China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch fully guaranteed new core system successfully

China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch fully guaranteed new core system successfully

  Since the new core system is on the line deployment, the China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch (hereinafter referred to as farmed Xingtai Branch) has taken measures, and goes all out to win the new core system to attack the battle.

  First, learning education is in place. The agricultural issue Xingtai Branch established a new core system to go online leading group, and convened a party committee, a special meeting, and a specific research deployment system online preparation, carefully organized a learning program, and interpreted his duties in detail, and went deep into the first line. In order to ensure the unity of online ideas, the step is consistent, the branch organizes the new core system to over-line management training class, once again explained the focus of relevant work; "a hand" in the jurisdiction, "military order", ensuring that the new core system is on the line "Qi stepped ".

  Second, investigate research in place.

The relevant person in charge of the branch divided the county and city branch to conduct on-site supervision, carry out special investigation, real-time information, lock the key node, solve key problems, and promote the establishment of various work to speed up the land; business backward Counseling, meticulous inquiries, detailed inspection, carefully verify the data cleaning, by finding key issues, tap the root cause of the problem, and clear the online barrier. The third is that the question is in place.

Under the strong effort, the power is concentrated, and the key matters such as accounts, subjects, vouchers, and important items are carried out multiple verified, organize all the rows to completely remove problem data, and ensure that they do not leave the dead corner; set up a city branch to help the preparatory team, do Good preparation, ensure emergency response, effective should be, direct help; start from reverse thinking, research may have problems, list key lists, formulate a detailed plan, involving 16 emergencies, more than 20 emergency measures, practical Guaranteed the success of the new system. (Liang Nan Nan Zhao Jinliang).

Bank of Communications Qinghai Province Branch smells "epidemic" to help win epidemic prevention and control

Bank of Communications Qinghai Province Branch smells "epidemic" to help win epidemic prevention and control

The first time is scientifically launched a nucleic acid detection.

Branch Emergency Disposal Team in time on the 28th, the third-party testing agency shall conduct accounting inspection on the first floor of the office building. In order to improve the collection efficiency, some of the staff wear protective clothing, wear protective items such as masks, masks, gloves, and obligated to act as a "association person" of medical personnel, lathe for three hours, and the entire employee nuclear inspection rate is 100%. Active "epidemic" go to the social responsibility branch, all units actively respond to branches and government sector epidemic prevention work arrangements, build outstanding control of the epidemic situation, and the strong line of defense. Each business network actively carried out the sales of outlets, all kinds of temperature test code, employee health day reporting system, and timely providing customers with masks, washing overs., and strive to build a safe and secure business environment. The Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Communications, Xining City, East Branch, took part of branch linkage, online audit, etc. The Bank of Communications Xining City West Dark, actively assisted that the disease-controlled staff set up a temporary test point at the entrance of the outlet, providing a lounge, toilet, and sending hot water, lunch, heating equipment, and the epidemic prevention staff, and the epidemic prevention staff completed nucleic acid detection. Task.

Changning’s first "zero-violations" is created in this way …

Changning’s first "zero-violations" is created in this way …

Timely discovery of "tenth" in a timely manner, each corner of the community, the Ren Henghe Binchen Neighborhood Committee started the brain, fully launched the leader, the driving role of the volunteers, and timely resolved contradiction disputes, and creating a joint participation of illegal buildings In a good atmosphere, guide residents to participate, supervise each other, and create a better home. "At the beginning, some residents did not understand and cooperate, but seeing the overall environment of the community is getting more and more beautiful, the residents have a sense of goodness, and the feelings are getting stronger and stronger. Their attitude is also quietly changing ….. "The relevant person in charge of the residential area of ??Ren Henghe City said, as of September, the key type stocks in the community illegally build clear and zero, new illegal buildings" zero growth ", achieved" zero complaints, zero-access, zero strong demolition ", The residential environment and the security environment of the residential area have been further optimized and improved. In fact, from the discussion of the on-site viewing chair, Changning Street Town has passed the excellent, and the selection of many residents (units) have the basic conditions for "zero-illegal" committee (units) ".

This is benefited from the regional dismantling office to create standards to the marketer, in accordance with the order of the first difficulty, and strengthen the on-site research and supervision, and prepare for priority docking culture.

For all-round, three-dimensional, no dynamic supervision of new illegal construction behaviors in the jurisdiction; closely supervise the rectification, strictly implement the "closed loop" management of normalization … As of now, Changning this year’s total dismantles illegal buildings 176 Position, square meter; new illegal construction is removed from 35, square meters, maintain dynamic "zero growth", "no illegal advanced street town" re-evaluation all in the safety range, no wet sickness. In the exploration, it is officially blown with the "Zero Violations Neighborhood Committee" to create a "zero-illegal construction party" creation work. "Zero Violations Committee" The number will be more and more in Changning. (Source: Shanghai Changning) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

2021 mobiel internet Blue Book: Mobile spel boutique strategie begint te bereiken

2021 mobiel internet Blue Book: Mobile spel boutique strategie begint te bereiken

Originele titel: 2021 Mobile Internet Blue Book: Mobile Games Jingqing Strategy Pogingen Inwoners People’s Network Beijing 22 Juli, China Mobile Internet Blue Book "China Mobile Internet Development Report (2021)" wordt vandaag gepubliceerd in Beijing. Onder hen, de oprichter van China Entertainment, CEO Gao Dongxu schreef "2020 China Mobile Game Market Development Huidige situatie en Trend Analysis" Zie effectief, overzeese invloed verbeteringen.

Het artikel wees erop dat in 2020 China Mobile Game Market presenteert de volgende kenmerken ontwikkeling: Ten eerste, de omzetgegevens is sterk gegroeid, en de verticale spel spel is gediversifieerd in hoogtepunten.

Met de versnelde ontwikkeling van mobiele games, worden de verticale spel spelen gericht op de deel van de bevolking neemt toe, en het soort spel is geleidelijk uitgebreid, zodat gebruikers met een verscheidenheid aan opties, met inbegrip van elektrische concurrentie, segment in het voortgezet yuan geleidelijk industrieel geworden focus. Ten tweede, gebruikers uitgroeien tot de bottleneck, en nieuwe gebruikers hebben verbeterde kosten. In 2020, China Mobile spel gebruikers bereikt 100 miljoen, en de gebruikers vertraagd.

China Mobile spel gebruikers de voorkeur rollenspel games, moderne thema’s, fantasy / magische thema’s en culturele fusie thema’s zijn de top drie van de inkomsten ranking.

De derde is dat de industrie is hevig en de omvang gevolg kop bedrijven is duidelijk. In het geval van de stijging van de game-ontwikkeling en product homogenisering, de game markt inkomsten en winst verzameld om het hoofd bedrijf, het voortbestaan ruimte van het MKB is klein, en de concurrentie is zeer beperkt, en het voortbestaan druk wordt geconfronteerd.

De vierde is de eerste resultaten van het spel boutique strategie. In het kader van de stroming dividend reductie, de inhoud van hoge kwaliteit IP is een kern link naar de gebruiker te trekken om de inhoud waarde te bereiken.

Het voortdurende succes van de boetiek spel heeft een hoge standaard, hoge input en hoge output circulatie, en het bevorderen van de industrie de duurzame ontwikkeling van de gezondheid ingevoerd.

De vijfde is de versnelling van de technologische ontwikkeling en cloudcomputing innovatie bevordert de ontwikkeling van de industrie.

In 2020, China’s cloud gaming markt was de moeite waard 100 miljoen yuan, een jaar-op-jaar groei, en de gebruikers meer dan 47 miljoen. In de toekomst, met de voortdurende verspreiding van de 5G-technologie, het optimaliseren van het netwerk van breedband omgevingen snel zal blijven ontwikkelen. Zesde is een duidelijke effectiviteit, kansen en uitdagingen.

In 2020, onafhankelijk onderzoek in China en de ontwikkeling van de overzeese markten was $ 100 miljoen, het onderhouden van een gestage groei.

Nationale wedstrijden hebben met succes een aantal uitstaande Chinese spel merken gevormd door het cre?ren van een boetiek originele spel, met succes het vormgeven van een aantal uitstaande Chinese spel merken, het helpen van de binnenlandse gaming bedrijven, lokalisatie, en een snelle en effici?nte ontwikkeling van de R & D-activiteiten. Seven is dat het beleid toezicht richt zich op de bescherming van de gebruiker. Door toename van de wijze van beheer, heeft mijn land game-industrie in eerste instantie gebouwd een klein spelletje beschermingssysteem integreren ouders, bedrijven en de maatschappij, in principe de vorming van een volledig assortiment van de industrie standaarden.

Sommige ondernemingen diepe grondbewerking technologie, gezichtsherkenningsfuncties worden steeds meer en meer perfect, real-naam authenticatie, wat resulteert in multi-dimensionale controle van het aanmelden bij betaling scènes. Acht is een meer gestandaardiseerde content management en de werking van internationale communicatie ingrijpend.

Onder de multi-level copyright systeembeheer, het copyright distributie van mobiele games in mijn land in 2020, de ontwikkeling van content, IP koppeling, en de ecologische ontwikkeling van nieuwe culturen waren steeds meer wetenschappelijke en normaal. Onder de premisse van verdere standaardisatie van de binnenlandse beheer van auteursrechten, de invoer van auteursrechten in binnen- en buitenland en de ontwikkeling, overzeese agenten, fusies en aandelen, en de gezamenlijke ontwikkeling en andere modellen samenwerking. van mijn land zelf ontwikkelde game-producten hebben het hele jaar steeg met jaar, en handelsoverschot is meer voor de hand, overzeese invloed, overzeese marktaandeel, en de wereldwijde gebruikers ook toe.

Bovendien, het artikel stelt de toekomstige ontwikkeling trend van de mobiele game Chinese markt, met inbegrip van maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid, en is in het algemeen belang gehecht aan de industrie. De mobiele game + trend is meer voor de hand. De ontwikkeling van de ruimte van cloud spel is breed, en innovatieve technologie is meer van toepassing is geweest, en het bedrijf heeft meer nuttige waarde. (Editor: Luo Zhizhi, Chen Ke) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

China spreekt op gestandaardiseerde kunstmatige intelligentie militaire toepassingen!

China spreekt op gestandaardiseerde kunstmatige intelligentie militaire toepassingen!

  Op 13 december, de zesde herziening van het Verdrag van de Verenigde Naties inzake specifieke conventionele wapens, leidde de Chinese ontwapening van Ambassador Li-lied de Chinese ontwapening van Ambassador, Li-lied, die de Conferentie van China bijwoonde, China’s "Reguling Artificial Intelligence Militity) in de Algemene Inloggen Assemblage. Het positiedocument van de toepassing, belt de landen om consensus en samenwerking te zoeken via dialoog en samenwerking en een universele participatie die effectief internationaal governancemechanisme construeert om grote schade aan de mens te voorkomen.

  In de Algemene Vergadering, in de Conferentie, zei Li-nummer dat de Verenigde Naties "Specifieke conventionele wapensverdrag" een onvervangbare rol heeft gespeeld bij het aanpakken van humanitaire kwesties veroorzaakt door conventionele wapens, terwijl het een belangrijk discussieplatform biedt voor het reguleren van militaire toepassingen voor opkomende technologie.

Aan de andere kant, met de snelle ontwikkeling van de militaire toepassingen van opkomende technologie, wordt de conventie geconfronteerd met nieuwe onderwerpen en uitdagingen. Subversion-technieken vertegenwoordigd door handmatige intelligentie, grote gegevens, kwantumberekeningen, worden veel gebruikt in militaire gebieden, die de toekomstige oorlogen volledig kunnen veranderen, potenti?le uitdagingen aan de internationale veiligheid brengen en de humanitaire crisis kan veroorzaken. LI-song richtte zich op de relevante overwegingen en de belangrijkste inhoud van de Chinese staande documenten.

Hij benadrukt dat handmatige intelligentie een dubbele onzekerheid van technologie en sociale potenti?le effecten heeft geactiveerd.

Kunstmatige intelligentie Militaire toepassingen zullen ook een complexe en verreikende impact hebben in strategische veiligheid, governancesregels, ethiek, enz., En moeten groot belang hechten aan de risico’s en uitdagingen van dergelijke technologie?n, het toekomstige respons versterken en verenigbaar zijn effectieve veiligheidsregels in de tijd..

Om de ontwikkelings- en governance-relatie te co?rdineren, worden de veiligheid, betrouwbare, gecontroleerde en hele jaar oude besprekingen van de besprekingen van de Verenigde Naties "specifieke conventionele wapensverdrag" voorgesteld in het specifieke Verdrag van de Verenigde Naties voor speciale conventie. Het bestand richt zich op het onderzoek en de ontwikkeling, de inzet, het gebruik van de kunstmatige intelligente militaire toepassing, die is opgelost en gebruikt om kunstmatige intelligentietechnologie te ontwikkelen en te gebruiken in het militaire veld: 1. Staten moeten beperkingen houden bij het ontwikkelen van kunstmatige intelligentie-wapensystemen. Kunstmatige intelligentie Militaire toepassingen mogen geen hulpmiddel zijn om een ??oorlog te lanceren en hegemonie te zoeken, verzet tegen het gebruik van kunstmatige intelligentietechnologie om absolute militaire voordelen te zoeken, andere soevereiniteit en territoriale veiligheid te schaden. Ten tweede, hechten aan het principe van mensengericht, intelligent, om ervoor te zorgen dat kunstmatige intelligentie militaire toepassingen voldoen aan internationale humanitaire wetten, waarbij de oorzaak is van het gerelateerde wapensysteem om een ??willekeurige en misbruik te veroorzaken.

  Ten derde is het noodzakelijk om de veiligheid, betrouwbaarheid, controleerbaarheid van kunstmatige inlichtingentechnologie voortdurend te verbeteren, de veiligheidsbeoordelings- en besturingsmogelijkheden van kunstmatige intelligentie te verbeteren en ervoor te zorgen dat kunstmatige intelligentiewaponen altijd onder menselijke controle zullen zijn.

  4. Om het toezicht op de militaire toepassingen van kunstmatige intelligentie te versterken, vermindert u het risico op diffusie. 5. We moeten zich houden aan multilateralisme, open-inclusieve principes, en gezamenlijk onderzoeken de oplossing voor kunstmatige intelligente militaire toepassingskwesties, een algemene participatie van internationale mechanismen vast te stellen en een brede consensus te vormen over kunstmatig intelligent bestuursader en standaardspecificatie.

  Zesde, versterkende internationale samenwerking en hulp van ontwikkelingslanden verbeteren de bestuursniveaus om ervoor te zorgen dat landen volledig genieten van de rechten en vredig gebruik van technologische ontwikkeling. Li-lied introduceerde ook de situatie van verschillende onderwerpen in China in het kader van het Kader van het Verdrag, met name die toegewijd aan internationale humanitaire mijnenwapende hulp en samenwerking.

  Tijdens een vijfdaagse vergadering zal de Staatsfeest volledig in overweging nemen van de uitvoering van het Verdrag voor de uitvoering van het Verdrag en bespreken de opkomende kwesties in het kader van het Verdrag en bespreken de relevante initiatieven. De volledige naam van het "Specifieke conventionele wapensverdrag" is "verbieden of beperkt gebruik van conventionele wapens die kunnen worden beschouwd als buitensporige verwondingen of een willekeurige willekeurige willekeurige." Het verdrag werd in 1981 geopend en in december 1983 in werking trad. China ondertekende deze aanpak in 1981. Er zijn momenteel 125 statenfeesten.

Biden was exposed three times to reject the Russian sanctions scheme: not tough enough

Biden was exposed three times to reject the Russian sanctions scheme: not tough enough

(June this year, Geneva, Switzerland, Putin and Biden meeting), said that the report also said that a Biden government’s current official did not think so, the official said that the external person may prefer straight-out classification, but the reality is not Such.

Our relationship with Russia is complicated, saying that some people are tough or weak, and the way we deal with these complex problems is simplified. Back to the article originally broke the news, report that when you were asked for many dismisions, the senior officials of the Biden government said that Biden did not ask those sanctions more punitive, or to harm the Russian people. On the contrary, this US President hopes to ensure sanctions is wise and careful so that they can change the behavior of the Clog.

Recently, Western countries are tense with Russia. In the "Times" published on this month, Carter, British Defense staff, warned that the risk of accidental outbreak war between Western countries and Russia was great than during the Cold War. In recent days, Western countries not only hold military exercises against Russia in the Black Sea, but also assemble military power to the border areas of Poland and Belarus.

At the same time as military threats, Western countries continue to render Russian threats.

Today, the Russian TV station and other Russian media invoked the experts to comment, resulting in a global, especially the situation in Europe, is a Western state. Western intentional enhancements with Russian relationships, highlighting the aggression behavior of Moscow. The United States deliberately intensifies the tensions in the Black Sea, I hope to stimulate Russia to take overboot.

Ivasham, Dean of the Research Institute of Russian Earth Political, said that in the conflict between the West and Russia and Belarus, the United States is a black hand behind the scene. US officials issued orders to NATO’s European Member States, provocating Russia, pushing the world to the war, because the United States is experiencing a deep crisis, this is the rules of capitalism: War support USA.

Chen Baosheng: How to make a "future road"

Chen Baosheng: How to make a "future road"

People’s Network Beijing May 16th (Liu Yuting) Intelligent era Today, the International Artificial Intelligence and Education Conference opened in Beijing, the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education, attended the chart, China firmly reported that this meeting was regularly held, striving to build it into an emotional, dissemination of ideas, and sharing the important bridge of wisdom. Be aware of the latest achievements, grasp the important window of the latest trend, and become an important international platform for communication information and cooperative negotiation. Chen Baosheng mentioned in the report that artificial intelligence is an effective means of achieving educational ecological reconstruction. The depth of artificial intelligence technology is widely used in education. It will thoroughly change the time and space scenes and supply levels of education, will achieve information sharing, data fusion, The business coordinates, intelligent services, the overall operation process changes, making the individualization and diversified education under the premise of scale, thereby constructing a new flexible, open and lifelong personalized educational ecosystem. Intelligent technology has broken the inherent ecology of the traditional education system to began to move towards intelligent education. Chen Baosheng pointed out that while highly paying attention to artificial intelligence promotes education development, we must pay close attention to the problems and challenges of artificial intelligence to education. Ditch, etc. We must adhere to active careful attitudes, and strive to take the way of intelligent education development in the future. Chen Baosheng believes that the future intelligent education development may have the following roads.

Popularization road into discipline, enter professional, enter the course, into the teaching materials & hellip; & hellip; Chen Baosheng said that we will put artificial intelligence knowledge as a prerequisite and foundation. Submit new technologies, new knowledge, new changes in artificial intelligence, and summarize the new discourse system, according to different cognitive characteristics of large and medium-primary school students, let artificial intelligence new technology, new knowledge into the discipline, enter professional, enter the course, into the textbook , Enter the classroom, enter the teaching plan, enter the mind, so that students have basic awareness, basic concepts, basic literacy, basic interests on artificial intelligence.

With popularization, there is a rich soil, it is possible to grow a big tree.

We also need to guide teachers to set relevant knowledge and skills courses in teaching and on-the-job training, and cultivate teachers’ ability to implement intelligent education.

In the university continuing education and training, we have added courses and knowledge about artificial intelligence in the science activities, and further promote the intelligent education of the whole people and enhance the artificial intelligence of the whole people.

The intelligent intelligence of the integration of the integration of education and artificial intelligence industry is an unlimited variable technology. New creative, new technologies, new products will be able to grow at the speed of our imagination. Chen Baosheng puts forward, we have to build the actual needs of talent training, scientific research and education management, establish a docking dialogue mechanism for education and artificial intelligence industries, and create innovation in the industry and create new products in time into educational technology, steadily promotion including intelligence Smart campus construction in the classroom, intelligent laboratory, intelligent library and other facilities, provide more infrastructure of more and better artificial intelligence education. The road to change the school education teaching change, school governance mode change & hellip; & hellip; play well, use good artificial intelligence technology to promote school education teaching change, promote the change of school governance methods, and promote the role of lifelong online learning. Chen Baosheng put forward, coordinating the integrated intelligent education platform, establishing an educational teaching data support system, intelligent technological innovation, reforming teaching methods and education evaluation system, promoting deep learning, cross-border integration, human machine, group To help implement abilities, construct an intelligent lifelong education system.

Promote the scientific and resource allocation of education teaching decisions with intelligent technology and the refinement of education management, and enhance the ability of education governance. Promote the professional development of teachers with artificial intelligence, comprehensively enhance the level of teachers to use artificial intelligence education technology and the development of artificial intelligent education resources. Innovative Road Exploring the Development Strategy, Standard Specification and Promotion Path of Intelligent Education We will use technological innovation as a lead power, carry out intelligent education application strategic research, explore the development strategy, standard specification, and advancement path of intelligent education.

Chen Baosheng said, actively promoting the establishment of a long-acting input mechanism, gathering high-quality discipline resources and universities, and optimizing the intelligent education technology research and development system integrating industrial research, fully excavating the demand for real development, and promoting new generation of artificial intelligence The development of relevant disciplines actively promotes the transformation of artificial intelligent innovation results in the field of education.

At the same time, we will also pay more attention to digital fairness, play the leading role of public finances, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, in particular the corporate industry, industry community, and strive to increase investment in rural areas, remote areas, poverty-stricken areas, configuration more Resources, provide better services, let technology bridge the gap and reduce the gap.

Song Tao participated in the Sri Lanka Dynasty Wild Participation Celebrating the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

Song Tao participated in the Sri Lanka Dynasty Wild Participation Celebrating the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

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Anqing Rural Commercial Bank and Anqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Anqing Rural Commercial Bank and Anqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Signing ceremony site. Anqing Rural Commercial Bank for Figure 9, November 9, Anqing Rural Commercial Bank and Anqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce Signing Ceremony was held at Anqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce. At the ceremony, Anqing Rural Commercial Bank and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce have successfully signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, achieving both resource sharing, complementary advantages, and promoting business linkage depth integration, reaching a cooperation consensus.

In recent years, Anqing Rural Commercial Bank has successively cooperated with Anqing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Human Social Security Bureau, and built and launched the "three-tarpaid platform" system, and issued a subsidy funds and urban and rural residents’ social security funds.

Through a series of initiatives, vigorously strengthen the financial cooperation, fully demonstrating the responsibility of financial services people’s livelihood projects. Next, Anqing Rural Commercial Bank will continue to provide convenient and efficient and high-efficiency and financial services to the people of the city, practice the "service three farmers, small and medium-sized, support local economic development".

(Liu Jian) ??(Editor: Guan Fei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

The situation is going to work

The situation is going to work

[] Cangxi County, Sichuan Province, is a red revolutionary fertile soil. Only 280,000 people have emerged in the same year.

Since the new round of the poverty, Cangxi has continued to carry forward the spirit of the Red Army of "Ying, Toughness and Toughness", insisting on the situation, to create, take advantage of the situation, explore the industrial revitalization The core of the core of the mountain "is getting poverty and prosperous" new path. Since 20020, the county’s last 158, 358 poor people have reached the bid, Cangxi bid farewell to the absolute poverty, and opened the new way of well-off.

  The situation is: guided by the demand, with the end of the industry as the end of 2014, Cangxi County precisely identified 214 sets of poverty villages, poor people in the poverty line, the incidence of poverty is%.

Black Cat Liangshan District, Jialing River, Song Jianghe Canyon … It’s a difficulty of "hard bones". "If you don’t have a task, I will resign." At the beginning of 2017, Cangxi County took off the poverty and swearing officer mobilized video conference, from the county party committee secretary, the county magistrate, and then to the main person in charge of the township party and government, each people’s military order It is as solemn promise.

  In the past few years, the Cangxi County Committee will focus on the poor, helping the poor, really getting poverty, and the cadres, pay close attention to poverty alleviation effect. Cangxi strictly implemented a hand-responsible system, county, township, village three-level secretary arrested poverty alleviation, and selected 740 outstanding cadres to serve as the first secretary of poor villages and non-poor villages, forming 740 resident tours, 168 county-level organs Unit, 6,800 county and township organs unit cadres jointly poverty alleviation.

The cadres suffered hard, the masses have worked, and become the most touching picture of Cangxi.

  "We are poor villages, this mountain beam is a stone valley, and the mountain bay is also yellow mud soil, it is difficult. The development of the country?" Has let the original Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Mountain Party Committee Government and the people? After establishing the idea of ??"going to", everything is solved. "Pylique, industry development is fundamental.

In the township changed the industrial planning and administrative intervention, handed over to the village, handed over to the people, developing their favorite industries, and can also mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm. Dabu Village Citrus industry development has written the practice of ‘green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan’, and has created a miracle of the industry.

"When Li Wei, Li Wei, secretary of the party committee secretary of Moon Mountain Township, was filled with emotion.

  As early as the Spring Festival 2016, the party committee of Moon Shan Township accidentally learned that Meishan produced the "Ehime 38 citrus" tastes good, the market price is high.

Just passing the Spring Festival, the rural cadres and the masses represent the "three visit" Meishan City, finally determined to develop this citrus industry. "Now our village has planted more than 1,100 acres, and also driven more than 1,500 acres in the village. It has been more than 20,000 yuan in the trial production last year. This year we have already signed all sales orders with foreign merchants.

"Standing on a group of stone valleys in the Dalun Village of Moon Mountain Township, Liang Xinghai, director of the old village, laughed into the eyebrows.

  In Cangxi, there is a lot of demand-oriented, with industry-oriented, similar to "going", there are still many, and all the places have actually have a distinctive industrial development new road.

  Creating: For wild vegetable research, let the industry will take the power of the Cangxi to get rid of the poverty, "helping a wild vegetables, a patented, with a industry with a industry". Practice. Tree trees and famous wild ducks, mainly dominated, sporadic growth in the local mountain forest.

How to cultivate seedlings and are the problems they face. Yang Chunlin as a poverty in the Yutang Village, Cangxi County, has been trying to achieve his own gap through planting tree trees. After learning that Yang Chunlin’s dream, Cangxi County Science and Technology Bureau special scientific research support, Chengdu Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Guangyuan Municipal Linke Hospital sent experts on-site research guidance to help solve technical problems. At the same time, Guangyuan City and Cangxi County two-level governments have listed the development of wild duck (tree trees) industry as poverty alleviation industries … under the spring breeze of funds, technical research and other policies, Yang Chunlin Tree Tree, seedlings and planting technology Applying for national patents, Chunlin planting family farm has also become the first national artificial cultivation of "wild duck" ingredients. In order to lead the poor, Yang Chunlin has also set up a professional cooperative in Cangxi County Chunbai, attracting the poor industrial households in the village and the neighboring village, which is divided by cooperatives, free seedlings and technical guidance. Cooperatives also cooperate with Sichuan Province, Poverty Alleviation, Sichuan Province, to cooperate with Tianshang Agriculture Co., Ltd., order acquisition of farmers products. At present, the town is planting trees and trees, and more than 20 tons can be picked up in the year, and 124 poor households can achieve more than 300,000 yuan. The lack of funds is the difficulty of being insurmountable in poor areas.

Yang Chunlin took off the poverty road, with the help of the government, using the industrial support fund, the microfinance and political suspension enterprise loans hundreds of thousands of yuan, which has strongly promoted the development of tree tree industries, and became the lead in the development of the local industry. people.

  In recent years, the Cangxi County Party Committee, the county government has traveled over the day, focus on "two unfair three guarantee" goals, and limited funds are used in the development of industries.

The county has created, actively developed industry development, brand construction, marketing, scientific and technological talents, and land use, use electric water use, and implemented "1 + N" investment and cultural integration method, innovation " Financial poverty alleviation products such as the Silver Enterprise.

  According to statistics, only in 2019, Cangxi County integrated capital billion yuan, implied new main body and farmers to invest 1 billion yuan, excite financial enterprises to distribute small poverty alleviation billions, put "politics silver companies" loans 71.97 million Yuan, benefiting poor households.

In the past six years, Cangxi County has put into financial fund billion yuan in the past six years, which is used to get rid of the poverty reduction. The county-level arrangement of the financial special poverty alleviation has increased by more than 30%, most of which is used in the development of the industry.

  At the moment: Take the "three-way linkage" as the link, help "three production integration" in Cangxi, from the east to the west, from the south to the north, mention a few major leading industries such as kiwi, Chinese herbal medicine, health farming, almost no one Not known. The reporter noted that Cangxi County was committed to take advantage of the trend, and the depth focused on the leading industry and fully implemented the "three-way linkage" model and helped "three production integration". Up to now, there have been 19 thousands of acres of modern agricultural parks, 69 thousands of acres of parks, more than 1 acre of poor households "self-reliant and universal industrial park", truly realize the full coverage of village industries, industrial parks can The disposal income is more than 10,000 yuan.

  Under the industrial support, there is a full-scale cover of the county of Wanjia family to achieve full coverage of stable and demise industries; the poor village village realizes hardening roads, safe drinking water, bathroom, electricity, wireless network full coverage … Cangxi all poor households Pylique, poor village withdraw from the hat of the poor county.

  Say goodbye to absolute poverty, and then welcome the revitalization of the countryside. As a result of the poverty povertell as a new life of the new life, it is proposed: To enhance the national modern agricultural industrial park as a starting point, comprehensive policy, the whole chain promotion, accelerate the development of the impact of the Qinba Mountains has an influential modern agriculture.

  On the one hand, continue to adhere to the "three-way linkage" construction base and do the bright green chain.

Promote the "Great Park + small owners, small farmers, small courtyard" model, Shenhua County, Wanri Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Village, One Village, One Pinny Demonstration Park, HTRCC Triopedy Garden "Three Plantation", promote the scale of the base, production Standardization, facility modernization, product green, large red heart kiwi, Chinese herbal medicine, healthy breeding billion industry base.

  On the other hand, actively promote the "three-generation integration" to promote upgrading, enhance the value chain.

Implement the "Agricultural Products Processing Industry Enhancement Action", stronger food medicine, clean energy, light industry, manufacturing pillar industry, built into the center of Cang (Xi) South (Department) Agricultural Products Processing Circulation Center. Expanding agricultural functions, using "travel +" "ecological +", build longitudinal plurality, horizontally integrated industrial fusion model, built the ecological contributory "post-garden", green products, and industrial collaboration supporting bases and 阆 (middle) ) Cang (Xi) South (Department) Country Tourism Destination. At the same time, Cangxi is also actively surrounding the "three integration" brand, live marketing, and build an innovative chain, and open the supply chain. Innovative technology research and development, technology promotion, modern equipment system, use live "Industry Association + Lead Enterprise + Complete Works + Small Farmers", promote regional brand, corporate brand, product brand "three products to enter", do a good job in brand packaging, Brand protection, brand marketing, let’s have characteristics, quality, tasteful Cangxi agricultural products in the market.

Improve the online sales system of the county construction center, township construction site, village construction network, build county logistics express enterprises, towns and villages have logistics distribution lines, the logistics distribution system with express delivery site in the village, improve the integrated quality supervision system of the "commercial sales", Support agricultural super, farm schools, and agricultural enterprises, so that one-way "species" is converted to two-way "sell, sell well."

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