Singer, Dion Dion, suffering from sick?

Singer, Dion Dion, suffering from sick?

  Shanxi Evening News Recently, according to Canadian media reports, the health status of well-known singers and Dion Dion is further deteriorated, and can not get up, move or walk. The family of Xilin Dion was revealed when accepting the Canadian media interview. "Her legs and feet have made her almost paralyzed, she is very weak, weight is much reduced. At present, she can’t get up, move or walk.

"On the 10th, Si Lin Dion ‘s sister denied the rumor to the French magazine, she said that her sister is sick, but there is no rumor.

  In late October this year, Xilin Dion announced that he was originally scheduled to cancel the concert of the newly completed World Theater in Las Vegas on November 5th.

"This decision makes me heart.

"She wrote," I have worked for our concert at night, I can’t schedule it in November, and I can’t speak in November. "Then, the Xilin Dion team released a statement, revealing this Quebec," suffering from severe and sustained muscle spasm, making her not perform on the stage. Her medical team is continuing to evaluate and treat her, but her current situation does not allow her to participate in the rehearsal of the new program. "In this regard, Skot Sibella, the theater, said," Although we are eager to be in the theater, we also support the decision of Xilin, I wish her soon recovered, and look forward to her is ready and can be again When performing, I came to the New Theater.

"The condition of Xilin Dion made her cancel all the performances before March 2022, but the health of this famous singer seems to be bad than imagination.

It is reported that the family of Xilin Dion is revealed when accepting the Canadian media interview. "Her legs and feet have made her almost paralyzed, she is very weak, much weight is much reduced. Currently she can’t get up, move Or walking, this disease may take a long time to recover.

If the situation is not improved, it may take a break for a few months or even a year. "In addition, October 22nd is the birthday of Di Di and Nielson’s twin son. In the past, he sent their new photos and sent their own blessings.

But this year, Di Lin Dion did not do this.

Fortunately, her sister Linda is taking care of her 3 children.

  Split Dion’s almost a message boiled, after the swept network, on the 10th, the news seems to have reversed.

Si Lin Dion’s sister Linda revealed: "The things that happen to her are very sad, but this is not serious, otherwise she will tell me. As a global day, Xilin Dion also ushered in this year. The 40th anniversary of the road. For many people, "my heart is eternal" is the most famous song of Xilin Dion, which includes the grand prizes of Oscar, Grammy, the bulletin board. So far she is in international There are countless achievements in the song, including 5 Grame Awards, 12 World Music Awards, 20 Junnuo Awards and 43 Feeds. Her global album sales have exceeded 200 million, including Two consecutive albums have sold more than 30 million. Although there are very few new work in recent years, there is no influence of the popularity of Sherne Dion’s super highness, and when Adele issued a new single to ask the most proud things in October, She actually took a photo frame with chewing gum, because this is her idols and Dion Dion’s chewing gum. However, in the past few years, the media is more concerned about the body, and even use "骷髅"" "" To describe her. For her mist, fans are also very worried, but Xilin Di will respond personally, I am very good.

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Two-One, China Brand Forum held in Beijing

Two-One, China Brand Forum held in Beijing

People’s Daily Beijing November 30 (Reporter Cao Shin, Zhao Mengyang) November 30 Strengthening brand building promotes high-quality development "as the theme, carrying out multi-field, deep, high-level dialogue exchange, interpretation of policy opportunities, and sharing a blueprint.

The Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress pointed out that the brand is a comprehensive reflection of the competitiveness of enterprises and even the country, is an important resource involved in the global competition. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "promoting China’s manufacturing change, China’s speed changes to China, China’s products change to China’s brand", in order to strengthen brand building, promote high quality development to indicate the direction.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target program will be proposed, carry out China’s brand creation action, protect the development of China’s old name, improve the influence and competitiveness of independent brands, and take the lead in cultivating a number in consumer goods such as cosmetics, clothing, home textiles and electronic products. High-end brand. In recent years, Chinese companies have enhanced brand awareness, grasp the development opportunities, create a large number of excellent brands with high reputation, strong reputation, high influence, become "Chinese business cards" on the international market. Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, must strengthen China’s brand building, better meet the people’s demand for high quality life. To continue to reform to improve the intellectual property protection system, improve the new field of new state intellectual property protection system, promote the effective implementation of the law, let the "China Quality", let the "China Brand" shine world. When the People’s Daily Society, the Chief Editor’s Eve said that the People’s Daily should give full stroke of all media communication advantages, and in-depth propaganda explain the important instructions of General Secrets in Ji Ping on "Three Transformations", insisting on Help and Innovation, take the initiative to serve as Report content, innovative communication method, deeply excavate the advanced typical model of China’s enterprise tree brand strong brand, vivid cases, vigorously promote the good experience of enterprises, and actively promote new initiatives to support brand building in all regions, in all Social to create a brand, create brands, respect the brand, care for the brand’s strong atmosphere, and strive to build a strong country to build a positive contribution to promoting China’s brand high quality development.

Lu Yixingong, deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department, pointed out that the vitality and confidence of Chinese brands showed that the Chinese economy continued to stabilize and healthily and healthy, confidence.

Creating a good environment for the development of the brand, driving China’s brand products and re-optimization, re-upgrading, quality and upgrading, and then go out of the national door, go to the world, become world brand, world famous brand, inseparable from all walks of life including media. The times and replies to the development of brand development, helping "China" huge rounds and long, need us to integrate into national strategies, grab the development opportunities; act as social responsibility, create a better life; carry forward the spirit of innovation, and win the development of development; talk about Chinese stories, Highlight cultural confidence. Shao Xinyu, Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission, Shao Xinyu, deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Xin Guobin, director of the Ministry of Industry and China, Li Huinbin, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, Ren Hongbin, Secretary-General of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, deputy director of the State Market Supervision, Tian Shihong, National Li Zhao, Vice-Chairman of the Industry and Commerce, the national development bank, governor Ouyang Weiwin, etc., to attend the forum and delivered a speech. Zheng Xinli, executive vice chairman of China Urbanization Promotion Association, said the main purpose of Wei Shou, Director of the Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Yu Jianfeng, China Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd., General Manager, General Manager of China Electric Power Group Co., Ltd., Chairman, Chairman, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China General Technology (Group) Control Co., Ltd. Lu Yimin, China Construction Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Zheng Xue, China Agricultural Bank President Zhang Qingsong, China Poly Group Co., Ltd. Liuhua Long and other representatives and representative comrades from Chongqing, Shandong, Anhui, Henan and other places to attend the forum and made the main purpose.

Wang Yizhen, deputy chief of the People’s Daily, presided over the opening ceremony, and the deputy editor-editor Fangjiangshan hosted the main point of publication, and the deputy editor Zhao Jiaming attended the forum and delivered a speech.

The People’s Daily actively fulfilled the mission of the party’s central government, and strives to be a propaganda, participant, promoters, promoted special edition columns, launch a series of publicity, and strengthen public opinion.

In order to further strengthen communication, consensus, from 2015, the People’s Daily has been continuously held in a consecutive seventh China Brand Forum. "People’s Daily" (December 04, 2021) Edited: Zhang Jingwen.

Reference cover cleaning energy paradox

Reference cover cleaning energy paradox

On November 15th, the UK "new scientist" weekly published issues issues "Strong excavation metal will shake clean energy revolution? "The article, the author is Graham Lawton. The full text is as follows: If the unofficial battle of the fossil energy lobby group is a diamond, baby, drill, can be renewable, baby, baby, dig.

If we have to achieve your climate objectives, there is a large number of new mines.

Realistic New Energy Needs Mass Minerals International Energy Services Fa That Berore said: Mineral is an indispensable raw material in the future clean energy system. If we trial out the future cleaning energy system, millions of electric vehicles, bus, windmills, solar panels require minerals to build.

Mass amount of minerals. He did not exaggerate his words.

The recent report of International Energy has shown that the world should want to achieve net zero carbon emission goals 2050, and the overall demand for so-called key minerals is 6 times.

These key minerals include lithium, copper, cobalt, nickel and rare earth elements, are raw materials that are critical to clean energy technology. This constitutes a major challenge to realize our clean energy dream. Although we don’t lack minerals, it is another matter to dig out of the mineral from the ground while do not have a monster that does not promote another environmental monster. In the final analysis, we have no choice.

British Energy Wisdom Carbon Tracking Consulting Company Strategist Jinsmir Bond said: We need to do this. But we need to do so as appropriate way, so as not to make a bad earth.

Countries require mineral environment cost high mining has been in the big earth scenery, although it is a necessary industry. According to Ridge Kran, the British Campine Mining Institute, the progress made in harvesting technology in human history is unpaid, but 99% of metal mining still relying on excavation of ore, and it is often necessary to clear a large number of jackets.

Then the ore must be processed, thereby producing a large amount of waste, approximately 1 billion tons per year, more than any other artificial waste.

Mineral mining and processing also cost a large amount of energy, the mining industry is one of the largest body emissions in greenhouse gas.

In 2018, the mining industry has reached 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the global emissions, about 10% of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The environment and social costs caused by mining have also been fully confirmed. A study of the mineral mining of Brazilian Ma Sun Yulin is found that only a mine environment can affect 70 kilometers in various directions.

Just as the world seeks to quit fossil fuel, the above facts let us stop thinking. Under the same conditions, clean energy technology requires much more minerals compared to its dirty opponents, regardless of battery, wind motors, solar panels or power delivery and distribution cables, they must use minerals as part. According to the International Energy Agency, in addition to iron and aluminum, the mineral required for electric vehicles is 6 times that of fuel cars; the minerals required by the sea wind power plant are 13 times the same power generation gas power plant.

The development of renewable energy power means that now generating an electric power consumable mineral is more than 50% over 2010. For some minerals, the demand will be higher.

Many parties have expressed the following concerns: In the process of competing for these minerals, we may offset the environmental benefits of cleaning energy transformation. In some cases, the concerns of environmental sustainability have become a major obstacle to filling mineral supply gaps. Taking Indonesia’s nickel as an example, most of the minerals are located or adjacent to the national park or other protected area.

Positive inscription is greater than the traditional minerals can be recycled, but Bond said that the environmental issues of green mineral booms should not be considerably equivalent to the environmental issues designed to solve it.

He said that the current energy system requires us to exploit and process 13 billion tons of fossil fuels each year, and the key minerals needed in the same situation are 43 million tons.

That is, one third, Bond said, saying that its environmental impact is more. Another analyst of the International Energy Department George, George, said that the reason for supporting clean energy is equally irritated on the ground gas emissions.

The full cycle of the electric vehicle is only half of the fuel vehicle, even if it is minimized and processed by the battery, the correlation of lithium, cobalt and nickel is calculated.

If the battery is inserted, the electric car’s carbon footprint will be halved.

The other green energy technology is basically true. In addition, fossil fuel consumption is consumed, and in fact, mineral resources can be reused, in many cases, can be repeatedly utilized.

With the further recovery of cobalt and nickel from the car scrap cell, the mining intensity in time should be lowered. But this can be achieved is an open problem.

The recovery of metal and other metals such as iron, aluminum and copper is quite mature, but other metals such as lithium and rare earth elements are still not, the International Energy Agency Tim Gold said this has to change.

International Energy Agency estimates, 2030 to 2040, minerals recovered in the supply chain are mainly copper, cobalt, nickel, and total lithium in waste batteries need to increase from about 1.2 million tons per year, roughly equivalent to total demand. 10% of the amount.

The International Energy Agency analyst is too Run (sound) that the most important thing is that the economy can make the recycling feasible. In order to do this, manufacturers need to design more easily recycled products, and political people need to encourage more effective waste collection and classification.

Gold believes that innovation can play a role.

The increase in photovoltaic demand has also pushed the demand for silver and silicon. In response, the manufacturer reduces the amount of the two in the solar panel, which may also extrude similar energy efficiency.

In addition, there is also a metal to replace another metal, especially the mutual replacement between rare earth metals, and rare earth includes 17 elements, many physical and chemical characteristics.

The problem to be solved is not only the only environmental crisis that greenhouse gas emissions is not human. The United Nations also specifies two other two: biodiversity is destroyed, waste and pollution. In both ways, the health certificate of mining is not ideal.

The mineral boom will only further increase these pressures.

In 2020, the research team of Laura Santer Leading in Queensland, Australia, accumulated global footprints that were operating and future expected to operate.

The study collected all the mines information in the world, a total of more than 10,000 seats.

The research team found that these mines have a total of more than 50 million square kilometers, exceeding one-third of the total land area, only Antarctica is surprised.

The study estimate, the impact of the mine on biodiversity is more than 50 kilometers around the direction, and this number is more conserved by Sant’s results in the Amaz Sun Yulin.

The research team also found that 31% of these affected land is recognized as a region where the biodiversity is reduced, and 8% is a regularly protected area. In each seven protected area, there is an existing or a mine.

In these mines that are put into operation or planned, more than 80% is or will produce key minerals of energy transformation.

Sant’s analysis is only a roughly pre-judgment of future mines possible position. Such analysis can be used to assist in the decision of mine site selection, thereby limiting the mine influence region of regional protection of ecological diversity.

Sant said: We have many opportunities to strategically invest in mining outside of these protected areas. However, even the protective biologist also admits that energy transformation has to be achieved, this is not just a climate angle. Mitigating climate change is one of the extreme an important actions for achieving global biodiversity protection goals. Sant said that we are not to make a way to continue to use fossil fuels. Australia James Cook University protects biologists Bill Lawrence say that it is necessary to balance, we try to make humans more sustainable while avoiding nature.

He said: This will be the ultimate ironic. Bond said, don’t choose, only on the steel wire.

The International Energy Agency’s road map lists six challenges: the government must enhance investor confidence; companies need innovation; the recycling must be increased; need to further ensure the safety of supply, may be the way of strategic reserves; manufacturers and consumers To strengthen coordination; environments and social standards must be enhanced.

Berol said, in the final analysis, all of us should find such a reality: on the issue of energy transformation, minerals are not a burst, but the components of the main events.

The second "pursuit of the martyrs footprint" Short Video Collection Exhibition Actification Report will be held

The second "pursuit of the martyrs footprint" Short Video Collection Exhibition Actification Report will be held

On October 19th, the 2nd "Pursuit of the Martyr Footprint" Short Video Collection Exhibition Actification Report was held in the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum. Deputy Director of the Central News Network, Deputy Director of the National Net Letter Office, Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs, attended and delivered a speech.

Sheng Ronghua pointed out that the "Pursuit of the Second Field Trail" short video collection and exhibition activities is an important measure to carry out the education of party history, carry forward and inherit the great spirit of heroes.

Central News Series conscientiously implemented the spirit of TCC’s important speech and party central decision-making deployment, putting a good hero story, carrying forward the revolutionary spirit as an important part of online ideology, and the construction of network civilization, will promote the introduction of "Heroes Protection Law" ", Carry out the" online sacrifice "theme event, severely crack down on illegal acts such as heroic martyrs, and promote the formation of Millenniens, advocating the intensity of British.

Sheng Ronghua emphasized that we must carry forward the revolutionary spirit, play a good network advantage, create a new content, form of new online products, use a lofty ideal, firm belief, advanced theory to arverse the netizens, with the ideal belief, stick to the initial mission Great spirit leads network space. To talk about the revolutionary story, grasp the law of network communication, promote the red story, cross-border, color, and cultivate advocating hero, defend the hero, learn hero, and care for the hero. It is necessary to inherit the revolutionary star fire, learn from the perseverance of the revolutionary martyrs, and to deepen network ecological governance, strengthen key tasks such as network civilization, and resolutely maintain network ideology security, and achieve the second hundred years Struggle The new Long March Road is condensed with pounds. Chang Zheng, pointed out that the retired military affairs system vigorously promoted the protection and utilization of martyrs, and promoted the eighth batch of 109, the remains of the Han Zhizhi Military Martyrs, the burial, and the revolutionary martyrs were contended to remember the revolutionary martyrs. mental strength. Looking forward to more and more units, platforms, netizens participate in such activities, actively create excellent red online works, attracting the whole society, especially youth generations, inheriting the spirit of the British spirit, defending the glory, striving to create a non-responsible revolutionary ancestors, worthy of history And the new achievements of the people.

The event was announced, "the online popularity work" and "excellent organizers" and "excellent organizers" have conducted awards for the award-winning representative, and 4 guests have made a speech and give the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum awarded a winning work CD.

The 2nd "Pursuit of the Secretary of the Second" Short Video Collection Exhibition was published by the Central News Network Social Work Bureau, the Decommissioning Military Affairs Department, the National Cultural Relics Bureau, the National Archives Office, and the Communist Youth League Central Propaganda Department jointly guided .

Since the event of April this year, more than 3,500 revolutionary cultural relics exhibition units, archives and martyrs commemorative protection facilities and netizens are actively involved, collecting 10,000 people, and the relevant micro-topic reading volume exceeded 1 billion times, short video playback Break through 5 billion times.

From the Central News Network Office, the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs, the State Cultural Relics Bureau, the National Archives Bureau, the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum and some provincial and municipal party committees, and the award-winning representative, and the media reporter participated in the report.

Tongzhou sails ride new air exhibition (ambassador

Tongzhou sails ride new air exhibition (ambassador

  Samoa is located in the south of the Pacific Pacific.

Here is the scenery, the culture is splendid, and is the cradle of the Polynesian civilization.

Although China is separated from Samoa, it is long. As early as 150 years ago, the first Chinese people settled in Samoa, pulled up a historical and cultural link across heavy oceans.

  Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, SMS relations have been quickly healthy and healthy.

In November 2018, the Chairman of Xi Jinping Tongji Iriepa and other leaders held a collective meeting in Papua New Guinea, unanimously consent to improve the relationship between the two parties to mutual respect, common development, and create a full range Cooperative new situation.

  2020 is the special year of Sino-Saha and the difficulty of cultivation, and it is destined to leave a strong color in the history of the relationship between the two countries.

In the face of sudden new coronal pneumonia epidemics, Sino Sais is always watching help, the hardships are difficult to practice, practice the concept of human destiny, and play the touching movement of cooperation against disease.

  Round and affection, love.

In the key stage of China’s epidemic prevention and control, the heads of Samoa Mamara Analfano, Prime Minister Iriepa sent a letter to Chinese leaders, and the huge efforts of China for epidemic prevention and control The effective measures taken are appreciated and admired.

Samoa is in China to sing "Let the World Full of Love" to Sai Students in Huayuan Students, using a moving music as China, and send warmth and goodwill for Wuhan.

Samoa National Hospital’s medical staff, the students of the Confucius Institute specially recorded the video support video, using Chinese high-shining "refueling", to ventilate the Chinese anti-vulcination, fully reflect the deep friendship between the two countries. In Samoa, overseas Chinese spontaneously organize donations, and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control.

  Drops, Yongquan.

The Samoa public health system is weak, and the national doctor is not enough, and the epidemic prevention supplies are completely dependent on imports and assistance. In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the Chinese side has the same feelings of the Samoa government and the people, and we will do our best to help Sa Fang should prepare for the help of materials assistance, experience exchange, information sharing. The Chinese government provides aid to the Sahi government under the China-Pacific Island National Immintanction Cooperation, China Central Government, Guangdong Provincial Government, Huizhou Municipal Government, Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation, the first time in Saha Chinese institutions and overseas Chinese Donate cultural medical materials to Sa Foundation. China arranges Samoa health experts to participate in health expert video conferences, China Aida Medical Team tends to China’s prevention and control experience, and assist in the development of epidemic prevention and control guidelines.

In the mid-May, China and Pacific Island countries should respond to the number of special sessions of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, and representatives of Samo Asia thanked the Chinese government and from all walks of life to provide support for the Pizza Federation, appreciating the attitude of China in public, transparent and responsible. , In a timely, effortal epidemic prevention measures, share the experience of anti-

  Sino-Sa-friendly has to test.

Looking forward to the future, we firmly believe that the relationship between Sino-Saass will be more firm and firm, and the friendship of the two people will be more deeply rooted.

  (The author is the Chinese Ambassador to Sama.

Trinity School: Take measures to build a martial arts

Trinity School: Take measures to build a martial arts

Trinity Class Take measures and build a mobilized man’s definition line.The reporting unit for the map of Changsha, November 4th, is the implementation of the "Subject of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Construction of New Times Teachers Team". "Spirit, regulatory teacher’s moral behavior, improve teacher’s moral level, strengthen the quality of teachers, and the three-sided school education in the prominent position of teachers ‘team construction, vigorously strengthen the construction of teachers’ German, and promote the dedication, the teacher,Spirit of selfless dedication.

Pick up the teacher’s style style, the three-school professionalism is highly attached to the construction of the teacher. It uses the staff of the teachers, strengthens the professional image, professional responsibility, professional discipline and legal education, and improve the cultivation of teachers. .

Carry out the counselor series training, guide teachers to work hard in the educated people of love, "I always put the students in my heart, put the responsibility on the shoulder, step on the foot.

"At the same time, in the online college released the teacher’s German style style, you will ask the teacher to learn, and ask the teacher to learn the experience. Through learning, the good teachers who love the post, unite collaborate, obey the law, be happy, and dedication to become a teacher Conscious behavior. At the same time, combined with the actual school, require all the faculty and staff to conduct a comprehensive self-examination and self-examination, draw the daily work and behavior of the teacher, adhere to the bottom line, not more than the red line ", show the teacher’s indifferent fame and fortune, Chongde’s spirit Positive energy in the style of education.

The Mr Teache’s high-voltage line has formulated the "Some Provisions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Morality" on Further Strengthening the Construction of Master ‘s Strong "Teachers’ Daily Teaching (Before Course – Course – after Class ) Workflow and behavioral norms "" Hunan Sany Industrial Vocational and Technical College Teachers Teaching Work Specifications ".

The teacher’s Directone works in the agenda of the school’s work, and many times will hold a special meeting of the teacher’s Workshop, study the tasks of deploying the teacher’s work. As an important part of the annual assessment, the teacher’s head of the teacher is evaluated, and as an important basis for evaluation comments. By adopting a spot check, student assessment, college random inspection, the teacher’s moral behavior performance.

Establish a teacher’s head of the teacher’s complaint phone and report box. The issue of the teacher’s head of real-name reporting is conducted by the relevant departments and is seriously dealt with. Carry out public opinion supervision, expose and criticize the wrong words and deeds from the nurses.

Task the teacher’s facade leads to strengthen the construction of the school teacher’s head, guide the teachers to pay attention to the teacher, the Lord Tree, and launch the essay activity of "Good teachers around me", participate in the "Teacher" Party Flag "Hunan Province Teacher Teacher style speech contest. The school is based on the branch as a position, carry out rich red theme education, organizes party members and teachers to Jinggangshan, Qiong Cloud Red Junlong to adapt to the old site and other red base to promote party history learning activities to promote the patriotism of patriotism, and enhance the patriotism of patriotism.

Learn the party history and focus on.

Since the development of party history education, the Party Committee of the Sany-Class Hospital has successively launched the topic of "School History, Practice, Volunteer Service in Action" in the jurisdiction of the topic education activities: carrying out vaccination, three packs in front of the door , Condolences to volunteer activities such as old party members.

In addition, the school attaches great importance to 6S labor practice, regularly carry out the faculty office, dormitory civilization assessment activities, and continuously enhances teachers’ civilized literacy.

Establishing the teacher’s advanced typical benchmark school through "excellent teachers" and other selection activities, each year selection a group of advanced typical typical, so that each teacher is striving to be the "leader" of the teacher’s head. Through the exemplary example, a large number of teachers stand out.

The Director of the Teaching and Research Office of the Engineering Machinery Institute is to ensure the smooth development of the training course on the excavator, and innovate students use two upright objects instead of the operating rod to train, complete the hoist, the big arm lift, shovel 9 actions such as fighting, and submit a work in a way to shoot video. In addition to half an hour in advance every morning, Li Dequan, head of elite college, often gives students "open small stove": to change the operation, guiding students to modify the thinking guide, design new project tasks.

It is understood that every new freshman, Li Dequan’s primary requirement for himself is to remember the names of nearly 100 students in two classes within one month.

For the sake of teaching, he will also make students’ personal resume in the form of PPT, including character, family situation, hobby, etc. It is reported that since the establishment of the Elite College in 2016, Li Dequan has always assigned all professional curriculum teaching, and continuously improve teaching methods, explores an effective teaching mode, and take the lead in implementing professional teachers to participate in students’ "double-class teacher" model. He also broke it. Inherent course boundaries, with product function principles, skill formation process as teaching criteria, carry out all process teaching methods.

For graduation students, he also pays close attention, often understands, ask students to work, and learn from work feedback.

Timely master project settings, teaching mode, management model for the impact of students’ ability, combine the interviews of returning students, and adjust some project teaching. Under the guidance of this teaching method, the students of elite colleges reach the primary title of the enterprise in the primary student in the internship stage, and they have achieved the cultivation of intermediate titles standards and is favored by the employer.

Nie Feng, the intelligent manufacturing, teacher Xu Jinming, the training department, Xu Jinming, actively responded to the call of the government, on duty station, check the resident health code, measure the body temperature; to buy vegetables to the empty niche, to send warmth to the isolation of the people Need to practice the initial mission with practical actions, stick to the "first defense" of the community.

"Knowing the worship, the bottom line, Ming teacher, the master style", through the various forms of the faculty infiltrated to the construction of the teacher’s head, creating love, unity and cooperation, obeying the law, The good atmosphere that is willing to dedication, and the road to advance the educational travel of the new era and innovative talents will continue to be in front of the road.

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Now he can lead a relatively good life,Rely on certain influence in the industry。Always let him get some sponsorship,If the reputation is bad,Then he can only beg for food。

Now he can lead a relatively good life,Rely on certain influence in the industry。Always let him get some sponsorship,If the reputation is bad,Then he can only beg for food。

Although working overtime is hard,But it’s better than not having food。
Life is not all smooth sailing,You have to go through wind and rain to see the rainbow。
That’s what Jackson thought at this time。
First stay in Yuxin Technology for five years,After the contract expires,By working in the world’s most advanced quantum computer laboratory,Where can I not find a good job?
Anyway, he was only this year32,After five years37,There is still a lot of time to enjoy。Not to mention that although Yuxin Technology is hard here,But the treatment is still very good,A lot,More money,And you don’t need money at all in daily life,All board and lodging,And the food is quite delicate。
This somewhat makes Jackson’s mentality more optimistic and positive。
This is probably what Jackson thinks now,All these reasons also made him after seeing Wang Yufei,Behave respectfully。
of course,Even if he behaves respectfully,And there is no such cuteness as old John’s true feelings revealed。
“My idol boss,There is an important thing for you to come so late?”
When I saw Wang Yufei walk in the door,Old John asked naturally。
The title idol boss also made Jackson startled.,This title has too many slots to vomit,But he didn’t even know how to make a mouth。
“Cough!”Wang Yufei coughed a little awkwardly,For the straightness of old John,He has actually gotten used to it a lot,The first time I heard this title,He is even more uncomfortable than Jackson,Seems to call him a little old。

“Good good,Sister Na,Do not be angry,I go,Can i go?”Wang San can’t help it,I had to bite the bullet and take this job。

“Good good,Sister Na,Do not be angry,I go,Can i go?”Wang San can’t help it,I had to bite the bullet and take this job。

I also feel that Fang Na is too vicious,Qi Muyun just left,She wants to threaten Zhu Yi,It’s too much,Why can’t you wait。
Complaining in my heart,Wang San can only do it,He chose to go at two or three in the middle of the night,There were few people in the mourning hall at that time,Easy to talk。
really,When going,Someone outside the mourning hall is playing mahjong,But there was only Zhu Yi sitting there alone。
Wang San approached Zhu Yi,Zhu Yi, who had barely closed his eyes for a few days, felt someone coming in,He raised his head groggyly to say hello,Found out that it’s king three,Didn’t even think about it,A direct shot is a punch,Hit his face。
Wang San knows that Zhu Yi hates her,Stepped away prepared,He grabbed Zhu Yi’s arm,“Don’t get excited,Boss Zhu,Listen to me, OK?,I have something to say。”
Zhu Yi has never rested for a few days,Just occasionally no one takes a nap,Naturally, I didn’t have the strength to fight Wang San,Just sit softly,“Speak,what’s up,Hurry up。”
“You are sorry,I didn’t expect it to be like this。”Wang San talked and took out a white bag(custom,Happy event with red envelope,White bag for funeral)Put it in Zhu Yi’s hands,He pretended two hundred yuan in it。
“Don’t talk nonsense,Say the point,I have no grievances with you,Why are you hurting me?”Of course Zhu Yi now knows that Wang San is an accomplice,Someone wants to set off,Put his family to death。
“She said,Want to meet you and chat,You understand?”Wang San also feels unwilling to say it,Still have to say。
“Hurrah,of course can,You let her set the time,I also can。”Zhu Yi wanted to find someone to take revenge,Zhengchou doesn’t know who the other party is。
Mr. Zhu hasn’t spoken for more than a month,It was better before,But seeing his wife’s condition is serious,He blames himself to despair,Last onset。
Fortunately, I was in the hospital,Rescue in time,Life is saved,But has been in a coma。
Wang San dare not stay longer,Left after speaking,Leave Zhu Yi there, gritted his teeth。
It just broke,Zhang Siwei and Zhao Gang are here in dark suits。
“Don’t be too sad,Auntie in the sky also hopes you and Uncle Zhu have a good time。”Zhao Gang sees Zhu Yi’s mood is wrong,comfort him。
“Don’t you know,Too irritating,They actually came to the door,Home at this time,Don’t you want to die?,Then I must cooperate,Just let them die quickly。”Murder in Zhu Yi’s eyes。
“what happened?”Zhao Gang’s face changed,Glanced behind,Asked in a low voice。
“They were here last night,Said you want to talk to me,Time has been arranged。”Zhu Yi said coldly。
“Do they want to blackmail you?”Zhang Siwei motioned everyone to walk to the corner of no one,ask。

The woman smiled and said:“Age like you,Just strong,When energetic,Of course use something to help,Will be more sexually happy”

The woman smiled and said:“Age like you,Just strong,When energetic,Of course use something to help,Will be more sexually happy”

Wang Youcai didn’t expect,Sell one*’S women can say the same。He nodded and said:“Then give me some delay!”
“Topical or oral”The woman asked with a smile。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,There is so much attention to this thing。If it’s for external use, isn’t it called Ma Hongfang?*People know,This will leave a joke,Let’s take some internal medicine!
“Oral,Take the best”Wang Youcai said。
Woman rummaging,Take out a paper box full of English and say:“This is imported from the United States,One hundred yuan,Very powerful,Take it half an hour beforehand,There is no one or two hours to finish”
“So expensive?Doesn’t work,If it doesn’t work,I will trouble you”When Wang Youcai said this,,Suppress the sound very low。Looks a little scary。
The woman glanced at Wang Youcai and smiled:“We have used this thing ourselves,Really awesome,If the price is not too high,We keep it for ourselves”promoted products,Can speak for this purpose,Wang Youcai is also served。He took out one by himself,Threw it into your mouth。
The woman poured him a glass of water,Wang Youcai took it down,Then he took out a hundred yuan and put it on the counter。Woman take a look,Whispered reminder:“Why are you taking it here!What can I do if it works for a while?”
“Isn’t you here??”Wang Youcai said,Ben haha laughed and walked out。He stood on the edge of the street and smoked another cigarette,He is waiting for the power of this medicine,If it really doesn’t work,He has to trouble the female boss。
Few pedestrians on the street,First it’s winter,Why it’s too cold outside,It’s too early,It’s almost twelve o’clock。No way,Have to go back,It’s too cold to hold up。
Back to the hotel,Wang Youcai gently locked the door,He took off his clothes and sat on the sofa,It’s been more than half an hour,Why there is no reaction at all,This stinky lady lied to him。
Just when Wang Youcai was upset,Ma Hongfang on the bed suddenly rolled over,The quilt slipped off her white skin。The spirit in Wang Youcai’s heart was touched,He suddenly felt hot all over,Also accompanied by a slight headache。Especially below,He can’t stand it anymore。
Wang Youcai kicked off his shoes,Downhill Tiger,I jumped onto the bed with a vertical leap。Simmons shakes violently,Wake up Ma Hongfang,She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Go aside,Don’t disturb me sleep”
“I told you to sleep”Wang Youcai tore off the quilt from Ma Hongfang,Pressed on Ma Hongfang’s white body。The woman suddenly screamed,My eyes widened in surprise,Slowly she made an alluring*sound。
With a sense of conquest, Wang Youcai is exercising vigorously,He was scolding secretly,What’s wrong with the women in the city?,Isn’t it that I am a hillbilly crushed under me。
Woman’s*sound,Like a tactful song,Sometimes high,Sometimes low。Let this night be filled with endless fantasy。Wang Youcai sweats profusely,He couldn’t help but scolded the American guy ,You said to produce a medicine,Why is it so powerful。
Ma Hongfang is finally honest,She repeatedly told Rao,But Wang Youcai would only give up。Until about three o’clock in the middle of the night,Calm in this room。

Before gaining a foothold in this world,Wang Hong doesn’t want to do things completely。

Before gaining a foothold in this world,Wang Hong doesn’t want to do things completely。

As long as the situation is a little more stable,Backed by the first industrial power on Earth,It’s not easy for him to make money。
As for the weapons in the treasurer’s collection,Wang Hong really looks down on。
The weapons of this world are divided into ordinary soldiers、Sharp weapon,And a magic weapon that can be counted by one hand。
Not to mention the spirit weapon,The weapons are also in the hands of the strong innate,Very few acquired martial artists can get a handful,All as heirlooms。
These weapons in the secret room,Naturally can’t be a weapon。
The characteristic of the sharp weapon is that it can cut out the true energy without loss,But the soldiers can’t do it。
Their true air conductivity is no different from ordinary steel,You can only work on sharpness and hardness。
In this situation,Earthstar’s top alloy tools,Definitely blast the soldiers of this world。
So those swords in the secret room,It doesn’t make any sense to Wang Hong。
The shopkeeper felt a pain on his face,Hesitated and said:“Ok,Just do as you said。”
Wang Hong nodded,Take out a slap-sized medicine bottle from the backpack,There are hundreds of white pills inside,It is the common sleeping pill of Earth Star。
He first poured out five sleeping pills,I can think of the opponent as a warrior who has completed the forging,Although there is no internal resistance to drugs,But it’s far from comparable to ordinary people。
Shook the medicine bottle,Wang Hong poured out more than ten more,Take out a bottle of mineral water,Struggling desperately regardless of the shopkeeper,Forcibly put more than 20 sleeping pills,Give him all。
“Do not worry,These pills just make you sleep peacefully,Lest it trouble me!”
It’s not that Wang Hong has never been murderous,But the price of breaking the oath is too great,He will never be content to stop at the day after tomorrow,Under weighing the pros and cons,Wang Hong still suppressed the idea of killing。
A moment later,Put away the shopkeeper who has fallen asleep,And he walked back and forth in the warehouse and private vault,Pick out what you want。

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