for certainly the situation was not without an element of danger, the metallic notes of the mandolin ceased and a man’s voice began singing some Italian song, but one with which, in spite of my knowledge of music, I


was not acquainted. 杭州按摩街It was a slow and sensuous melody of passionate sweetness with an undercurrent of sadness, and the singer had a remarkably fine tenor voice, sounding full and rich even through the heavy curtains, which prevented me hearing the words clearly. Evidently this was an amorous rendezvous, but why was it taking place in this deserted palace, 杭州夜网狼女 and why had the lady come from a vault in a graveyard to keep it?

All at once the singer stopped abruptly in the middle of a phrase, I heard the mandolin suddenly smashing on the marble floor, and then sounded the low, wicked laugh I had first 杭州足丝会所怎么样 heard at the burial-ground. Filled with anxiety to learn the meaning of all these strange events, I glided rapidly along the wall, and speedily arrived at the curtained opening. Being afraid to pull it to one side lest I should be discovered, I took out my penknife and made a slit in the heavy embroidery; then, looking through the opening thus obtained,杭州spa哪里比较刺激 I beheld a most extraordinary spectacle.

A circular chamber, not very large, but very lofty, surrounded by eight half-pillars of veined white marble built into the wall, and supporting a domed ceiling richly painted with garlands of flowers, 杭州爱情故事spa是飞机吗 from amid which peered the smiling faces of beautiful women. Between these noble pillars hung voluminous draperies of darkly red velvet, all magnificently embroidered with fantastic designs in tarnished gold thread, but, curiously enough, the 杭州丝袜服务 apartment had no windows, neither in the ceiling nor at the sides, so whatever took place within could not be seen save through the curtained archway.

In the centre of the white marble floor stood a low, heavy table, richly gilt, and covered with the remains of a splendid feast. The gorgeousness of the vessels thereon was truly marvellous, consisting, 杭州洗浴桑拿小姐服务 as they did, of elaborately chased silver epergnes filled with brilliantly-coloured fruits; many-branched candelabra of gold, bearing slender wax tapers to illuminate the apartment; gracefully carved jugs, of wonderful designs which must 爱杭州龙凤网 have emanated from the brains of Cellini himself; and strangely shaped antique goblets which put me in mind of the sacramental cups used in Italian churches at the celebration of the mass. The voluptuous scent of sandalwood pervaded the heavy atmosphere


杭州桑拿按摩体验 of the chamber; gold and silver and crystal shone in the mellow light of the myriad tapers, and the whole appearance of this sensuous banquet was like those of former ages presided over by Can Grande or splendour-loving C?sar Borgia. I thought I was in dreamland, the more so when I saw the bizarre costumes worn by the two occupants of the 杭州桑拿按摩 room.

One was the lady I had followed from the graveyard, who, having thrown off her heavy cloak, now appeared in a white silk dress of antique cut, richly embroidered with gold. Round her slender neck she wore an old-fashioned necklace of 杭州油压论坛吧 superb rubies, set



t to you. It drew his attention and for a moment he must have forgotten to steer.”

The maligned and unfortunate 杭州按摩哪家好 person referred to as “Bill,” drew himself up to a proud height and grunted his disdain. Then he turned his back haughtily upon his partner 杭州娱乐地图and addressed himself


to the man in the uniform.

“Thomas here,” he declared deprecatingly, jerking one thumb over his shoulder, “ain’t allers responsible fer what he says. I wasn’t the only one that’s been a steerin’ o’杭州洗浴桑拿寻欢 that boat. He was a helpin’ too. An’ he kep’ puttin’ me off, Thomas did, with his jabbin’ here an’ there in the water, like the 杭州养生水疗会所 crazy fool what he is.”

“No such thing,” remonstrated Thomas. “Did yuh tell the officer what yuh done yisterday? I ’spose that wuz all my fault too—you runnin’ aground.”

Bill wheeled about so swiftly that his dripping garments sprayed water in every direction. For a moment even the fire sputtered.

“A lie!” shouted the now infuriated Bill. “I wuz 杭州夜生活指南 asleep in the boat an’——”

He paused for breath.

“Asleep when yuh wuz supposed to be on duty,” his partner completed the sentence for him. “That’s the trouble with you, Bill. You don’t pay no ’tention to nothin’. Yuh don’t use your brains; yuh don’t look; yuh don’t listen. Yuh go ’round dreamin’, with your head up in the air an’ your intelligence in the 杭州洗浴中心爽记 seat o’ your pants. An’,” Thomas completed his lecture defiantly, “I won’t take that back neither.”

The conversation had reached a 杭州男士养生推荐 critical, dangerous stage, and the man in the frayed uniform thought it wise to intervene.

“If you’ll pardon me, gentlemen, I believe I can settle this dispute. I’ve been thinking it over, and the more I think about it, the more clearly it appears to me that the responsibility is all mine. It was my shout that startled both of you, that put you off—that 杭州龙凤娱乐地图论坛 caused all the trouble. I’d like to apologize.”

“It wuz a terrible shout,” admitted Thomas.

“Sounded like the howl of a madman,” declared Bill. “But yuh saved our lives an’ that’s somethin’ I won’t forget in a hurry. We’d be down in the bottom of the river now, keepin’ company with our rifles an’ our grub-stake, if it hadn’t been for you.”

The man 杭州洗浴爽 in the uniform acknowledged the compliment with a somewhat weary smile.

“I’m afraid I saved you from one disaster only to plunge you 杭州桑拿按摩上门 into another. What are you going to do now?”

“Jus’ what do yuh


mean?” asked Bill.

“How will you manage without rifles and supplies?”

Bill shook his head mournfully and turned to his partner.

“He’s askin’ yuh a question,” he 杭州spa信息 upbraided him, “can’t yuh hear?”

Thomas immediately applied himself to the problem in hand. He stared gloomily at the fire. 杭州桑拿一条龙服务 Suddenly he brightened. He addressed the mounted policeman:

“But you got grub, ain’t yuh? You can sell us a little—enough to take us over to Half-Way House.”

“I’m almost in as bad straits as you are. I have a little flour—five or six po

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