’s Representative, representing the "Sitting"! Entering the "All-Clock" Contact Station

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan September 15th (Wang Liang) communication company’s cable pressure to crops, what should I do? The villagers in the front town of Qixian Temple in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province came to the National People’s Congress to contact the issue to reflect the problem to Wei Huixia. At present, the Standing Committee of Xia County, the Standing Committee of the Summer and Congress, coordinated the relevant departments to solve the problem.

  The villagers in Beibu Village reflect communication cable overhead, affecting production life.

(The People’s Congress of the Qian County Temple in the Temple of Xia County is understood that 150 people representative contact stations and 395 contact points are established.

"Since 2021, the city’s county (city, district) has determined 2 townships to carry out the workdays ‘all-weather reception work’, and use the heart to use the emotions to promote the troubles of the people, troubles, and worry.

Deng Yiping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, said. The representative of the People’s Congress of Xia County Temple, the representative contact station is one of the pilots. "This is my third time ‘sitting’ reception. "On September 9th, Li Feng, representative of the Maidong Town of Xia County Temple, said that there are people from the people to learn, record, organize, gaps, and improve their performance.

  Tongcheng Town, Wenxi County is the place where the county is located. Ning Junli, Chairman of the Town People’s Congress, said that the treasury is young, the degree is also high, "We seek the representatives of the People’s Congress at all levels of Tongcheng’s opinion on ‘sitting", all representatives They are willing to receive the masses.

"The Chairman of the People’s Congress of Tongcheng Town, Tongcheng Town, introduced the media to the media. Xinhua Net (Zhang Sen Rong) Tongcheng Town People’s Congress representatives received the people’s liaison station and the town party committee, the government office hall, the social security for the people , Medical insurance and other issues, representatives guided the masses to related windows in time.

"The masses of the county mainly reflect the problems such as demolition. The people of the rural people are mostly infrastructure and other infrastructure." Ning Junli said that all-weather contact stations also enhanced the willingness of the People’s Congress to contact the masses. "In the case of the county city, the network line is like a spider web, the representative of the People’s Congress will be resolved after proposal; now the rural areas are not needed, and we are also prepared to make relevant recommendations." Ning Junli said.

  At the same time as the urgent people are eager, the People’s Congress representative liaison station also promotes the fundamental resolution of relevant issues. "Zhizhou Village is difficult to use water because of water pressure, the people have encountered difficulties with water." Li Yulin, Chairman of the People’s Campus of Jiezhou Town, Yanhu District, said, "We first make the people can use the water, and accelerate the advancement through suggestions. Water source replacement and other projects to completely solve problems.

Zhang Xiaogang, chairman of the President of the Quan County, Xia County, said that the problem of the people of the people reflected in the representative liaison station, which belongs to the coordination and resolution of township power; need to coordinate the county, the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, "The work is getting more and more bottom.

"" Through a period of operation, the people have difficulties, when there is a demand, I can think of the representative contact station. "Deng Yiping said that the representative contact station is a group of people, and the representative is willing to go, the society has an impact on the society, the party committee is assured and the people’s satisfaction contact stations.


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